1996 Citroen Xantia LX 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland




Water pump at 92000 miles.

New rear spheres at 105000 miles.

Rear height corrector at 155000 miles.

Clutch cable retainer on pedal at 160000miles.

Sump pan holed by stone; replaced at 166000 miles.

General Comments:

Electrics on these and French cars generally are prone to be a bit iffy...

Fuel economy average 50 miles per imperial gallon.

This non-turbo version is a bit gutless on hills.

Very comfortable.

I'm a bass player in a rock band, and it swallows my gear without ahitch - hatchback version.

You do have to keep on top of servicing...

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Review Date: 28th July, 2006

1996 Citroen Xantia LX 1.9TD from UK and Ireland


Xantias offer a combination of class leading ride and fuel economy and do not rust


Blown head gasket at 85000 miles

Handbrake cable at 95000 miles.

General Comments:

Ride is fantastic like my previous Jag.

Handling very sure footed.

Fuel economy amazing.

I bought my Xantia real cheap because I know how to work on cars, heres my check list.

1) Electrics,there are two trouble spots. The connectors that connect the font of the car to the back under the carpets in the driver and passenger foot wells. Water pools here, remove carpets, drill drain holes clean connectors.

2) Water leaks, you wont stop them just drill drain holes in the floor with the carpets removed.

3) Headgaskets can blow, have the head skimed, won't go again. Carfully bleed air out the cooling system, put the front on ramps to tilt car up to bleed.

4) Ride height adjusters stick, car sits at wrong height, sellers think suspension is shot. Just douse with oil, then move the height adjuster lever once a week to keep free.

5) If brakes are too sharp the car needs a brake compensator valve.

6) Replace spheres and flush hydraulic system for the very best ride and a long life!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2006

16th Aug 2006, 06:07

I'm very surprised to hear that the HG failed at merely 85k, these tend to last up to about 140k.

This of course depends on how well the cooling system is looked after and replaced, which sounds as if this may have been the cause.

20th Sep 2006, 07:22

I would certainly agree with the comment made, if cooling systems aren't maintained and aren't looked after then HG failure is imminent.

1996 Citroen Xantia SX 1.9 TD from UK and Ireland


A brilliant deal!


The heater blower motor had seized, however this was known when purchasing the car. This however is a very common fault for Xantias and is down to the transistors dying.

Air-con compressor had developed a knocking noise and therefore the compressor was replaced with a HDI one, the air con doesn't work which was also known when buying, without the compressor the car won't move.

Intermittent ABS sensor fault, this is also a common problem and is down to dirt getting trapped, easily replaced and cheap to.

General Comments:

Unlike some people that post I know exactly what the car is I'm buying, I'm 20 and do like to do a little research.

The hydraulics worried me and wondered if it would be a big expense, however it turned out that its not actually that complicated and if anything goes wrong, parts seem to be fairly cheap, the car was riding to high and after a bit of research found out how to lower the car at home (height adjusters get seized, some grease helps to prevent) the car can kill and therefore needs to be supported with axel stands.

Glowplugs were done, but this is obviously something expected after 100,000 miles, they were done on my 97 1.9d ZX, but were much easier, this job tuned out to be such a pain, but saved a fortune by doing it at home.

I absoulutely love citroens and especially love Xantias now and will certainly be buying another next year (i do 40,000 a year so I change every year) but I will buy a Mk2 and a much newer one, I was in a rush and for £850 got a very good deal. The car hasn't cost me that much at all, I know have free weekends which I missed while having the ZX (which I rate highly too).

Citroens run brilliantly if you know what your buying, mpg is brill as usual and the XUD is just brilliant.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

13th Jul 2006, 06:38

Car went in for its MOT and failed on a couple things at an unspecalist garage.

My BIL took the car to our local speciialist

Hole in the exhaust - new exhaust was £65 and was fitted for free.

A rear arm bush was replaced, the part being about a £1, however it's a time consuming job which makes it fairly expensive to have done.

Headlight adjustment.

All done for £205 inc the MOT - now that is value.

In regard to the ABS sensor, the light hasn't appeared for quite some time now so my BIL decided to return the unused sensor back, the car passed with no issue regarding to the warning light (which never came on during it).

Again, avoid going to the dealers.

13th Nov 2006, 10:37

I don't own a Xantia (yet) but have had lots of BX experience and have worked on Xantias before, the heat plug change is easy if as the old saying goes you have the right tools. The problem people seem to have is with the first heat plug (cylinder 1) as it is behind part of the cooling system, you can buy for about a fiver a long thin double ended spanner called a heat plug spanner, it really does make the job a doddle.