23rd Nov 2006, 13:57

Check the earthing strap on the engine. Sometimes there is one around the back that sinks all the current from the dashboard.

24th Nov 2006, 16:59

Can anyone out there please tell me how I can stop my 17 inch alloys rubbing without cutting the car.

27th Nov 2006, 03:19

You could use some spacers, but then your wheel offset will be wrong. If you're very lucky you will get away with using tires with the smallest aspect ration you can find, something like 35 might work. You generally can't put 17's on a Saxo without it rubbing unless you cut up the car.

Best bet is to put some sensibly sized wheels on.

7th Dec 2006, 14:36

I have/had a saxo, my airbag light came on all the time, after many trips to the garage they took the driver's seat out and soldered a wire under the seat which fixed the problem. I also get water leaking through my light when it rains or it has been washed! Also found around 65/70 mph the steering goes a lot and in winds the car is a nightmare! Also has awful brakes, wouldn't count on it to save me in a crash!

Recently had a side impact crash and it looks like it will be written off so hopefully I will get a better car, for a first car though its been a good one!

19th Dec 2006, 00:46

Can anyone tell me why the power steering stops working along with the heater fans? its driving me mad, the problem seems to come and go. Thanks.

27th Dec 2006, 18:49

If your power steering does not work along with your heater fans your are one lucky guy.

You will not need a new power steering pump. FACT! don't listen to any dodgy garage if they say you need to.

If the fans arn't working and the power steering is not working it is something to do with the electrics as they are both on the same connection. I'm not a mechanic, but I'm having the same problem except my fans do work. I'm looking to buy my 3rd pump as for me its my pump.

Take your car to a reliable mechanic and he should know exactly the problem. A few little tests with the electrics. The part you need costs around 15 quid.


I'm on my 2nd saxo. if you have erratic revving its got something to do with the valve timing. it'll cost you around 200 quid to get it fixed from your standard garage.

28th Dec 2006, 03:21


I have a Saxo Furio on a 52 plate, its been reasonably good for the last (near) 4 years however recently its falling to pieces.

It keeps cutting out when the Revs drop below 1000RPM, anyone know the problem? Also, now this morning the engine fault light keeps flashing, its been left for a week in the cold, but surely that should be OK?

Any help appreciated...

15th Jan 2007, 08:36

Hi again. As I read down some of the comments I laugh to myself, I just can't help it? I am a rally driver - I use Saxos for rallying, which means I need to know the car first?

Right, if your heater doesn't work, and your fans don't work, and your power steering doesn't work? And if you find out it's not a pump and the power steering still doesn't work, get a new ignition barrel; that will put the power steering on as well as your heating; the fans will work?

I may drive the damn cars, but don't recommend any Citroen to anyone? What else were some of the problems I saw? The noise when you start up your car; take it from me, soon unless you love the car, sell it quick or you're gonna be needing a new ECU, which is 50 pounds to send off to see if it's a fault. If there is, you're looking at 400 or even over to pay out to be fixed?

The leaking sun roof; nothing you can do for that, but if you pop off the hatch, fill it up above with paste and put a old rag in there, pop the hatch back on, and that will stop it?

There are loads more faults I know about, and how to deal with them. If you need my help, please feel free to contact me on faffyteacake19@hotmail.co.uk

19th Jan 2007, 06:49

Hi - I have a 97 VTS whose power steering chooses not to work sometimes when starting up. Soon kicks in tho. I have had 3 different pieces of advice as to what this is from new power steering pump, to a relay, to leaving it how it is (as it's been like this for 8 months). Any other offers of advice would be greatly appreciated - I don't have the fan problems like some of you have had tho! Cheers...

20th Feb 2007, 11:36

Hi, my wife has a Saxo and had the same problem with the power steering and heater as some of you. The rear heater didn't work either. On the advice of the guy who said it was electrical, I took it an electrical mechanic who diagnosed the wiring loom and also fusebox and ignition damage. I paid for the loom (got a good price as I know the guy), he repaired the fusebox and ignition part. The whole lot cost me less than £150, but the ignition, should it fail again will cost £150 to be replaced as the part needed isn't sold on its own (if it were it wold be approx £40). So far she has had no other problems since it has been repaired. I guess before you give up an auto electrician is worth a shout.

27th Feb 2007, 08:21

If I listened to any of these comments I'd never buy a saxo lucky for me ignorance is bliss and I'm going to buy one regardless. I have a question though - Is the extra power of a VTS that much better than a VTR. There's plenty of VTR's around, but should I hold out for a VTS?

3rd Mar 2007, 17:52

I'd go for the VTS. The VTR has enough power to keep you happy, but if you can afford the insurance go for the VTS. Make sure you get one with a good engine and keep it well serviced. It will last then.

7th Mar 2007, 12:20

I agree. Check the facts, you're talking about a VTR with 8.5 to 9.

3rd Apr 2007, 11:41

Hope this helps some of you out there. My son has had a furio for 10 months - 52 reg with 24K on the clock

Power steering, heater, rear window demist etc not working. May be your ignition barrel, but more likely its your alternator - a good auto electrician will confirm this (about £20). The cars brain knocks power off to certain things when it sees a voltage drop from the alternator output. You can confirm this - when you first turn on the ignition and start the car they will all work then after less than 1 second turn off - start the car with the fan heater on and pulling on the steering - you will hear it start. Your problems are then just starting, there are hundreds of different ones about, even the main dealer could not source one in under 6 weeks.Don't try to get one off the net.

Next failures - Down pipe with the CAT blew - £200

Ignition coils went - £170

Clutch bearing - £180

Now the speedo, rev counter and other clocks have stopped working.

Whats next - he is getting shot - Typical French engineering.