27th Aug 2001, 16:28

I have just returned from a family holiday in France - the car was great.

Only problem was that darned reflection! It was appalling on sunny roads when going from bright to shady conditions - Citroen should definitely do something!

Also, I still do not know how to sort out the headlights for driving on the right.

29th Aug 2001, 06:41

Regarding windscreen reflections, I was advised to try polarising sunglasses, so I went out and bought a pair and voila!! Virtually no glare, no reflections - brilliant. Try it yourself.

1st Sep 2001, 03:56

I just bought a 1.8SX from showroom4cars after testing various other options for several weeks. The Picasso really is the personality option in a market space filled with clones (Zafira, Scenic) or clowns (Multipla, Tino).

That people either rate or hate the Picasso just shows me that it is a 'real' Citroen!

I tried a pre-launch 110 hp 1.6 BTW as I wanted to know if I should wait for its formal introduction, yet the 1.8 was superior in every way IMO, more powerful and refined. I'm sure it won't be too much less economical too.

Great forum here BTW!

2nd Sep 2001, 17:09

Do you know what the official bhp is for the 1.8SX petrol?

4th Sep 2001, 02:22

I picked up my Citroen Picasso 1.6SX yesterday. The 80 mile drive from the dealer was delightful, however my wife cannot see the front of the car from the driver's seat, in fact she cannot see any of the bonnet and she is 5'4" so she is not very happy!

We are going to France next week and will do about 2500 miles, any suggestions regarding the 1st service. The dealer said 95% that the mileage would not invalidate the guarantee, but it is the other 5% that worries me. Has anyone had the first service done in France.. any problems?

Alan in Devon.

4th Sep 2001, 08:15

Reference to the MPG for 1.8 SX. My 2000 model has done 18000 miles and I check my mileage by the computer, and the old fashioned way with a calculator (surprisingly, I found the computer only gives a slightly better return by half a mile per gallon). Anyway, I live in a small city and 50 percent of my driving is done in town. My average MPG is 33.5, and when I recently did 200 miles, all on motorway, and between 70 -75 miles per hour it returned 40.3, which impressed me.


6th Sep 2001, 01:44

Response to Alan in Devon:

I suppose to stock answer is upgrade the wife for a new model.

Seriously though, I found it took some getting used too at first and I'm 6'. Radar parking would be a useful factory fitted option.


7th Sep 2001, 03:22

Superb response from Citroen regarding my 1st service. A telephone call yesterday, even though I am ex directory and had not listed my 'phone number!!.

Followed by a letter this morning.

They suggest I get my 1st service done in France and pay for it then claim back from my dealer... they also said if the dealer will not pay to send the invoice to Citroen and they would get him to pay!!

Very impressed.

20th Sep 2001, 06:59

Picked up my new HDi yesterday, very impressed so far.

I'm looking to have an alarm fitted but have read that non-Citroen supplied units may cause problems. Any comments?


23rd Sep 2001, 11:46


Alarm fitment can be iffy because of the multiplex wiring of the Picasso. Clever fitting shouldn't cause a problem however.

24th Sep 2001, 05:30

Thanks for the response. After I posted I found the forum and read everything I could. I've decided to bite the bullet and have the Citroen supplied system fitted.

10th Oct 2001, 06:56

The passenger seat on my Picasso seems to be poorly finished... it is possible to see both the foam surround and the metal holding piece when the seat is only slightly reclined. Has anyone else noticed this?

13th Oct 2001, 09:47

I am looking at buying a 2.0 HDi SX with sat nav, a multi changer and rear parking sensor. I am a little confused, is it worth getting the sat nav or is it more problems than it is worth? Also, do you not get an alarm at all??

15th Oct 2001, 01:19

Reply to 10th Oct comment.

I looked at the passenger seat in the recline position and found nothing untoward.

The foam you can see is from the slits which allow access to the child seat anchor points.

16th Oct 2001, 05:05

Yes, I have a problem with my front passenger seat. There is an embroidered hole at the back, through which part of the seat fitting apparently should fit. Well there's nothing through that hole, and it looks like a burn mark. I've had a new seat cover on order since July! I've just been told today that its arrived. Not very good service Citroen! Apart from that, I'm still pleased with the car.

Re service costs, what do you pay for your first two services. One local Citroen garage has quoted £112 parts and labour, which I think is very good. Any comments out there??


18th Oct 2001, 00:56

Arnold Clarke in Liverpool quoted me £95 for the first 12500 mile service.

Compared with the servicing costs of my last car (Peugeot 405 TDGLX) this is for nothing.

I've look again at the passenger seat and can find nothing untoward.


25th Nov 2001, 10:11

I have a silver one, but the red looks good as far as I'm concerned. Seen quite a few about (Cambridge, UK). But not after they've dried off!

Now we have the winter here, I find the heater to the feet in front is next to useless! Anyone else any comments??


16th May 2002, 05:57

Hi, I'm looking at a Picasso for my next car and I've noticed that there's an optional rev' counter (surely it should be standard).

Has any body got one or seen one fitted on a demonstrator (the picture on the web is very poor with no details)?




14th Aug 2002, 17:46

Hi Friends

I've read the mostly enthusiastic comments with great interest as I've been moving towards purchasing a diesel Picasso for some time now. Is there any reason why one shouldn't buy on line? My Citroen man says it's not a good idea, but then he would say that wouldn't he?.

25th Mar 2003, 15:45

Hi Just bought a used HDI SX. What a great car. What I'm after,if anybody can help me, is a cheap source for roof bars and has anybody had a multi changer fitted. I'd like a MD changer to complement the CD player fitted as standard.

Thanks for all the previous comments, they certainly helped me to decide to buy a Picasso.



1st Apr 2003, 09:50

Hi all,

I have a Wicked Red Picasso, and am very pleased with the color, as it doesn't look too bad with the dirt of the Irish roads! I have just had my 2nd Service, and my Mechanic commented that the Pollen filter MUST be changed at each service, in order to keep the heater Fan motor from burning out. (When it gets dirty, the fan is under more strain to move the air through...) I have also been told my Brake disc's will need machining when the brake pads are next replaced - anyone else had tis done?

On the Rev counter/tachometer - there is one available through Parts, but it must be dealer fitted. It looks a bit tacky (no pun intended), and over here in Ireland, expensive. Has anyone installed one, and if so is it useful? This is my first car in 15 years that hasn't had one, and I do miss it!

Love the site, love the car!


Enfield Co. Meath - Ireland.