23rd Aug 2007, 17:29

Don't worry about it. Mine has done it for ages just can't be bothered to fix it. Drive reasonably sensibly and it will last you for ages. The MK2 Saxo's are built much better than the MK1's.

22nd Mar 2008, 14:07

I've got a Saxo VTR 2001 model, but I really want a VTS. Just how fast are the VTS, because from what I've heard about them, I really want one. I'm fed up with my VTR as it's not got enough poke in it. What's the 0-60 in a VTS?

22nd Mar 2008, 19:18

7.8 seconds VTS.

26th Mar 2008, 16:33

What is the vts's top speed? I've had 125mph in my vtr and think it still get a little more (not much!)

27th Mar 2008, 12:09

Official top speed of VTS is 127 mph.

27th Mar 2008, 17:21

Speedo's over read. my VTR was reading 135mph... come on LOL. I don't actually think it was that far off though! Maybe 10mph.

27th Apr 2008, 12:49

What's the mpg on a VTS??

27th Apr 2008, 17:32

About 40mpg. Or half that if you drive like it like its meant to be driven.

28th Aug 2008, 08:19

Vts 8.1 to 60.

30th Aug 2008, 12:47

Where did you get 8.1 from?

25th Oct 2008, 12:15

I have had a few problems with my VTS mk2.

1. Idle control sensor playing up

2. My alarm

3. Rear caliper (not cheap for what they are)

4. Sun roof leaking

5. The power steering pump must be on the way out too LOL

But I think 0 to 60 is 7.2 seconds not bad for a little non turbo. I've had mine to 135mph on the clock (standard) with little more in the tank. Not on a public road might I add. But you can't go what the clocks say, as they're not accurate over a ton.

But a great little car all same.


26th Oct 2008, 06:53

I thought standard time was about 7.8 seconds. I doubt 7.2 because I remember in my 160, whilst it was fairly close, I still was about a car length ahead at 60 racing a friend, and the book figure for my car is 7.4, which sounds about right when comparing to other cars on the road.

15th Dec 2008, 12:08

Is there a difference between the VTS and 106 GTi? I was told the VTS does 0-60 quicker than the GTi Is that true? If so, how because I was told they're the same, but not sure!

7th Jan 2009, 15:59

My friend had 145mph out of his VTS, and it was at 7000rpm just before the redline. And my cousin had 130MPH out of his VTR, but the VTR takes its time after 110mph, when the VTS just keeps climbing.

8th Jan 2009, 11:20

I m sure those speeds were perfectly achievable, but surely must have been down hill with a breeze behind them?

Why bother putting speeds up that no Saxo will get near? The VTS won't even do 130 mph as it's only got 120 bhp, let alone 145 mph!

Cars with an extra 50 hp usually only have top speeds around 135 mph, so why would the Saxo be so much quicker?

8th Jan 2009, 12:28

I agree, 120bhp is just not enough power to propel a car up to those sorts of speeds. Look at the Lotus Elise base models, they don't have much power and as a result have low top end speeds. Low weight may help fast acceleration, but it won't compensate for a lack of power in the top end.

9th Jan 2009, 17:43

The above is probably true, the speedo's would be reading 145 and 130. I had a VTR a couple of years ago and I had the speedo read 135mph on the motorway. I had the satnav in the car at the same time, and that was indicating 124mph. So if my speedo was out by 11mph at 124mph then the VTS could read 145 at about 131/132. That said, a £200 satnav still won't be 100% accurate, but will be a lot more accurate than a Citroen speedo.

Official top speed for VTR (mk2) is 120mph and 129mph for the VTS. Some sites say 127 but officially its 129.

0-60 for the VTR (mk1) is 9.9 and 9.1 for the VTR (mk2)

0-60 for the VTS is, I think, 7.6.

1.6 VTR 8v (96-99) 90bhp

1.6 VTR 8v (00-03) 98bhp

1.6 VTS 8v (96-03) 120bhp.

Saxo good points - fun, cheap to run, easy to fix, quick of the mark.

Bad points - Need to be serviced more than other cars, fall apart after 50k miles. They're the modern day Nova.