18th Apr 2004, 14:14

Hi thanks for your comments on my review. Guess what though? I don't know what happened, but from the last tank full, and I didn't go on a long journey, just several 30 mile-ish ones, I got a fantastic 55 mpg! I checked and double checked and it was definitely right, so I am thrilled. The car has been serviced since I wrote the review too, and the guy has changed the oil in the gearbox and adjusted the clutch, but it still crunched to get into reverse, but I have discovered the trick - put it in 5th gear first, which goes easily and smoothly on mine, and then it comes down beautifully into reverse with no crunch! I will look at the top hose, cheers for that, but on the actual rad grill, there are several green spots where it looks like it leaked, but despite three cans of bars leaks/radweld, it still goes somewhere. And the rear parcel shelf drives me potty too, it rattles all the time! Otherwise, I am getting used to it. :)

23rd Jan 2005, 07:05


I agree with most of those comments, another thing I have found which I don't know if anyone else has, or if anyone could give any advice on, but my suspension rattles over bumps and sometimes the front suspension does the same thing, but only when I steer round tight bends going slowly. Might be something and nothing!

Could anyone also shed any light the fact that my ABS light is constantly on, and would this be an MOT failure?

My MPG is great, I upgraded from a 1.1 metro, and the 1.9 TD matches it, sometimes does better especially on motorways, my average is about 40.

I've not come across the leaking radiator yet, but time will prove this no doubt!

21st May 2006, 15:18

I bought my ZX a year ago and can't fault it. It gives me 40 miles round town, and over 50 on long run, best car ever owned.

22nd May 2006, 12:43

I am the poster from 4th April 2004.

I have now got another ZX Aura - the last one went well until 100k...when the head gasket went! At the time, I thought it happened quickly, but I had been having problems with the heating /cooling system for several weeks beforehand, bought a new radiator (mistake and was not the problem) So if you have trouble getting warm air / cold air, and if you see the temp gauge acting a bit funny... watch out - it could be the head gasket saying goodbye! (£££££££!)

My current ZX has 146k miles, and its going well (touch wood). I do have the rattly noises from the back when going over bumps, I think this is common issue - think it's rear suspension bushes. You will find this noise gets worse and worse. My stepdad had a ZX too, and his got worse until it was almost unbearable. Mine is on the way to that... but is still OK for now.

I'm getting about...48mpg average out of this one, slightly better than my previous ZX. Keep doing your oil and filter changes every 6k miles and the car will keep going fine.

If you're not exactly sure when the cambelt was done, get it changed! Very important. I got mine changed for £70, which is fairly good.

I still enjoy driving the ZX, and will continue to do so until it dies! I can't really justify selling it as long as it keeps giving good service!

8th Sep 2007, 13:43

I've had the ZX Elation 1.9D for 3 months now, and have loved every minute of it!! Cooling system seems to be a bit of a sore spot on the old ZX's my heater matrix blew on the backward leg of a 150 mile journey... Dash out job..

I too have the rear rattle, I assumed it was the handbrake cable on the right hand side of the car, which seems to hang low. But I will now check my bushes.

I've never had any issues with the central locking on mine, boot opens every time, I do have remote locking, but one of the 7 previous owners lost the Key Fob so I can't use it.. Citroen quoted me £425 + VAT to get it working (replacement of the entire system...) But as I paid £450 for the car that seemed a little excessive. Although I have now found a company who will just replace the Control Unit and give me two new Fobs for £60!!! Hurrah!!

Rustless French galvanized bodywork :)

My housemate loves the rear suspension, especially the way the car settles when the handbrake is used on a hill.

All in all a fantastic car to drive with very little wrong with it; mine's 1995 with 105k on the clock and I'm pretty convinced it'll do double that with me fettling it all the time... I just can't leave it alone.

30th Jan 2008, 12:22

Hey all. I have a 1991 ZX Aura 1.6i.

I love it, it's a great car, as long as it's looked after right.

Some or all of the 11 previous owners didn't do a good job, and it's approaching 140k on the clock, so I try nurse it around as much as possible.

I haven't had many problems with it, other than what it had when I bought it. I replaced the back-up light switch, and the thermostat had to be replaced as the engine was not heating up properly during driving, and if stood still for a while, nearly overheated. It's sorted now though.

Also there's a huge rattle coming from the timing belt tensioner when the engine's cold. Will get that replaced as soon as I can, because that is quite serious.

The front exhaust section is leaking, making the car sound like a tractor when the gas is applied firmly, and a tin-sounding rattle when it's idling.

Other than that, everything seems OK; it's in generally good condition and I'm not planning to sell it soon as it is a great car and I've installed so many LED lights and neons inside. LOL.

I haven't been given the remote locking key with the car; obviously been lost by some previous owner :( Shame really as it's expensive to acquire a new one.

Other than that, it's a great car, handles well considering its age and looks, not to say that it looks even a little bad.

Some people complained about massive body roll, but I can't pick much up around corners, and it takes road bumps very well, not to mention the lovely seats in the rear being comfortable enough on long journeys.

Fuel economy isn't the best, but for a 17 year old engine, there must be a few things needing sorting out to improve the efficiency.

Bottom line - the car is highly recommended as a cheap, fun reliable runabout. As long as they're looked after, the ZX models will live on for ages and serve well.

3rd Apr 2008, 19:41

I've got a 1995 1.9TD Citroen ZX and I've had it for a year now. I've done 25,000 miles in it. Apart from a leaking radiator (bottom hose was the culprit - managed to fix it myself with a new O ring) it's never let me down.

It has the Bosch fuel pump so it's an excellent car to run on vegetable oil with. I've been on 100% for some time now. It's saved me hundreds - it is an economical car anyway (I get about 50mpg) and that's without vegetable oil being half the price of diesel!

The car is not slow, the TD has about 90bhp.

The only thing bad I have to say about it, apart from a few minor electrical glitches every now and then, is that the fuel pump has just started to leak slightly (no doubt it'll get worse), but for a car of 125,000 miles and 13 years old, that's expected.

I don't find the ride particularly good, it doesn't take speed bumps that well, but it's easy to home service, and most parts are quite cheap... with regular oil changes that engine should go on forever... not sure about the rest of the car though.

28th May 2011, 06:18

Help... Does anyone know about the warning lights on the dashboard, and what the yellow one means?

Cheers, Vicky from Spain.

4th Dec 2013, 17:27

This is the glow plug light, and should light for about 10 seconds when you first switch on, then you start the engine. It's very, very hard to start until fully glowed.