24th Jul 2001, 00:03

Just bought a Picasso 1.8 SX for £9500, met paint, auto air con and the seats have all been treated with scotch guard. It's only just done 3000 miles and is immaculate.

Now that I've got over my excitement sharing that with you all I'll come to my question. Has anyone had problems with alarms being fitted?. I spoke with several independent fitters, none were very keen to fit an alarm to the Picasso, two turned me down. One Citroen dealer said they fitted them but didn't recommend them as most electrical problems were returned by customers who seemed to have the alarm fitted. Another dealer said his engineer had fitted over 200 cars without any problems. Seeing as the Picasso has no deadlocks and a few reviews have noted 15 seconds to get into a Picasso, I thought an alarm would be essential, but any comments you give would be a great help.

Also, has anyone a price for the rear parking/sensor gadget?



25th Jul 2001, 07:49

Does anyone know how to change the headlamp to right hand drive?

I am going to France soon and have used beam benders in the past, but there are no markings on the headlamps to position the plastic beam bender.

25th Jul 2001, 14:33

I've just found this site and couldn't believe my luck!! I have just ordered my new diesel SX Picasso, I was told it will have to be made to order and will not arrive here until mid August. I was then told that I could collect it Sep 1st with the new plates!! Since then I've read a few contrasting stories, having never driven a diesel, we are starting to get cold feet!!! Feed back please.. what's the residual value like? Do they hold their price?

26th Jul 2001, 02:28

1. Car Reversing Aid.

Several after market units are available, and all are easy to install. I have just transferred my Poron Mini 3 Unit from my previous car.

2. Car Stereo.

The speakers are very easy to replace, the grilles pull off (from the top) and the speakers are held with 4 screws with t20 head (screw driver bits are easily obtained). The front speakers are 16.5 cm and any universal fit speaker of this size will do (eg Pioneer TS-G1745). The rear speakers are smaller, but the baskets will accommodate the same size speaker as the front. The speaker plugs are easily removed to reveal spade plugs. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes per speaker.

Regards, Tom.

27th Jul 2001, 19:06

Having now had my 1.8 SX for just over one week... I've now found out a few other idiosyncracies that you may be interested to read:-

1. First of all, I was wrong about the headlamp leveling control... it DOES affect the full beam lights as well - but can only be adjusted in the dipped position. ie if you rasie the lights when they are dipped, you will find that they have been raised in the full beam position as well! Citroen logic I suppose...!

2. If you have a factory fitted electric glass sun roof, the control is illuminated for 30 seconds after the ignition has been switched off (to presumably indicate that the control is still operative). A good idea - but why not the other electric window controls. The illumination for these goes off as soon as the ignition has been turned off.

3. The interior light cannot be switched on without the ignition on or in it's auxiliary mode. Very frustrating if you are loading equipment and don't want to leave the key in the ignition switch. I understand that this is intentional to stop the interior light being left on and running the battery down!

4. The reflection from the windscreen (as mentioned by a previous contributer) is appalling. This should not have been allowed to happen by Citroen and in my opinion is a major safety hazard.

5. The factory fitted satellite navigation (if you have it) is superb. But, having had the remote control changed, I find that you still cannot scroll right reliably when selecting a destination address. This is clearly a software fault and is not satisfactory for an item costing almost £1000.00 extra. Also the CD supplied with my system was two years out of date and I had to request a new one through Citroen. I'm worried now whether the whole system was supplied from old stock and whether a current one has better features. For example, there are some locations that are in the database, but that appear to be unknown if you try to input them as a destination. Also, there seems to be no way to store your current location as a memory location. This would be very useful if (for example) you found a new hotel/restaurant and didn't know its exact address, but would like to store it in memory in order that you can locate it 'next time'.

One further hint; although not stated in the instructions, the system will calculate a route far more quickly if the vehicle is moving.

6. Citroen say that the guarantee is invalid if the service intervals are not adhered to. But there is much confusion. The book refers to service intervals of 10,000 miles. The dealer told me 12,000 miles. The book refers to 6000 mile intervals and the service indicator on the instrument panel quotes something else!!! This is very confusing and I have written to Citroen for clarification.

In all other respects, I am still highly delighted with the vehicle.


29th Jul 2001, 15:39

Just been on the track with my 128hp/310nm Picasso HDi with 17 inch alloys. It was a great surprise. I raced against 9 other cars, both GTi's and normal Citroens and Peugeots. Guess what - I came second, just behind a 155hp Pug 106 GTi :-) Even a Saxo VTS with 140hp couldn't follow the oil burner. The car's height wasn't a problem, not even in the slalom-competition. It's a VTS in disguise.

Thomas Landberg.

31st Jul 2001, 01:17

I am about to purchase a 1.8 SX after having looked at various MPVs and estates. I have found this forum very useful in making my decision, however my only remaining concern is the robustness of the interior plastic trim such as tables, cup holders etc. Will it stand up to the rigours of family life?

The test drive vehicle in my local garage which doubles as one of the staff's family car had already broken trim around the base at the rear of the front seats!

Any comments please!

31st Jul 2001, 14:20

It is always surprising that a garage would let prospective customers view a demonstration model that is in poor condition.

You are not buying a VW of course, but the quality of trim and plastics is acceptable. On our HDi we have not experienced any problems with frail trim.

Unless you are getting a huge discount, why are you buying the 1.8 model? The new 110 bhp 1.6 engine is far superior. Go for the diesel too if you can afford the extra outlay, it will hold its value much better when you come to trade in. For instance, diesel engined Galaxy's, Sharan's and Alhambra's are highly sought after and as rare as hen's teeth.