1996 Citroen Xantia SX 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Cheap nice car if you find a good one!


At the 100k Service several things were flagged up:

Worn front Pads and disks.

All suspension Spheres worn.

Just after the service the car would not start one day, I called out the AA who could not fix the problem, 5 days later at the main dealer and a number of scratches down the from wings, a burnt out wire in the loom was found and replaced.

General Comments:

Not for the tall man if the car has a sunroof fitted!!!

Great ride, shame about the the problems.

Much better spec'd and build than other saloons such as the mondeo.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

1996 Citroen Xantia LX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A comfortable car without direct competition


The warning light for too much water in the fuel came on after 2 days. I did what the manual said and have not had a problem since.

General Comments:

I once had a BX. So I knew what I was going for. I think people are generally worried about Citroens which is why I got mine for a reasonable price (£1800) for an 'N' reg.

What made me buy the car was the people I bought it from: very genuine, loved the fact that I'd had a Citroen before; knew I knew what could go wrong: they'd changed the clutch and the spheres.

It is not a performance car, nor is it particularly economical, but it has air conditioning which I need as I regularly go down to Spain. It is the kind of car that asks you to go out for a drive at 1am for a bit just to show you how nice British roads can be... I nearly went for a Peugeot 306 but am sure I made the right choice. Even people at work are agreeing with me now since we've gone for an overnight trip in Bruges. Long live hydraulic suspension! Perfect for popping down to France for a few world cup beers!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

1996 Citroen Xantia VSX 2.0I turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


High performance, damp and Falling apart


What hasn't?

The sphere's all of them.

Hydraulic pump It works when it wants to.

Lights failed;I went through a car wash can out flashed a taxi into the road and everything went off... Never found the fault we had to run a cable from the battery to the Switch to get it even working and Citroen wanted £300 to do this?.

Cat has gone another £500,

Tyres Well at £70 a tyre what more can I say?

Boot leaks.

General Comments:

First can I say what a Great car When it goes it goes really well.. The ride is great.

The seats are great.

But when it has gone wrong it all went wrong at once.

I will be getting another one, but not with soo many miles.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2002

1996 Citroen Xantia SX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good, affordable, comfortable car.


The central suspension spheres have been replaced - at a cost of £130, the other four spheres were replaced when I bought the car.

The remote control for the central locking needs a bit of paper in the key housing to enable it to work!

There is a bad vibration between 65-75 MPH which repeated wheel balancing has not solved - I wish I could get to the bottom of this.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, economical (I get 43 on a motorway run cruising at 80-85 MPH, 39 commuting in stop start traffic and 31 when towing a caravan.), reasonably roomy, not as expensive to run as its reputation would make you think, tows a caravan effortlessly and performs well.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2002

1996 Citroen Xantia SX 1.8 from Sweden


Best model Citroen ever built


Not very much went wrong with it. The seat-heater on the drivers side of the car had to be replaced. Very common on the Citroens, it seems, because it was replaced on my new XM too.

Right mirror heater out of order. This happened after three months so I did not have to pay for it. Nothing else as I can remember. Very reliable.

General Comments:

Very good on the road. The hydraulic suspension is superb. If you try, you will be a Citroen-friend for the rest of your live, believe me.

Low servicecosts, dose not use too much fuel. 7,5l/100 km. Mixed driving city/country-driving.

Very well built. No squeaks or rattles from dashboard.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

29th Nov 2005, 06:13

I couldn't agree more.. xantia is the best.

1st Aug 2009, 05:07

Wow, that's a bold statement?

I'd say XM, but I have yet to drive a xantia??

1st Mar 2013, 14:30

I can't understand the regular comments about problems with spheres. I live in New Zealand, have owned Citroens since 1960, and have driven many millions of miles, and have only had one sphere collapse, and that was on a high mileage CX. It is important to have the spheres recharged every 60 to 70 thousand kms, which is much cheaper than having to replace shock absorbers on conventional cars.