1993 Citroen ZX Volcane 1.9 urbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Paper dart


Dash lights mostly blown... twice.

Dashboard fitting drop out. screws seems to undo themselves.

Speedo ticks.

Central locking and alarm came alive on the move - immobilizer came on and doors all locked, with alarm going off - in the middle of town. Had to be rescued. Bypassed so now manual locking only.

Brakes and discs wear out rapidly.

Front tyres wear out very fast.

Engine blew after driving through a puddle - low slung air filter box was not sealed. Managed to drive home on 2 cylinders and a big hole in the engine block. Reconditioned engine needed.

Rear suspension bushes and mounts worn and replacements creaky. Front suspension strut bent and bushes worn needing replacement.

General Comments:

Excellent car! despite rattles and noise, and very poor build quality, it is fast for a diesel (enough to upset some hot petrol hatches) corners like a go-kart and still makes me smile. I nearly replaced it several times, but test driving other (faster, newer, better) cars was dull as ditch water.

I'll replace it when it has fallen to bits (which it has been doing since I got it)

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004

26th Feb 2004, 08:14

Dash bord lights fail in ZX cars more than in others because the dash board is always lit, day and night.

I do not agree with your other critics, you must driving a diesel medium car like it was a sports car. With the same model I changed the pads every 50000-55000 miles, the disk at 125000 miles and the tires, front ones every 50000 miles and the rear ones at 90000 miles. I do think this is excellent resistance and reliability. When the car was stallen at 150000 miles, the suspension was still the original one.

7th Oct 2004, 05:55

Sorry, but I have agree with the person who wrote this report. I have owned a Z X for Just under 2 years, so far I've lost count of how many times I've had to change the front pads. I even tried replacing the front calipers, as a local mechanic said they often seize causing high wear, but still having the same problem!And no, I'm not driving it like a sports car. I also have had to replace the rear suspension bushes not once, but twice in 2 years! However when the car is working its great!

29th May 2005, 09:54

I have to agree with original review in the respect of the faults, I owned a volcane for four years and had endless reliability problems esp with the electric windows and central locking, also the brake pads were terrible and no I was not driving like an idiot or as a grand prix driver. In the cars defence though, I have sold it, but no car has since matched it for speed and comfort and also for looks it always used to catch the eye. I do wish I had another one.

1993 Citroen ZX Volcane 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Reasonable performer


Nothing major really, just normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

Engine goes forever, still feels as its only just getting started!

This car is very comfortable and very enjoyable on long journeys.

It handles very well indeed.

The brakes (disc brakes all round) are the best I have ever had on a car with brilliant stopping power.

It is reasonably good on fuel if not thrashed. I use £15 a week doing 180 miles.

Performance. Very torquey, if you pull away quick you will just spin until you get traction, but I feel it is not that quick. For example in 2nd and 3rd. An example of this is when I had my foot to the floor in 3rd and a Ford Puma was still up my boot. Unless there is something wrong with my car? Pulls up to the speed limit reasonably quickly. I just expected it to be quicker than a Puma in 3rd gear than that.

Insurance is a bit steep (group 10), unsure as to why as it is the same engine used in the 306 DTurbo which is group 5! Although it does leave 306 DTurbo's for dead!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2004

29th May 2004, 16:08

You are right to say it has the same engine as the Peugeot 306 but the Volcane has a completely different diesel pump which changes the power delivery, hence the better mid-range urge.

14th Jan 2007, 09:36

I doubt there is anything wrong with your car, it may feel quick because of the torque, but a Puma will be a faster car as it has 120 bhp over the 90 of the TD.