1995 Citroen ZX Aura 1.8i Petrol 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Very economical, reliable and comfortable


Bad squeak from water pump - replaced with reconditioned unit.

Bent left drive shaft - replaced with re-manufactured item.

Front discs & pads replaced.

Cam belts replaced at 90,000km.

Oil & filter changed every 10,000km.

General Comments:

Car manufactured about 1995 to export specifications & sent to Malaysia, but after prolonged storage shipped to New Zealand (1998) and sold as new (at a very good price). Subsequently brought to the UK in 2000.

Always serviced by myself or independent garage (for the 3 more major repairs).

Very comfortable and of reasonable power even for New Zealand's more rugged terrain.

Extremely reliable and never given any roadside trouble, especially considering the highish mileage, and minimal service work done. (First set of plugs not replaced until 140,000km.

Excellent sound system.

Quiet running.

Good handling.

Total servicing charges only £580 in 7 years.

Still on second set of tyres (but front ones will need changing again soon). The last set were 'economy' grade and have lasted much better than the original Michelin's.

Still getting around 7L/100km (or about 40MPG)

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Review Date: 16th October, 2005

1995 Citroen ZX 2.0i from Malaysia


Risky, Engine Fails With No Warning


A few days back I sent my car to replace the alternator/power steering/compressor belt. After running for 10 km the car make noise and I checked that the belt had shred apart. The belt had turn to strings and pieces. The engine also stopped. There are also pieces of the torn belt in the timing belt compartment. The car was towed to a workshop and the mechanic confirmed that the head valves had bent due to the torn belts in the timing belt compartment. The whole engine head had to be dismantled to make the repair. I had to spend $1200 to make the repair. I think the belt system design is bad.

General Comments:

Belting System Poorly Designed.

Cylinder Valve Easily Damaged.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005

14th Jun 2005, 23:48

Replacing the belt and after 10km it breaks. Strange to blame it on the car and not a mechanic who has done a bad job.

15th Jun 2005, 01:26

I drove an ZX in Malaysia for over 300,000kms and never had a problem with the timing belt. I used authorised service centre to service the car and changed the belts every 70,000 kms. From your entry it shows that you got the car around 170,000 kms... did it come with a service history? It should show when the timing belt was last replaced.

It is expected that your valves would be damaged/bent if the belt broke anyway.

1995 Citroen ZX 1.9 cc diesel from Malta


A nice efficient used car.


The rear end needed to be replaced, as well as shocks and a new odometer cable.

(Now rides like on a cloud.)

General Comments:

Looking for an operators manual to interpret the idiot lights.

Car is comfortable and rides well on the bumpy roads of Malta and Gozo.

Power steering is fine.

Brakes seem to be a bit locking at times, especially in reverse.

Gets 14 kilometers to the liter of diesel.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2005

1995 Citroen ZX Aura 1.9 tdi from UK and Ireland


A fast, smart looking car, good value for money


The central locking does not always operate the boot, sometimes it needs to be opened with the key, other times it works automatically.

The radiator needs topping up every 100 miles, water is disappearing somewhere! (Roughly 1 pint needed each time)

It is becoming impossible to put the transmission into reverse gear without an awful crunching noise and pressing the clutch pedal almost through the floor!

I had to have the offside front lower suspension arm and anti-roll bar connecting rod replaced, as the car was wandering all over the road, the steering was sticking.

General Comments:

To be honest, I am just not that thrilled with the car, there are several disappointing factors.

I find the gearbox very gritty and lumpy, and being tall, with the seat back almost to its limit, it is a long stretch to put the car into 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, I have to always lean forward.

The power steering leaves a lot to be desired, it is still very heavy, despite having good tyres, tracking and balance all fine, it is still heavier steering than my Fiesta was which didn't have power steering.

The vision is also disappointing for reversing and general parking. Because the back window is high, it's impossible to see the bonnet or lower part of a vehicle behind, all you can see is the windscreen, and it's a case of slowly does it, hoping not to touch the bumper of the car behind!

I was also a bit disappointed with the fuel consumption - the dealer told me I would get "at least 60 to the gallon", but although I am a steady driver, the best it has ever returned is 48 mpg.

Having stated all the negatives though, I have to say that on the whole it is a good car, the bodywork is excellent, not a speck of rust (unlike my poor Fiesta) and the car is very fast, reliable and very tidy to look at. I love the electric windows and sunroof, good stereo and the interior trim is smart and comfortable.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2004

4th Apr 2004, 15:14

I've got to say I agree with a lot of your comments.

I've had a '94 Aura TD for a couple of months now. I agree that the power steering is a bit heavy, but I quite like that, it gives the steering a bit of feel. I don't find mine too heavy, just right, but I know what you mean, it's heavier than some cars.

I think you should be happy with 48mpg, the most I've gotten was about 45, the least 38. I reckon if I really tried for economy I could get maybe 50. That salesperson was obviously talking a load of rubbish! Even the new HDi diesels can't really manage that.

I had a leaking radiator too until a few weeks ago, the top hose was leaking, I didn't realise at first as it was such a small amount. Maybe you could look at that.

Oh, and the reverse 'crunch' thing, I know exactly what you mean, it's almost impossible to engage reverse without crunching even a little bit! Hope this doesn't mean the clutch is on the way out. Mines only done about 86k miles, not sure if it's had a clutch yet.

If you can live with the niggles you will enjoy the car. I think the handling of it is amongst the best of any car of it's type.