2000 Citroen Xantia 1.8 benzine from Israel


A huge burden


Let's see. Everything...

Ever since we received the car as a gift, we've had to take it to get fixed every three months.

The speedometer broke down, there's a terrible leak in the hydraulic oil, the tires tend to burst, the back door doesn't hold up (a terrible safety hazard)...

Only an idiot would buy this car.

General Comments:

The ride is every bumpy, because the car doesn't switch gears in time, and it tends to be in a low gear. Because of this problem, the car accelerates very slowly, especially on the highway, which is a safety hazard. The gear shifting problem also causes the car to eat up a lot of gas (10 km per liter gas).

The visibility is usually very poor, which is another safety hazard.

As for positive things about this car, I can't think of any.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2011

3rd Jul 2011, 05:02

I think you had better tell the history and mileage of your car, because it is not logical that your Xantia is that bad. Maybe it has been used as a submarine before it was given to you.

3rd Jul 2011, 08:47

This review is hard to believe, unless your "gift" is a previously accident-damaged vehicle that should have been written off.

The door problem certainly sounds like that. The tyre problem sounds more like exactly that: a tyre problem, unrelated to the car - unless the frame is so distorted by accident damage that it is wearing and stressing the tyres unduly.

As for visibility, I don't believe that this "review" is genuinely about a Xantia.

Visibility from mine was excellent. I wish I still owned it.

3rd Aug 2011, 17:39

Agree, this is a surprisingly problematic description; the car described must be a complete shed, which has been driven through deep water and then had salt sprayed all over it. There are numerous examples of these vehicles still running without anything like the range of problems highlighted in this review, which is thus somewhat unrepresentative of the breed e.g. I have a '98 HDi, which has 138k miles, which is my daily 50 mile commuting vehicle - very basic, but reliable.

18th Apr 2012, 01:55

If by the "back door" you mean the tailgate, the fault is probably due to worn gas struts. A pair of these costs about GBP 30, and takes about 30 minutes to change. These wear on all cars.

2000 Citroen Xantia Exclusive 2.0 16v from Australia and New Zealand


A Modern Classic - what a beauty


Nothing has gone wrong - beautifully built and maintained.

General Comments:

The best car I've ever had (and I've had some beauties inc a Peugeot 205 GTI).

Hydractive suspension is just awesome.

Floats on air at high speed - nothing can match it.

Beautiful soft leather interior.

Adaptive gearbox sometimes gets confused (changes too late).

2.0 engine can be noisy with revs.

Will never own another conventionally suspended car.

Beautiful to look at and to own. A true Citroen.

Servicing has been done every 10k kms, which is essential for this car - no penny pinching!

But the rewards this car brings are worth it.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2006

15th Feb 2011, 14:23

Having owned over 20 Citroens since 1959 I have had nearly a lifetime of floating on oil. With the exception of the DS, my 1998 Xantia 2 litre 16 valve would be the nicest car of them all.

18th Mar 2011, 01:26

Still got the car, and still love it.

Do most of the servicing myself now, leaving larger jobs to a trusted local mechanic with 30 years experience working on Citroens. Still enjoying using it everyday, with no plans to sell.

3rd Jul 2011, 05:09

I am a mirror image owner of about 28 Citroens over 50 years. The Xantia is a dream car, but not as good as the late model DS.

2000 Citroen Xantia HDI SX 2.0 HDI 110bhp from UK and Ireland


Comfort, reliability, fuel economy and comfort again


Driver's side window regulator mechanism (not the motor itself)

Climate control seemed to loose some of its power after 100 000 miles.

CV boot replaced at 90 000.

General Comments:

This is a second generation Xantia with common rail turbo diesel engine. The engine is a vast improvement compared to the older XDU turbo diesel engine in both performance, refinement and fuel economy.

I managed to get over 800 miles per 63 litres of diesel. This was mainly motorway driving. The engines is powerful enough for comfortable motorway cruising and gives good amount of torque.

The suspension is slightly firmer than the older Xantias used to have, but still comfortable. The body of the car feels firmer than the old ones had, at least there aren't may rattles and squeekes.

Seats are nice though I would prefer the ultra-soft ones Citroen BX used to have, but I guess Citroen had to design more "mainstream" European feel for this car. Generally the interior has a good feel though the design shows its age - the design was from early 90s. Still, all functional and stylish.

I had the car serviced once at the Citroen main dealer in Farnborough, Hampshire. It was quite expensive and I did not take the car for routine servicing after that. I used to change oil and filer myself every 12 000 miles. Also change the brake pads twice and replaced front tyres twice, rear tyres were still the originals when I sold the car. I had cam-belt replaced at the independent garage at 70 000 miles, cost about £180.

The car was 100% reliable and the only fault was a broken plastic clip in the window regulator. Even all the electrics were working perfectly. There was something wrong with the climate control - possibly the air-conditioning needed re-gassing.

Citroen has got a bad reputation in terms of reliability. Maybe I was lucky with this or the later model year Xantias were more reliable. I would like to believe it is the latter one.

The car was really comfortable to drive and also looked good. The only reason I sold it was because we moved from UK to Australia. Otherwise, I would probably had this car for another 100 000 miles.

I would not hesitate buying another HDI Xantia if I only find one in Australia.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2005