8th Aug 2001, 06:33

As stated previously, I had a problem getting the Picasso in the garage due to the aerial. Problem solved, went to "Carnoisseur" (Bedford, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Colchester, Dunstable, Maidstone, Southend, Port Talbot, Cardiff, Haverfordwest, Ballymena and Donegal) and was able to purchase a cut down version, which fits a treat, and has minimal effect on radio reception. Cost about £19. BUT avoid the aluminium Bee Sting aerial mast, also available, as RDX was continually searching.


9th Aug 2001, 02:41

Had the recall job done yesterday. All OK, pretty straightforward. Combined it with the 1500 mile service too.

Q: Does anyone know if the radio/CD head unit has an audio "in" socket on the back? I was thinking it might have to enable the CD-changers to connect, but maybe they connect some other way. I'm reluctant to remove the unit just to find out.

If anyone knows, please say!


9th Aug 2001, 05:48


I have tried to duplicate your display problem on my Picasso and it does not show the same effect.



10th Aug 2001, 07:29


Thanks very much for your help. I also checked another Picasso (in a garage showroom!) with the same results as yours.

It seems to be peculiar only to vehicles fitted with the factory fitted satellite navigation (for which I believe a different right-hand display panel is fitted).

If anyone that has a Picasso with the factory fitted satellite navigation installed that would be prepared to do this simple test (described earlier), I would be most grateful.

Many thanks.


10th Aug 2001, 07:32

Just thought I would share with other Picasso owners something that I just noticed with the interior light logic.

As you may know, it is impossible to have the interior light on with the ignition key fully off. My dealer informs me that Citroen arranged the logic this way to prevent the battery being flattened by leaving the light on accidentally. Point taken.

However, there are times when it would be convenient to be able to switch the interior light(s) on with the ignition off.

I found a way of doing this by releasing the door catch at which point the interior light comes on. So far so good...

But, after the timeout delay (of about 20 seconds), the light goes out again.

However, I found out that if after turning the ignition off, you wait for the time-out period (ie about 20 seconds) BEFORE releasing the door catch, the interior light then comes on and stays on permanently!!!

Normally there is no way of knowing when the time-out period has expired. But if you have an electric sun roof fitted, you will notice that the roof light switch is illuminated (at night time - with the ignition switch off) UNTIL the time-out period has expired (you can also hear a soft click of a relay contact at the same time).

So folks, if you want your interior light on permanently with your ignition swtich OFF, simply wait until your electric roof light illumination goes off (if fitted) or (say) 30 seconds, to be on the safe side, OR simply open and close your door (which will put the interior light into its time-out mode and wait for it to dim to darkness) and then release your driver's door catch (so that the door is very slightly open) and you will then have continuous light!!!


10th Aug 2001, 07:39

Paul (the 'other' Paul!)

I echo your comments regarding the audio in socket. Although cassette tape seems to be a dirty word now, there are still occasions when I would like to play a cassette tape (and/or mini disc).

Without messing up the instrument panel logic (it's in enough trouble as it is!!!), it would be very handy to be able to plug an external audio source into the ICE system (In Car Entertainment).

Anyone out there with ICE wiring knowledge for the Picasso?


16th Aug 2001, 03:01

Using the Citroen manufactured roof bars for the Picasso, has anyone attempted to locate 4 Thule bike carriers (standard upright)? I suspect there is only room for 3. With my previous car I used the Thule roof bars which are secured above the doors, and caused considerable damage to the rubbers/paint work over a period of time, don't really want to do this with a new car!



17th Aug 2001, 19:22

I have just found your site and have found it very informative, I was a motor vehicle mechanic and now due to disability cannot repair my own vehicles, so nine weeks ago I took delivery of a new Picasso 1.6 SX.

I have owned Citroens from the CX 2400, CX 2500 diesel, BX estate and an XM V6 SEi, and my last car, a BMW 730i, all I must add were excellent vehicles.

But now after completing over 3000 miles in my new Picasso I know why your readers rave about them, I have today travelled from my home village near Sheffield to Skegness and the vehicle has returned 53.3 mpg all in reasonable comfort. I have however found two problems with the vehicle:

1) No lumbar support adjustment.

2) For those of us with a 6ft plus height the steering wheel could do with fore and aft adjustment, because when I get my feet in a comfortable position for the pedals, I cannot reach the steering wheel, and the tilting motion of the wheel or the seat height adjustment do not help.

But other than those two faults, I would like to congratulate Citroen on a brilliant design, and Reg Vardy of Sheffield for their excellent customer service.

Les Large. :-)

Ps I think your enquirer about the economy mode may find that this mode turns off the radio/CD to stop it flattening the battery.

18th Aug 2001, 12:40

Like many of you, I have also found the comments on this site very useful and am looking forward to picking up my nearly new 1.8 SX with auto air-con on Wednesday. I am part-exchanging my 3 door Ford Fiesta, so life will be very different when transporting children + golf clubs, keyboards etc and doing the weekly shopping etc - can't wait!!

But anyway, since signing the dotted line I have wondered whether a roof rack/bars can be fitted - a question raised by a recent comment, and if so does anyone know which make and is it easy to fit?

Also, after test-driving a couple of Picasso's, I noticed how bad the windscreen reflections where. I know one or two people have placed carpet etc in the front to reduce glare, does anyone have any other ideas/suggestions?


20th Aug 2001, 11:33

Yes roof bars can be fitted very easily and are available from your Citroen dealer, plus try polarising sun glasses, they get rid of the reflections for me.

Les L ;-)

26th Aug 2001, 07:12

I am thinking of buying a Picasso or a Zafira in the near future, but cannot make my mind up as to which!

So I would be pleased to receive all comments, for or against, in particular for the Picasso, as I am leaning slightly that way at the moment.

All input will be most appreciated.


26th Aug 2001, 16:35

I have just found this site after having purchased a 1.8 SX - Wicked Red with glass sunroof and auto air con @ £11649 - bought on the net from Showroom4cars.

Current MPG is only 28.4 but hopefully this will improve after 3,000 miles.

Why didn't Citroen fit trims in the roof channels to cover the unsightly roof bar anchor points. Can trims be bought as an accessory?

One other point, leave changing the wheel to GreenFlag unless you want to put your back out pushing the spare back in the tray - not easy.

Keep up the good work - the site is very informative.

Best of luck.