19th Dec 2006, 15:15


I have a Saxo VTS it's an 02 reg so one of the later models. I luckily (touch wood) haven't had any of the Kangaroo problems with the car (had it since 03) however I do have an annoying rattling with it, apparently my garage tells me that it is the exhaust gasket and it needs lubricating again. It's a common fault I'm told, but will still cost over £30 to fix. Has anyone else had this problem. Is it the exhaust gasket? I have had this replaced once and re-oiled 2ce, but it still happens. I also have a very annoying ABS sensor problem. Apparently this is also a common fault with the saxo's. After paying £100 for the driver's side ABS fixed the light came on within 3 weeks of it being fixed. However its the other ABS sensor this time. Isn't that a surprise it wouldn't be the same one under warranty would it?! Anyway rather than paying another £100 I'm just wondering if anyone has an quick fixes for this problem. Every time I go to Citroen they fob me off and seem to claim everything is broken - I'm guessing because I am a woman!

But I must add - This is a fabulous car and I wouldn't change it for anything. Those after getting one really should. Although the insurance is a total steal!

29th Dec 2006, 07:12

I have a 98 Saxo VTR 1.6 and have had the same problem as a few others above. The car will automatically rev up to 2000 rpm on its own and sometimes will not start at all. I changed the fuel pump and it ran well for a couple of months then started the erratic idling etc again. I'm convinced it's the fuel pump and that there is a fault in the manufacturing of these. The best thing to do is go down to the local scrap yard and pull out a couple of fuel pumps and stick them in yourself, it isn't that hard, just lift the back seat and the black circular lid and bob's your uncle.

Saxo vtr fuel pumps can have various colours on top, don't be deterred by this they all fit the same.

16th Jan 2007, 03:40

You got to be joking!! A VTR keeping up with a Type-R with an air filter and back box to 70 mph!!! I have a 106 GTi with these mods and the Type-R is still in a different league!

With those mods you still would NOT be able to keep up with an 106 GTi or a VTS, so thinking of keeping up with an Civic Type-R you must be dreaming!!!

Now please wake up!!

Just accept the fact of what a VTR is, a nippy, good handling car that id good value for money!

16th Jan 2007, 06:07

'keeps up with the Civic Type R up to 70mph'

Eeerrrrr yeah, maybe in your dreams. The CTR is in a different class.

16th Jan 2007, 08:15

Well, nothing can touch my Nissan Micra 1.0 CVT!

16th Jan 2007, 11:02

If you did keep up with the Type R which you probably did. As I'm not saying your lying. The guy in the Type R can't have been trying very hard. The VTR is good for keeping up with lots of more powerful cars... in 1st gear, but not too 70. I drive a VTR so I know. In my opinion the VTR has respectable performance. It's not fast, but its not slow either.

17th Jan 2007, 13:45

It could be some kinda of fueling or injector issue which are basically the same thing anyway. Modern cars don't have a choke as such. The extra fuel needed to run it is determined by the ECU. Your local garage will be able to help you more than me, but don't go to a Citroen garage as they are useless in my opinion.

If you can't be bothered with a garage rite now, then try some Redex petrol injector cleaner. Its red and in a small bottle. Costs about a tenna and it really does work as I've used it before.

3rd Feb 2007, 06:17

Subject: Erratic Idling.

Problem solved (with us anyway).

My daughter’s car, which is a Citroen Saxo 1.4 West Coast Phase 1, was running perfectly.

It then had a 44,000 service at a local garage, and we were informed that there were traces of oil in the water system, which suggested that the head gasket would need to be changed.

This was done, but when we got the car back, it was idling terribly. The revs would fluctuate between 800 and 1200rpm.

We were told to clean the air intake housing, but this made no difference.

Next we bought a new idle stepper control motor; no difference.

Then told it was sucking in air somewhere, so bought new O-rings for the inlet manifold; no difference.

Changed the coil pack; no difference.


Took car to Citroen for a diagnostic test. £94 later, the machine said there was no fault Then I did a compression test.

No.1 = 210

No.2 = 150

No.3 = 180

No.4 = 210

So checked the valve settings. These varied between 0.05mm and 0.10mm.

At this point I removed the flywheel sensor, although I was actually looking for the timing mark (which you probably know is not there anyway). While it was off, I noticed that it was covered in some kind of crap (could be dust off the clutch plate? Not sure). Anyway, I cleaned it with some fine wire wool, and replaced it.

My daughter then drove the car the next day, and said the engine was running better, far more responsive. That night sorted the valves as by the book.

Engine now runs perfectly again!!


Before parting with your hard earned cash to Citroen's diagnostics machine, check the valves and that flywheel sensor.

Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

Let me know how you get on, especially with the flywheel sensor.

12th Feb 2007, 13:33

Saxo Furio brake judder after two weeks of discs and fitted. Have had new discs fitted twice garage suggested drive flange bent, but brakes OK directly after fitting. Can anybody help.

13th Feb 2007, 11:06

I had a furio and it had real bad brake judder, than one day I noticed that it didn't do it anymore. *shrug*

26th Mar 2007, 15:50

Had same prob with my Saxo VTR. Replaced idle control valve, air flow sensor and other parts. In the end it was just the temperature sensor!!

16th Apr 2007, 16:58

I have a 1999 1.1 Sax Expose and it has been nothing, but trouble in the few years I've had it. I've probably spent out more money on it than it was worth. My power steering, and heating went, but nobody knew why until about a month or two after it happened. It turned out to be the ignition switch Two years after paying out 350quid for a new one, the ignition switch is playing up again. The car cuts out when I'm driving along, just completely dies and I have to try and re-start it whilst driving. The airbag light is constantly on, the immobiliser decides when to let me start the car and not so I have to sit and fiddle with the key for hours before I can start the car, and this is quite a regular occurrence. My advice to anyone... NEVER BUY A SAX!!!