26th Jun 2001, 07:07

I hope to receive my Picasso HDI in two weeks. Has anybody tried using a tuning module (eg Tuning Box or Powerlink). If so did it make a difference and was it worth the money?

I noticed from the accessories pages identified in earlier messages that a cruise control can be fitted, has anybody got any experience of it?.



26th Jun 2001, 07:25

Hi Vic again,

Just a few points,

The headlamp leveling system is only a dip beam adjustment -- the main beam does not appear to alter, which in my case of mainly driver only loading, is a little too dipped.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the driver's seat had an under seat storage tray only if the auto CD changer was not fitted, suggesting that the changer is mounted under the driver's seat.

With regards to the means of communication between the various pieces of electronic equipment, I believe Citroen are now using the CAN (Controlled Area Network) system. This basically uses a 2 wire signal bus to pass data between the central controller and the peripheral pieces of equipment, such as the radio and CD changers.


27th Jun 2001, 00:33

Good to read comments from fellow Picasso owners.

I bought a new 1.6SX a few weeks ago from an Internet site for £11,100 including metallic paint. Reasonable price (I thought anyway), delivery was only 3 weeks from ordering and no hassle. Only downside was they tried to shaft me with the part-exchange price of my car at the last minute, but I stood firm. Just thought I would mention this as a warning to other readers who are considering buying through the Internet.

Anyways, very pleased with the Picasso - great value for money. Can't understand why any family would want a normal hatchback or estate with cars like this around.

On the plus side, I rate the comfy seats, the high driving position and especially the overall space.

Things I don't like as much are the noisy engine (sounds more like a diesel), the stereo controls being on the steering wheel - would have been better on a stick like the lights etc as the controls would be in the same position all the time - and the intermittent wipers, which go too fast at high speeds.

The engine struggles at times, but I've only driven a few hundred miles at the moment so it could be that performance isn't at its best yet.

I like the velour trim in the SX but perhaps the light colour wasn't the best idea from Citroen, bearing in mind a lot of buyers will have young children (think chocolate, think nightmare!)

One final point. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the roof and top of the windscreen? Being a bit of a midget, I have to stand on a stool to reach, which isn't ideal!

28th Jun 2001, 11:24

I have now covered 8000 miles in my 1.8SX. A few comments in response to the notes above.

There is very little interior noise, in fact on the newly surfaced sections of the M25 it is incredibly quiet and smooth.

With regard to upgrading the hi-fi, be careful with any electrical extras as the car uses a multiplexer and my dealer quoted a story of a £1000 repair bill for someone who tried to fit an after-market alarm. A good way to upgrade is to fit Sony Custom fit speakers. Both front and rear door speakers are available, not sure about tweeter's.

I have a squeak in the back which I cannot trace - could be the seats moving against each other?

Fuel economy improves drastically after 3000 miles.

Does anyone know where to get a plug adaptor for the 12v power outlet in the rear?

Enjoy your potato.

29th Jun 2001, 14:50

Well my Red Potato (a King Edward?) has spent the week sitting on the drive. My commute to work is quicker and still marginally more economical by motorbike.

As I said in my previous comment interior noise is relative, my Mondeo was very quiet but on the other hand I learnt to drive in a Bond Bug! I even appeared in a punk rock video driving an Isetta Bubble car, now they were noisy!

I took the CD player out last night. It has absolutely nothing on it to identify the manufacturer!

FYI the Model No on it is PU-2295A.

I have emailed a friend who runs Richards car radio in Maidstone and hopefully he can obtain some details. There is a large blue unused multi connector on the back of the unit which is probably for the CD changer.

I noticed during the week that Halfords offer a dashboard trim kit for the Picasso at £124 in mock walnut, red and yellow. Anyone know how much the Citroen supplied one is?

30th Jun 2001, 17:18

Oooh I'm all excited again!

Our brand new Citroen Picasso 1.8 SX is now sitting in our drive looking rather cool! It still only has 35 miles on the clock as believe it or not, we have so many little commitments within our village that we can't find an excuse to use it this weekend!

Nevertheless I am sure that will soon be rectified.

Plus points so far!

I have transferred all the car seats, pushchairs, maps, mobile phone chargers, tissues, wipes... from our Fiat Punto into the Picasso, and guess what? Yes, there is room for us as well as our legs YIPPEE!

Auto Air Con is absolutely fab if not a little noisy, hey, but who cares, we are not cooking!

The large road atlas fits snuggly into the drawer under the drivers seat which means when (not if!) I next get lost I don't have to struggle to exhume it from under a pile of 'stuff' somewhere in the back of the car. What an absolutely revolutionary idea!!! I love it, absolutely love it!

Minus Points so far!

We have to almost slam the boot and doors shut as they don't seem to shut first time properly. It is already getting quite tedious and we have done so few miles. Is any one else experiencing this trouble or will it improve with age?

Can't wait to give it a proper run and once we do we'll let you know our thoughts!

P.s. Don't tell too many people how nice they are as they will end up as being as common as those Renault Megane Scenics! "Mum's" the word eh? shshshhhh!



1st Jul 2001, 02:50

Your not going to believe this but after my youngest started calling the car a Potato instead of a Picasso I thought what if...

And yes there is a variety called Picasso!


An early maturing maincrop with very high yields of attractive cream fleshed tubers with excellent cooking qualities, especially for boiling, and baking, coupled with good disease resistance."

Even stranger it is a red potato as well!

1st Jul 2001, 11:28

I have obtained a Picasso accessories brochure from Citroen and the Wood look dash kit is £100 + VAT.

The brochure also shows a CD changer for the standard fit radio cassette. Close examination of the picture shows it to be a Clarion unit. I have sent an E-mail to Clarion to see if they can confirm which unit it is. I will let you know if they reply.

The price for the changer from Citroen is £212.77 + VAT plus fitting fit and Cable at a further £75.96 + VAT. That would make it about £150 more than a standard Clarion unit!!!.