26th Mar 2005, 18:19

Having owned several French cars, all with "torsion beam" rear suspension, I would agree that on the whole, handling on French cars is usually very good. However, I feel that both Honda CRX mk2 AND mk3 have much superior handling and cornering ability, as well as better build quality. In fact, I would say that having driven almost all Honda "variants", including the sporty Type R's and vtecs, I would say that most "drive" better than the Saxo, though maybe not all through the corners.

10th Feb 2006, 16:16

I disagree with the fact that the car doesn't do 0-60 in 7.4 seconds, having purchased one recently (1997 VTS) I would say that if anything its probably slightly quicker and having drove most cars in the same class, would have to say that for speed its the quickest car by a mile. Build quality is poor, the brakes aren't up to much and I get the same splutter from the engine at tick-over, but, I'm 6ft 3" and size 10 feet and have no problem with the size of the car. All in all I would say that this car is good for a cheap fast sporty car for young lads looking for a good time.

12th Jul 2006, 12:09

I have a 1997 citroen VTS 1.6 and have the erratic engine performance at low revs - have been advised need the engine management software before anyone can look at it. Problem is can't find the Texton (EMC) software anywhere.

6th Jan 2007, 21:29

I have also had a Citroen Saxo VTS. And I am, as it was said; "one of the Max Power bunch". Which is fine with me. I bought the car last year, when I was 18. My previous car was a BMW 3 2.5. Yes, speed is completely different. But for the price I could not possibly fault it! Anyway shape or form. I played with the suspension, in fact I had the rear on the bump stops, and front 65mm lower. I then tinkered with the engine, it was running a steady 176.4 hp. It was the quickest naturally aspirated Saxo in the country. I used to wake up every morning and say “I can not wait to get in my car and drive it!” I used to do 140mph with no problem. Stopping was no issue either, with standard discs and callipers. The only thing I changed were the pads, to Ferodo pads. And when I first bought it, I did not notice a bur at tick over. Although after several weeks, I upped both the fuel and fuel pressure. Which in turn, did lead to an engine that stuttered and shuddered on tick over. Maybe that was your problem. Although my Saxo was the 03 plate model. If that may make a difference.

29th Apr 2007, 15:43

I own a 2000 model VTS and absolutely love it, I am not part of the max power brigade, but you have to accept the car for what it is. Its french and most will openly admit the build quality isn't great. The brakes on mine were fine, but I did upgrade them as the car gets a bit of fast road use.

The handling is spot on and I would agree that as a standard car the handling is exceptional and then when you upgrade that you are filled with confidence on every bend.

In response to the person with an '03 model, it would have been idling odd when you upped the fuel etc due to it having a different ecu to earlier models - it has a 3 plug ecu and they don't like being tinkered with.

30th Apr 2007, 02:36

To the guy on the 26th June. I know it's probably too late to help now, but if any people have the same problem as you experienced, I hope this helps!

I have a 106 GTi (the same car as the VTS practically) and had the same issues as you. I took it to Peugeot after my car would run out of power within 20 minutes, and all the problem was that a lead that goes from the battery to the gearbox had coroded!! 45 GBP later and the car was running like new again!

Hope this helps!!

24th Jun 2007, 04:06

I have a Punto HGT 2002. I think I can beat THE VTS. If not, can anybody tell for what reason the VTS has more performance than the Punto HGT, by details please??

25th Jun 2007, 12:46

Don't know which one is quicker. Probably would be a good race. Why does it matter anyway though? LOL

18th Jul 2007, 13:30

Because the Punto would fall to bits quicker than the VTS :)

O/J mate... I seem to wonder how the 20bhp difference between the VTR and VTS... warrants a certain 2 second 0-60 decrease..

Maybe the Power/Weight Ratio is right on the border for the VTR and the VTS just over throws it...

Anyone shed any light?

18th Jul 2007, 14:03

Actually its about 1.4 seconds difference, the VTS is listed at 7.8 and the VTR 9.2. It may only be 20 BHP buts that means 20% on the saxo's.

18th Jul 2007, 19:18

I think because they don't weigh that much, 20bhp makes more of a difference. Just a guess.

19th Jul 2007, 11:07

According to whatcar.com, the VTR does 0-60 in 9.4 and the VTS 7.2. Not sure that the VTS is that quick, but the VTR certainly isn't any quicker than that.

20th Jul 2007, 18:13

Have you ever driven a VTR or S?

21st Jul 2007, 12:59

Nope, but I've been in a mate's Fiesta Zetec S, and he raced a Phase 2 Saxo VTR in a traffic light drag race, and the VTR just pipped the Fiesta to sixty, and the Zetec S' 0-60 time is 10.2, so 9.4 is the quickest you will get from a VTR.

And as for the VTS; I own a chipped 2.0 Focus with about 150bhp, and a 0-60 time of 8.4. I know this because it's exactly the same as another mates 206 GTi, and in a drag race the VTS pulls away by about 4 car lengths. But 50-80 in 3rd gear, I can start to pull away from a VTS, and as for the VTR, they're crap above sixty; that 8v engine gets tired out.

1st Dec 2007, 12:52

I was following one of those fiesta ST's back home one night from a party (no I didn't drink). he overtook me as I was doing about 60 or somthing, so I decided to try to keep up. I did pretty well except I wasnt as confident in the VTR as he seemed to be in his fiesta. we where approaching 100 mph and the road was a bit wet, I slowed for a corner, he carried on regardless. you could argue that this shows stupidity, or that the fiesta inspires confidence. still I had managed to keep behind him for the best part of 20 miles before I had to turn off. anyway not bragging just saying that the VTR isn't such a load of rubbish that people make out. anyway I got bored of it and sold it in the end.

8th Dec 2007, 09:13

I own a VTS and it gets to 60 in about 8 sec; no-way 7.4sec. Also after 60 it's not that quick. I'm selling it for a Clio Sport, as it's much quicker. Yes those HGTs are fast, a lot quicker than people think, most of em run 140bhp stock and weigh 1000kg, with plenty of torque. I'm getting the Clio though!!