1995 Citroen ZX Advantage 1.9 T.D. from UK and Ireland


Quality family performer


The exhaust rattling due to worn rubber mount. New one installed.

The immobilizer failed, This has been replaced.

The bodywork dents easy due to thin panel's.

General Comments:

Good condition through out with lots of extras and full electrics.

The rear seats pull forward to make a bigger boot yet still being able to carry 4/5 people.

The 1.9 TD. gives this car a good rate of knots and is very quick of the mark to boot.

Service at regular intervals for optimum performance.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2002

22nd Nov 2006, 06:03

They definitely need constant servicing, but as long as you keep everything topped up these are great cars, VERY quick off the mark.

Don't let the size of the car fool you its still a 1.9 underneath and it accelerates very quickly.

1995 Citroen ZX Dimension 1.4 Injection from UK and Ireland


An excellent all round package


So far the only problem I have encountered is a blown dashboard bulb. As the dials are lit up as soon as the ignition is turned on they can blow prematurely. It isn't the easiest of jobs to do (most of the lower dashboard has to be removed to access and detach the speedo cable) but is hardly a major problem.

General Comments:

Very good car to drive, has some body roll, but the ride is very smooth and you know what the front wheels are doing through the well weighted steering.

The inside is excellent, very comfortable seats and driving position, although the pedals are spaced quite closely together.

Parking isn't too bad, but the mirrors are quite small and are angled upwards and the boot is quite high, so it can be difficult to judge how close the car behind you really is.

The headlights are very good, be warned when getting replacement bulbs. If your car has dual head lamps fitted they are the same bulbs as the driving lamps and not the usual dual filament bulbs.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2001

1995 Citroen ZX Aura 1.6 from Netherlands


A comfortable no-nonsense, value for money car


Several small problems with the electrics.

Had to replace the fuel tank - seems to be a regular problem with older models: bulkheads in the fuel tank come loose.

General Comments:

Smooth ride, torque at lower revs is impressive and the handling is terrific.

Handles great!

The ZX looks bad though - it looks like a Vauxhall in disguise.

Where is the real Citroen suspension?

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Review Date: 7th June, 2001

1995 Citroen ZX Reflex 1.4 petrol from Finland


Low-priced comfort!


Head-beam height adjustment gave up at 80000 km.

Anti-roll bar links started to make noise at 90000 km. Replaced at 120000.

Rear muffler and exhaust pipe broke down at 101000 km.

Front wheel disc-brakes (discs and all...) completely worn out and renewed at 120000 km.

Steering bar link (right) worn out at 123000, as were some rubber pads for the rear axle suspension.

General Comments:

Smooth sailing with this compact station-wagon on Finnish roads...

The seats are excellent for a "compact" driver like me (71 kg. and 174 cm.)! Can drive for hours and hours without getting tired or otherwise uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2001

1995 Citroen ZX Volcane 8v 2.0i from Malaysia


Nothing beats Citroen on road handling


Nothing repetitive, only expected wear and tear mechanical parts and the dashboard facial cracked and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

The cabin absorbs heat very quickly, but with tinting the windscreen I had the problem solved.

I just simply love the car, I wish I could have the 16v engine fitted to my unit.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2001

1995 Citroen ZX Reflex 1.4 from Israel


Rare combination of economical, roomy and fun to drive


Right front disc was replaced at 80000 km.

General Comments:

Great car. Comfortable like any other Citroen, but without the problematic engine and suspension.

Good deal of economical engine, roomy and fun to drive.

The perfect compact car for the Israeli horrible roads.

Not my first and for sure not my last Citroen.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2001

1995 Citroen ZX Volcane 2.0 petrol from Israel


Frequentt brake lining changes.

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

Some lights on the instrument panel don't work

The driver's seat is squeaky and not stable.

Wind noise and squeaky plastic parts.

Water condensation cap failed and was replaced by an improved cap with a tighter spring (I live in a very hot country).

A/C compressor failed due water entering from beneath the car.

Rubber bands on the rear shelf lost their tension (on each and every ZX I saw).

General Comments:

Fun to drive, but lacks some punch.

Not as comfortable as the Citroen name may imply.

Small reliability problems.

Needs 20-30 bhp extra.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2000