29th May 2007, 02:08

Hi all.

I have a VTR and have the same problems as most of you regarding the power steering cutting out when using the fan heater or rear window heater.

Hopefully taking it to an electrician this week to source the fault, I may suggest the ignition barrel to him.

I've had the car for about 6 months and HATE the thing. Seems to be one problem after another.

The person who had the problem with the brakes though you may want to check your rear pads and discs, because I find the brakes are fine.

Really won't be buying another!

1st Jun 2007, 13:29

Hello I've got a vts p reg saxo its been garaged for two years I can't start it by push start button.I've just bought new starter motor and it still won't even turn over, but it will bump start. when I turn ignition switch on the code keypad flickers red and green. but doesn't let me type code in. and all so the battery light goes bright then dull. I've also got new battery, but hasn't made a difference.

22nd Jun 2007, 17:19

22nd June 2007.

My 2003 Vts has had the same problems with the Power steering rear Demister and heater

I went to Citroen and they said it was the Alternator.

450 quid it cost me to replace and diagnose the problem

I think I will be changing mine very soon.

1st Jul 2007, 14:01

There is one thing that comes to my mind, but I can't remember the name of it. It's a part of the ignition system anyway. How much did you pay for it by the way? Your kind of in dodgy territory buying a VTS that old.

30th Jul 2007, 12:48

I work in the parts department in Citroen, and I had the same problems on my VTS. Check your plugs first, but it sounds like the idle control valve; luckily for me replacing my plugs solved the problem! You're looking in between 130 n 180 quid, depending on the age of your car for an idle control valve.

31st Jul 2007, 14:58

Sounds like a knackered coolant temp. sensor to me, or maybe a faulty map sensor.

13th Aug 2007, 05:30

Hi, my Saxo VTS R reg will not start at all. I have had 2 new batteries for it, and it will do nothing at all.

14th Aug 2007, 12:24

Check your fuel pump. Also there are various sensors which would stop the engine from starting if they are faulty or perhaps dirty.

5th Sep 2007, 06:13

Try the idle control valve and give the throttle body a clean with carb cleaner.

5th Sep 2007, 08:53

Does it only seem to happen when it's running at normal operating temp.? Do the revs seem to stick at around 2000rpm, then splutter and sometimes stall? If so, it is possibly a faulty coolant temp. sensor (a very common problem on VTS'). They are easy to replace (green sensor screwed into thermostat housing - IIRC) and are cheap to buy (around a tenner from citroen), so maybe worth a try anyway.

8th Sep 2007, 06:59

Could be the power steering relay. It's located on the actual pump somewhere iirc.

8th Sep 2007, 15:32

Thanks for the reply. I changed the relay on the pump; still the same. It must be the pump itself. I will take it off, see if I can strip it, and fix it at work.


27th Sep 2007, 15:11

Hi there I've had my vtr for a while and only the power steering has gone wrong, but other than that a good little car, but can anyone tell me will a vts ecu work on my vtr.

17th Jan 2008, 10:16

My electronic immobilizer has came on the orange box with the key going into it keeps flashing when I turn over the car its turning over, but not firing up. and the air coolant temp light on the dash is on. I had been driving the car in the morning and it was fine till a stopped then went to go again and this happens anyone know or had this problem bunge.

19th Jan 2008, 07:19

Hi I've got a saxo vts 52 plate and the rev counter just stopped working. has anyone got any ideas what it could be,cheers.

3rd Apr 2008, 07:42

If the temp is above 90 and keeps rising in traffic, it could be that radiator fan isn't working. Do you know if yours is?

29th May 2008, 14:51

Someone else claiming 0-60 in 7.2...? They do it in just under 8 seconds and that is only just. They can't do 7.2, if they could they would be as quick to 60 as zr160's and Focus ST170's and they just aren't, more like fiesta ST or a Golf GTTDI 150 to 60.

31st May 2008, 11:58

I don't have a VTS, but how do you know they can't do 60 in 7.2 seconds?

2nd Jun 2008, 03:33


Citroens own 0-60 figures when they were launched were 7.2, can't really argue with the manufacturer.

2nd Jun 2008, 06:34

Yeah, I've never seen a saxo listed as 7.2, they are always 7.8 or higher.

2nd Jun 2008, 06:52

Can and should argue with the manufacturers in this case, as Citroen fiddled the figures.. rumours of taking out extra weight from the car and all sorts.

Plus the comment concerning the ZR160 and Fiesta ST is right, I had a VTS and it was a bit slower than the ZR, and about the same as the Fiesta ST, although I never raced a Focus 170. Ended up swapping it for something with better build quality; just a shame I can't find anything that feels so much like a go-kart, but it's just priorities I guess; can't have it all.

2nd Jun 2008, 06:59

7.2 is probably a bit optimistic, but not too far out just because of how light they are, it's more the top end where the VTS' tend to struggle.

10th Jun 2008, 05:09

I have been lucky over the years to have owned all of or most of the above. Used to like only big cars, but about ten years ago bought my first small car. It was an HGT Punto; owned it for two years, never had any problems.

Then I bought my friend's Saxo VTS. I don't believe this 0-60 claim of 7.2. Both my HGT and Saxo in their base spec, well there was very little if any difference in their performance, though build quality was my issue with my Saxo, but I loved both.

As for the Saxo racing a ZR160, come on. May give it a run for its money up to sixty. I know; I owned a ZR for about two years, and it handled better than my old Saxo, and that's saying something.

I have driven an ST170; it did not feel that fast, but handled well.

10th Jun 2008, 13:43

Wondering if anyone can help. I have a newly acquired 98 Saxo 1.5 Diesel. It's a little smasher... BUT the blower system is driving me nuts. Three settings 1, 2 and 3. Settings 1 and 2 are as dead as a dodo. 3 working fine. So its either get blasted to death or nothing at all :-O Help!!!

1st Aug 2008, 16:30

I've got a 98S VTS. It's a great little car, but the steering wheel shakes loads at 60 and gets worse the higher it goes. I got the drive shafts replaced and it felt fine at first, but now it's still shaky (not as bad) but the pedals seem to vibrate as well. Anyone else experienced this, as I and my garage both can't spot anything wrong with it. I'm baffled. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.