2nd Aug 2001, 08:43

We bought our 1.8SX Picasso a month ago and a few days ago received a letter from Citroen UK with details of a recall! The instrument panel has to be replaced by a dealer. Apparently after a certain mileage the whole display goes blank :\

Paul, mail@paulmoss.com.

2nd Aug 2001, 08:55

I have had my 1.6 LX since May. Although I am relatively pleased with it, I am still annoyed that the engine is still "pinking" now and then, even though it's been back to the dealer 3 times.

Also my steering wheel seems off centre when driving in a straight line. In my opinion this is leading to premature front tyre wear. My dealer says I might have hit a kerb hard. However I have had this problem since new. Has anyone else noticed these problems?


3rd Aug 2001, 08:42

Anyone else had the recall letter? We have not had one for our HDi as yet, will keep you posted.

With the 1.6LX not steering straight, it would take a severe knock to put the tracking out. Suggest you take the vehicle to a tyre specialist who has a computer/laser tracking machine to check alignment of the front wheels with the back ones. It is always possible that before you took delivery, the car was jacked up incorrectly, and the body shell has twisted, a la FIAT.

I guess your dealer has already established the tracking is OK?


3rd Aug 2001, 17:04

Delighted with our Picasso 1.8 SLX, but two small points:

1. The shakedown service is scheduled for 1,000 - 1,500 miles. As we are taking the car to France I enquired about how vital that schedule is. No problem, I was told by the Dealer - some customers delay until 3,000 miles. However, a quick call to Citroen UK confirmed that failure to have the service during the recommended period would technically invalidate the warranty - not worth it when 3 years' cover is at stake.

2. Does anyone know how to shield the headlamp beam for driving on the right? The Halfords Headlamp Converter Kit (2 pieces of expensive sticky plastic, actually) does not have instructions for the Picasso and I can't find anything in the handbook.


4th Aug 2001, 03:40

I was interested to read about instrument display problems. I've had my 1.8SX with the factory fitted satellite navigation for only two weeks. The display comprises of two separate panels (left and right). The left panel is fine and just about bright enough to be viewed in strong sunlight.

However the right panel is just about unreadable in strong sunlight. Given that these cars are designed to be used in hotter countries than the UK (!), this is most disappointing. I don't know whether the right panel is different on cars not fitted with sat. nav. or whether it is the same panel just displaying different information. The problems noticed so far with this display panel are:-

1. It is impossible to read on a bright day.

2. The background has an orange tint which spoils its appearance (and in reducing the contrast ratio, adds to the difficulty in reading it).

3. Sometimes a small area of the display fades. This seems to happen mainly on a hot day (in fact the surface of the panel feels very hot - even on a cool evening. This may be normal).

4. Resulting from the problems above, the left and right display panels don't match. This looks very unprofessional for a car manufacturer that has put so much emphasis on its 'high-tech' digital display.

I didn't know about the display recall, but clearly there is a problem (in my case with the right hand panel).

This is very disappointing. Other cars with electronic display panels do not have this problem and I feel that Citroen should address this as a matter of urgency (before I ask for my money back!!!). The fact that Citroen do not provide a display brightness control with the lights off (ie for daylight driving) signifies that the display is probably working flat out. Come on Citroen, there is better display technology around than this.


4th Aug 2001, 17:15

The steering wheel seems off centre - I was specially warned to check the steering wheel centre position when buying a new Picasso -- means this problem isn't rare or an exception.



4th Aug 2001, 17:22

Reading the above comment about the display panel for the sat/nav, I would like to add that I purchased a one year old 1.8 SX with sat/nav, and certainly have not had any problems re the display. ie both sides are of equal brightness and I have no trouble seeing it in bright light, nor have I noticed any orange tinge.

I would take it straight back,


5th Aug 2001, 15:17

Does anyone know what 'Economy Mode' means with regard to the Picasso.

In the text message display mode, one of the messages is 'Economy Mode' and I wondered whether this had anything to do with a previous comment regarding 'pinking.'

Also, if such a mode exists, how can one tell whether this mode is enabled, what effect it has on performance and whether it can be switched on and off by a common Picasso owner like me!


6th Aug 2001, 03:42

I had the "Economy mode" displayed a short while after I switched the CD player on with the ignition switch in the auxiliary only position, so I guess mine was just a hick up. I would love to know what the mode it is though.

Another thing I have found is that the computer thinks in French even if set to good old Imperial units. The 3 digit MPG figures are direct conversions of the 2 digit litre / 100km used on the continent, hence the somewhat coarse jumps in the UK style MPG.

We have just returned from a trip to Switzerland and found the ability to switch instantly to metric units very good, however I still had the tendency (at the start) to look at the speed limits and mentally convert them to MPH and then check that figure against the speedo reading, not a good idea! The average fuel consumption for 2200 mile trip was a calculated (as opposed to indicated) 52.7 MPG which included 620 miles of Autobahn at 85 MPH and 250 miles at 75 MPH.


7th Aug 2001, 17:16

Quite apart from the display fault that has caused Citroen to invoke a recall notice (reported elsewhere on this site), I have just noticed another idiosyncrasy - which may actually be a wiring fault.

It relates to the right hand instrument display panel. On my 1.8SX with the factory fitted satellite navigation, it is not as bright as the left hand panel. However, I've just noticed something else which I would appreciate info on:-

If you switch your side lights on and then increase the instrument illumination to maximum, both displays are at the same brightness. Now, switch off the side lights and notice that the left hand display panel brightness increases further for daylight viewing. BUT... the right hand display on my Picasso doesn't!!! No wonder I have trouble reading the right hand display during bright sunlight.

What I am wondering is whether this 'fault' only exists on vehicles fitted with the display panel for satellite navigation or whether this display idiosyncrasy exists with all Picassos.

Could those of you with and without the factory fitted satellite navigation please check this on your own vehicles and let me know whether this symptom is unique to just my vehicle, or whether is is present on all?

My guess is that is is present on all vehicles because the right hand display panel is not capable of the same brightness as the left hand display panel!!! Ooh very naughty Citroen. I think this is a major problem.