25th Jun 2008, 14:48

Its due to it being a Saxo. Poor build quality. Gear box is on the way out, its going to cost you.

28th Jun 2008, 15:37

How optimistic.

1st Sep 2008, 12:46

Our VTR got 48mpg on a 3 hour 60mph drive, so yeah you should be getting a lot more than 25, unless you floor it everywhere.

26th Sep 2008, 18:17

The Saxo VTR is prone to rattly interior panels. I cured the rattly interior. It's the side panels that support the rear parcel shelf and the plastic rear wiper tailgate cover that rattle. Remove them, bead the parts that contact the metal, and/or seal them in the gaps between the panels and body with black gutter seal for roofs. It hardens within 48 hours, and amazingly the rattles vanish. You will require one cartridge and a mastik gun. Rattly interior noise gone for under £10.00.

3rd Oct 2008, 14:21

I'm 35, I have owned Fords and Vauxhalls all my days since I had my licence, and had only minor problems with them.

My advice is stay well clear of buying a Saxo. I bought a Saxo VTS X reg with only 44000 miles on the clock for £2100, an absolute bargain I thought!

After 1 week, the car was full of water as the sunroof leaked. I sealed this up with silicone and that stopped the leak.

Week 2 and the power steering,heater blowers and rear window demister failed; fitted new alternator and all well.

Week 3 and my drivers door would not open, £130 from a local garage to fix and told it would have been treble to fix from a Citroen garage. Drove it home the same day, and sitting at lights the engine starts revving erratically and cuts out, and takes forever to start again.

I've had it with this French piece of crap, I hate it, don't ever buy one as they will cause you nothing but problems!!!

8th Dec 2008, 16:07

As for the above, all cars go wrong, and what he fails to realise is these are common cars, very cheap new and second hand parts, also uprated parts are easy to get hold off, and a Saxo VTS has very good specs for little money. A Ford Fiesta, same size as a saxo, slow, a Corsa, same age, a GSi which is a sports model, and the Saxo is quicker and handles better.

27th Dec 2008, 15:54

Above comment on handling... only handles better when lowered, I had a standard VTS that was terrible until I had it lowered.

15th Aug 2010, 11:22

Just bought a Saxo VTR, and every time I sit in neutral (also when car is warm), the car starts to rev up and down? Can anyone please get back to me, I have owned this car for 3 hours and already the problems start... please, please, please any ideas???

18th Sep 2010, 17:45

Saxo VTS idle problems are caused mainly from a cracked inlet manifold or faulty sensor/coil pack. It's the same with any other Saxo/106 fitted with plastic engine parts. If you have replaced all sensors/inlet gaskets, it's the manifold.

3rd Sep 2011, 13:02

I have a few scratches to the paintwork on the back of my 2003 Citroen Saxo. Has anyone got any ideas how much it would cost to get it resprayed/touched up?

7th Oct 2011, 10:57

If your car is making a knocking noise when going round corners, you should look at your drive shaft C.V. joint. When cornering, if you are getting a knock, knock, knock noise, this is your C.V.joint. It's a common problem. If you are turning left, you will get a repetitive knock on your driver's side. If you are turning right, you will get the noise on the passenger side. This tells you which side has the problem...

20th Jan 2012, 05:20


I'm thinking of buying a 02 Saxo VTS with 78k. Timing belt was done at 73k. It has the erratic idle problem, but you don't get the kangaroo effect. Any ideas?

Another problem is there is ABS in the car, but no light when you turn on the key, and it doesn't work either. Ideas?

The clutch pedal is not level with brake pedal, it is about half way between the brake pedal height and floor, but the cable is adjusted fully, it's not slipping either, but the bite point is right at the floor. Could the pressure plate be getting weak??

The current owner said it is heavier on fuel than a 2.0 Type R Civic. Is his boot full of lead LOL???

25th Jan 2012, 14:36

It's the lambda sensor.

26th Aug 2014, 20:37

If you have a Sagem coil, change it.

23rd Nov 2015, 11:32

I have a Saxo Black 1.1 VSX 2001. I've had it for over 5 years. I've had sunroof leaks - got that fixed though (sealed it), and inside the boot leaked as the side walls were rusted badly; it needed welded as you could see the ground from inside the boot at each side corner, so got it welded for £170!

Plus it use to rev by itself, & the ABS pump and loads more went on me. But I got it all fixed; cost a lot, that's why I kept it due to the money I've spent on it. The paintwork on it is mint. I don't want anything else going wrong with it. Anyone else have a leak in their Saxo boot?

23rd Nov 2015, 11:50

Anyone got a leak in their Saxo boot? I have the two side walls welded together as they were rusted open and you could see the floor (£170), but the leak is coming in from the side wall, as you can see it dripping down and the carpet is wet; I think it's the rubber that needs sealed; there's 2 at each corner of the boot at the top. Pull it out, seal round it, and it should help it. Does anyone else have this problem, as they can leak from more places?

6th Oct 2017, 14:43

Never buy a Saxo ever. Look at the Euro NCAP crash test. 2 stars. If you value your life and the life of your loved ones, do not buy this car. Our family had this car and had an accident (a bus ran into them with 80km/h instead of a 30km/h limit...), one passenger with severe injuries. If you look at the Euro NCAP crash test, this car is like made out of paper. I will bring the remains of this car gladly to the scrapheap where it belongs.