1996 Citroen Xantia Dimension 1.9TD from UK and Ireland


Amazing value car


Interior fan motor (£35 s/h)

Speed sensor (£13 Euro Car Parts)

General Comments:

I have a 1996 1.9TD Dimension (with air con) Xantia, paid £460 from eBay for it - how can you complain at that?!?! and no, its not white, or got starship mileage. It's metallic blue with 109k on the clock.

It had a few niggles which I had to put right - interior fan was broken - £35 from breaker - 3 screws, a connector later and it was working, new wing mirror as that last one had been badly glued on £25. New set of batteries for the remote £1.99! So I had a fabulous 'big' car for just over £500. Very cheap insurance for this type of car (£300 fully comp. - I'm 29 in high-risk area parked on street), very cheap to run, 45+ MPG is actually achievable. Although with a heavier foot 40MPG is more realistic (bit less if you are really bad!)

Why oh why do people moan about the suspension on these cars? Would you moan about replacing the shock absorbers on your 'conventional' suspension? With aftermarket parts you can get the spheres for £18.75 per corner - show me a car this size where you can get the shocks that cheaply! Even OEM parts are only £61 The spheres are designed to be consumables, that is why they are so easy to get to and change - why do people expect them to last forever? The trouble with shocks is that they go off slowly, so most people don't replace them until they are really bad, if they were replaced when they really needed to I'm sure they would not out-last the Citroen spheres.

Can't say enough about this car. I had several BMW's before it and (apart from my E39) I would say it is a better can than any of them in terms of reliability, costs, parts, ride quality. OK, maybe the doors don't 'clunk' like the BMW, but I expected it to be a lot worst than it was given the poor reviews it gets, switch-gear all seems to be of a decent quality and clicks well, no problems so far. I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with my purchase.

Parts are readily available from GS&F and Euro Car Parts, as well as a number of Citroen specialist breakers, cheap too - not as you are lead to believe (as long as you avoid main dealers - but that goes for any car now-a-days really)

I went to drive quite a few before finally purchasing. Be aware, there are some real dogs out there with no history, badly neglected - these *will* be unreliable - but so will any car if neglected - even BMW's - trust me - I know (and have paid the bills!!)

I will definitely be looking for another - probably a HDI when I come to change this one.

Good luck with your purchase - you will not regret it if you follow basic 2nd hand car buying rules.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2004

1996 Citroen Xantia Dimension 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A reasonably roomy economical cheap car


The rear suspension height adjuster collapsed at 99,000 miles.

The clutch pedal connector snapped at 100,000 miles - without warning!

The climate control - although checked - takes that long to come on, the windows have to be demisted by opening them.

General Comments:

I have changed the seats as when Citroen put climate control in, they left out the height adjustable drivers seat, and the split rear seats.

I'm hoping the car is built well as I want it to last longer than the 112,000 mile BX turbo diesel.

The fuel economy is approx.40 mpg which is good as that is with 5 adults and luggage.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2004

14th Jul 2004, 13:27

The clutch cable connector is a common fault on this model.

I have a 1996 TD Lx and had the same problem.

Luckily if the engines warm you can usually get by to get to a garage providing you don't have to stop.