1st Jul 2001, 13:57


Hi everyone.

It's great to see my website being used like this. The discussion was getting a too bit long for one page, so I've updated the website to split discussions into multiple pages. Hopefully this will make it easier to continue your discussions.

Best Wishes,


3rd Jul 2001, 07:02


I am currently looking at buying a new or nearly new Picasso, after looking at the Renault Scenic and the Merc 190 as my other close choices. I have checked out options online, and they do have CD changers for the Picasso. I would have liked the Pentland Green colour, but Citroen don't do this with my preferred vinyl sunroof - Why?

The car has great design, very exciting lines, and I hope the acceleration on the 1.8 SX doesn't disappoint me. Great comments for people like myself who are looking to buy.

Thank you one and all.

3rd Jul 2001, 11:47

I have received a reply from Clarion on the fitting of a CD changer, it is shown below :-




Thank you for your email that has been passed to me for reply.

The only CD changer that is directly compatible with the current range of standard fit audio equipment in the Citroen Picasso car is the 6 disc model part number PU2293, available exclusively from the Citroen dealership network under their part number 656445.

The Van Bus connection system is the recently introduced data exchange protocol used exclusively by the PSA group and for this reason, due to the different "Languages" used, a Clarion aftermarket CDC634 C-Bus autochanger will not work with a Picasso head unit for example. Clarion and other audio manufacturers are now required to design their PSA products to this standard. Peugeot/Citroen are not alone in doing this - most of the other car manufacturers such as Ford, Honda, Nissan, VW etc also currently use their own data bus systems in such applications.

Please contact me here should you require any further information on this topic.

Yours sincerely.

Nick Grattan - OE Sales Division/Clarion GB.


6th Jul 2001, 02:52

Took delivery of my 1.8SX on Wednesday only 10 days after walking into the local dealer to test drive - not bad! Delighted with car - what I've seen of it - my wife's car continually being left in drive for me!

For those of you who are very protective of your Picasso - DON'T READ AUTO EXPRESS PREVIEW of the Picasso HDI (on line).


6th Jul 2001, 17:05

This is an interesting discussion page! I am going to purchase a 1.8 SX tomorrow, having looked at every other mini MPV option. The Picasso wins it, just about over the Scenic.

Interesting thoughts on the auto air con, may well go for that now. The full glass roof looks great as well.

Good price at the moment, I am looking at £10,995 for the 1.8 SX, which ain't bad at all!! Will let you know how I get on, can't wait to get it now!!


8th Jul 2001, 08:21

I have only just found this excellent discussion page perhaps a few hours late! I ordered a Picasso HDi SX this morning and am part-exchanging a Scenic. I have had the 1998 Scenic for only three months, but the lure of the Picasso outweighed any loss incurred, I normally keep a car for at least three years.

I am pleased to see that my gut feeling is reflected in many of the comments here. One minus point for me is that I will not be able to play the cassette tapes that I have accumulated over many years!

14th Jul 2001, 12:43


I have a Picasso 2.0HDi SX with automatic aircon. I am very pleased with the car, despite its "only average economy". Its average mileage is only 42 MPG, and I don't drive fast.

At the moment it is fitted with 17" AEZ Icon 5 alloys with Falken tires, chipped to 129 HP and 280 NM, Clarion head unit, JBL GTi's in dashboard and a big Syrincs sub in the trunk. Its top speed has risen from 170km/h to approximately 200km/h, and the economy is a bit better with the chip.

I am considering mounting an intercooler. Anyone with a link, so I can see pictures of the engine of a 110 HP Xsara?

Thomas Landberg


17th Jul 2001, 10:40

I am just about to take delivery of my Picasso and have enjoyed reading the comments on this site as helpful in my choice.

In the end I got my 1.8SX from CityGate Direct for £10,700.

The only comment which seems to come out from the reviews is that of poor security and they suggest additional security.

To upgrade the Thatcham Category 1 fitted immobiliser to Cat 2 alarm+immobiliser costs c£300.

Has anyone upgraded their security or experienced any problems?

Martyn Wood.

18th Jul 2001, 00:41

I agree with the previous comments regarding security. It is a great disappointment that Citroen do not fit deadlocks to the Picasso.

Regarding the Thatcham immobiliser; I didn't realise that the one fitted was a 'Type 1' - thanks. Does anyone know what the actual difference is between the Type 1 and Type 2?

I take delivery of my 1.8 SX today and am now wondering about upgrading the immobiliser.


18th Jul 2001, 04:23

My new Picasso would fit in my garage if it were not for the ariel! Does anyone know if it is possible to change the ariel for a shorter stubby one? If so, where from?


18th Jul 2001, 16:05

Regarding the immobiliser - sorry it was a typo.

It is a Cat 2 immobiliser which can be upgraded to cat 1 which is basically an alarm plus immobiliser (approved by Thatcham).

Yes it is a shame that the basic Xsara has deadlocks but the Picasso hasn't. I was looking at an alarm with ultrasonic detectors - not bothering with the official Thatcham upgrade as it didn't appear to save me on my insurance!

18th Jul 2001, 17:39

After waiting more than two months, I finally took delivery of my 1.8 SX. A few comments that others may be interested in:-

1. The car drives extremely well and is very quiet. No problems there!

2. The Satellite Nav. System (factory fitted) is superb. BUT... the remote control is poor. The dual purpose rocker switch for scrolling and validating entry often misinterprets the key press. Very frustrating, I've asked my dealer to get me a new remote control as I expect better than this for £1000.00!!

3. The digital display IS difficult to read in bright sunlight - especially if you wear glasses (as I do). The brightness control for the display only works in the night (dim) mode - it does not allow you to adjust the brightness with the lights turned off.

4. The ticket clip on the windscreen rattles like mad.

5. The headlight leveling facility only works in dipped beam mode. Not much use if your full beam is pointing in the sky if you are carrying a heavy load. Also the leveling control is not illuminated. Crazy when this control is only operated at night time!

6. The new glass electric sun roof works fine - but I am disappointed to find that it slides external to the fixed part of the roof. Unlike other glass sliding sun roofs that slide under the metal surface of the roof. When the roof is closed therefore, there is a noticeable external gap between to sliding part and the fixed part. Enough to get a lever in between if a thief tried to gain entry through the roof.

7. With the Sat Nav. fitted, the two buttons on the right of the display (for menu selection etc) are missing! Does this mean that these menu functions are not available when the Sat Nav is fitted? This can't be true.

In all other respects, the car is great.