9th Dec 2007, 11:26

That last comment is obviously fake; someone saying they own a Saxo VTS, but saying it's slower than it really is, and then saying they like the Punto and that it's faster than it actually is. A Saxo owner just wouldn't say that, but I think a Punto owner would say it (but it was a nice try though LOL).

Neither are fast any way; try an Audi TT or an Astra VXR; then you will stop being excited over Saxos and Puntos.

10th Dec 2007, 13:14

I used to have a VTR, and my dad has one also. I sold it and have a 3 series compact now, still like driving the VTR on occasion though.

12th Dec 2007, 12:19

Mostly I respect others and their opinions, but to make a comparison between the Saxo VTS and Punto HGT, which in their own right are quick for what they are. I don't think anyone would think any of the above are on the same planet as the TT or the VXR.

But to the owner of the HGT; if he or she thinks their car is fast, does it really matter? But then again, both the wee HGT or VTS can be seriously modified; it costs a lot of cash. but then again if you spend enough cash, you can turn just about any car into the Starship Enterprise.

6th Mar 2008, 08:20

Alright. I have a Saxo VTS and at the moment I love it to bits. Feels quick as hell from start to finish, but then again it was an upgrade from the 106 quicksilver I used to have.

I have only come across two problems with my VTS though. One is that at 120mph it starts to become dangerously light when on the standard suspension; at this moment in time I haven't had the guts to top it, but it definitely will.

The only other thing is when I go for a quick start and put my foot flat to the floor, it does a big splutter and has a mega power loss. It is fine when I slowly take off and don't put my foot straight down. Does anyone know why the VTS does this? Because its the most worrying part about the car, and you look an idiot if it splutters near people.

Does anyone who is good with engines have a clue what may need fixing to get it smooth again?


20th Jun 2009, 13:27

I used to have a Saxo VTS. Maybe not the most reliable car in the market, but it probably had the best handling of all cars I have ever driven... And I have driven many cars that were more expensive and "sporty" than the VTS...

The guy who wrote the initial post, obviously got the wrong car for his needs. If you don't want a cheap sports car, don't go buy one!!!

15th Mar 2011, 20:55

106 GTI smashes the Saxo VTS. They are almost the same engine, but the gearboxes are different. I owned one for about a year but it cost me an arm and a leg and used to go wrong all the time. But when running, it was the best little hatchback I have ever owned.