10th May 2001, 16:56

I have just been reading the comments made by the intelligent young lad a couple of comments up and I feel I must agree with ALL of them. My friend owns a Saxo VTR and it is truly vile. The car has only one redeeming feature, and that is that it looks better than the bog standard Saxos. The interior in the rear is big enough only for a leg-less dwarf and for the driver and passenger there is nothing to liven up the cabin, not even a splash of colour, just a relentless sea of rancid French black Plastic. The speakers are atrocious and appear to have the output of a small trainer making factory in the far east when the workers are on strike (not very high).

The sun-roof has been designed by someone with the intelligence and intuition of a frozen pea, as when it is possible to open, it does so about and inch and the operator risks chopping his/her hand off on the rear view mirror or on the rather irritatingly located map reading light.

All in all a loathsome and prosaic car.

29th May 2001, 12:00

Why not try the VTS as they do not hold their price very well. The car is very much inferior to most machines on the road as far as build quality is concerned. Lethal in the wet, but will blow away just about anything in the same class.

12th Aug 2002, 15:08

The fact that you are all in the saxo reviews says something about you. Clearly you are at least slightly worried by the performance, otherwise you would not feel the need to write such harsh reviews. As for the lad a couple of comments up- when was a saxo vtr in insurance group 14?

4th Feb 2003, 09:33

I have recently bought a 2nd hand VTR, and although it may not be as fast as the Zetec-S, it was about £2k cheaper.

Although the driving position is awkward, the car is fun to drive, and the performance isn't amazing, but it is reasonably fast considering you are usually restricted to driving only as fast as the person in front.

A moan about the speakers is pathetic. No cars under £10k come with anything close to decent stereo. Shell out a bit extra and enjoy - although the interior does rattle along with the bass lines.

I bought the car because it was the only decent-looking, nice-handling, sub ten seconds 0-60, low mileage car with reasonable insurance for about £4k. What else was I going to get - a corsa???

24th Jan 2006, 16:40

Saxo VTR is insurance group 7 and as for 0-120mph in 10 sec lol you aint serious!

25th Jan 2006, 05:04

I agree with that guy comment before last, 0-60 in 4 seconds from a FWD 2.0 non turbo saxo? Dream on, even if it had the power you still need 4WD.

1st Jan 2007, 11:42

It would be funny if the other car was something special, but it was a megane, not much better than a saxo really is it?

2nd Jan 2007, 11:22

Well the saxo is actually a really cheap car down with the old 106s and AXs, and my company car's a new Megane so I agree. Plus I think his point was you can be as fast as you like, but it's still a tiny car with no style or luxury.

2nd Jan 2007, 15:00

Well no luxury is right, and its tiny, some people choose a small car when they could have a bigger one, so that's down to taste. No style, that's down to taste also. Some people spend a fortune on their small car, enough to buy something already fast and bigger like a scooby. Why? some people like small fast cars like saxos out of choice.

3rd Jan 2007, 18:39

I used to have a furio. It had rubbish brakes and interior that looked as if someone had threw lots of tins of paint at it. The seats where comfy, but not suppotive and has no sides.

I decided to get a VTR. I looked at loads of different interior designs. I found the one I wanted in the end. It is wicked red in colour with decent interior. Its like half leather look material on the seat backings. The seats are also very supportive and look OK too. The dash board is twin tone. So not just black plastic everywhere.

The car is 3 years old and now has 24k miles. I havn't had any reliability issues yet. One thing that lets it down is its performance. It says VTR, there for it should be quick in my opinion. But the power on kicks in properly at about 4000rpm, which means that the 1.1 saxos can keep up till about 20mph which is no good at the traffic lights. To rectify this I got the car remapped. Now it has lots more power from around 2000rpm which is great because it means I can drive round in 4th and 5th all day. Handling would be better if it has 15" wheels and low profile tyres. My furio had 15" low profiles and it handled s much better than the VTR.

Good points - Quick if remapped. Decent handling. Nice looking. Fun. Easy to park.

Bad points - Build quality. Potential reliability issues. Ins group. Chav appeal. The badge.

26th Oct 2008, 16:07

If you drive a VTR or VTS, I can assure you that you will enjoy it.

They're rev happy and aren't easily left behind on B-roads by most cars on the road.

I borrowed my friends for the day and loved it, but I thought with it being french, it would break down, and with it being a Saxo, then everyone would think I was a chav.

An excellent tool in capable hands.