4th Jun 2005, 14:37

I am interested in buying the Logan model in Romania by the end of this summer. However as someone else was pointing out it is too early to get a clear idea how reliable a car the Logan is. My advice is to chat to people at petrol stations asking them how happy they are with their Logan. Meanwhile keep you comments coming in!

7th Jun 2005, 04:50

I have a Logan and I think that is a great car for its money. I drive approx. 100 Km/day in urban traffic and it's easy to drive and the interior is quite pleasant. The only thing that I don't like so much is the suspension that are a little bit hard for me. But otherwise I think this is normal because the car is high and hard suspensions are good in curves. 4500km until now and my father wants to buy one for him too.

15th Jun 2005, 00:09

I am working to a public agency in Romania, and we have a Dacia Logan with 40.000 km, without repairs. I can say that it is a good and resistant car, because we use it also on remote villages, and the roads are really bad there. The consumption is OK, only with AC it is a little bit higher. The suspension is also hard and stable in curves. So, who wants to buy a Logan, he will make a good deal.

21st Jun 2005, 05:37

I got a Logan myself, the Laureate version (2000 km so far in 6 weeks). My overall impression is quite good, you do get value for money with this one. I still got a number of things to complain about: (1) standard tires (for Romania, I mean, I am talking about Montana, apparently produced under Michelin license) are not the best option, adherence is not their strength. (2) The engine is pretty noisy at 120+ km/h. (3) Engine sounds like a Diesel when the A/C is on. (4) There are two hot-water pipes under the dashboard, right at the top of the right foot, so drivers with big feet should think twice before putting their sandals or beach slippers on... (5) Back seat cannot be folded, so you cannot carry anything long, such as a pair of ski runners or a fishing rod or surfboard, etc. But I do like the gear, which works great, and the stability of the vehicle at high speeds and in the curves. The trunk is huge. Five people can travel quite comfortably. I had two different types of Dacia before and Logan is definitely NOT a Dacia. It's a far better car... Chairs are comfortable. In a word, I like it. If you want to know more, write to me at truda@k.ro.

20th Jul 2005, 08:44

I bought Logan 4 months ago after reading positive reviews in various automotive magazines. I'm satisfied with car so far. Handling is good, there is enough room for whole family, fuel consumption is correct.

I think that Logan has very correct value for price.

19th Aug 2005, 06:10

Come on pal.


The car has 3 star ratings on Euroncap:

The German test was a fake, they are protecting their market, because until now it's a huge success low cost car. Did you know that a Mercedes model car also failed that test???

Those Germany tests were repeated by Top Gear, and also supervised by Renault where it was successful.

Test it and drive it!

16th Oct 2005, 08:39

This car actually is the best in that price range just because it is the only one out there. Its quality is doubtful, I have two colleagues that were uninspired enough to buy this car and now they keep complaining like: "Why did I have to pay 8000 EUR for a car that needs to be repaired monthly?". Ideal for the pride of poor people that they can finally afford a brand new car. Otherwise, spare some more money and get a real car.

20th Oct 2005, 01:47

I am a Logan owner! No problem 15000 km. Logan is a real good car.

21st Oct 2005, 04:04

I have a Logan (Ambiance) with 6500km. I'd say it's not "the best" in anything, maybe if we are talking about space (interior & trunk). The consumption is a bit higher for today's technology. But comparing its price with the competition is definitely a good deal. It's comfortable, reliable (there's no comparison with older Dacia models), in a few words: A RENAULT. For Romanian automotive industry it's a proved success and for Dacia a big step forward. We are waiting to see if some upgrades are made. For the time being the prices are continuously increasing with no real motivation (450 EUR for each model until now).

24th Nov 2005, 02:46

The fuel consumption is higher than expected because the engine uses an electronic mapping that is old by Renault standards and not refined. The French did that to avoid Logan to compete with Clio.

29th Dec 2005, 10:54

Logan is nice and comfortable, but it has a huge fuel consumption. They say the 1.4 is too small for the body, and the 1.6 uses more than 8 liters on 100 km on long distances. Because the high body it is also sensitive to side wind and fast curves.

3rd Jan 2006, 15:22

I have had a Logan for a year. I drove 33000 km with no problems on the roads of Serbia, which are certainly not as good as in the EU. So this car is a "great deal".

15th Feb 2006, 08:51

I got my Logan 1.5 dCi last week-end. I already drove it around 550 Km. The car is impressive. It handles OK, has good fuel consumption and is very comfortable.

For the people looking to buy one, this is a good + reasonable choice.

18th Apr 2006, 04:43

There are a lot of pleasant comments like I have driven for a 5 kilometers and it's perfect. Can anybody comment on this car after 100,000 km at least? What does it look like at this case? Also it is very interesting how much are spare parts, especially compared to other cars and price of whole Logan?

3rd Jun 2006, 10:06

I also own a Logan, the Laureate version and IMHO, this is the best car for its money worth.

I bought it one year ago after a thorough examination in the exhibition room.

I looked at tags on motor parts, shock absorbers, etc.

When a part is signed as Nissan, Reanult, Wabco, VW, Opel or Bosh, it doesn’t mean it was manufactured in the country where a particular company originates from. It only means that this part was produced in compliance with the specification designed or proscribed by that “Brand Company”. This fact should be encouraging enough for future owners of the Logan, as it was for those, who opted for already established and sometimes overprized names like Golf or Astra and similar.

Media tests (TV in particular) are in 90% sponsored editions of clever advertising. On the other hand: if one thinks logically, speculation about crash test results and top speed of the car are ridiculous. I don’t intend to drive around smashing into walls or other cars, but if it would be my choice some day, then I’ll buy me a Russian Tank T84. Top speed of my car is written on road signs.

For what it’s worth, I have driven a Volvo 144S, Austin Mini 850, Alfa Romeo Giulia 1.6, Peugeot 504, Chevrolet Van V8-6.2, Ford Escort 2000RS, VW Passat TDI, Toyota Camry 3.0, Ford Taurus, Nissan Bluebird 1400L Jeep Cherokee, UAZ 31512, to name a few. Each of the mentioned cars I have driven for more than 2 years, other nameless cars I didn’t mention because the time that I spent in them was shorter than one year.

With Logan I have 15000 km and no problems so far. With 4 people and the trunk fully loaded, I managed 800 Km in about 8 hours last summer (60% - highway, 40 % - local narrow roads) along Croatian coast. When we finally arrived, my back didn’t hurt at all, as in some other very prized cars that I had the unpleasant honour of driving earlier in my life on similar routes.

To cut this essay, let me point out some facts. Consumption varies with AC (+15% when ON), as with the force of your foot on the accelerator, otherwise is OK if acceleration is slower, cruising speed up to 120 Km/h, and if you use high grade gasoline (I use Eurosuper 95 LS) and finally the best possible engine oil (I use Elf oil as suggested by Renault).

The car is stable, and predictable within “normal” driving conditions (even a 180 degrees turn with hand brake works fine). “Sluggish” steering is normal for empty car and one / two passengers at lower speeds below 120 Km/h. Exact air pressure in tires is essential for stability.

The car is amazing in its simplicity and ease of handling. I don’t like too many electronic gadgets in my car because as everything else, it tends to malfunction and than I’ll have a headache.

My philosophy is that I have bought that car and not vice versa, meaning I don’t want to be a servant to my car nor I intend to be obsessed with that car.

That car is my means of transportation and so far I’m very satisfied with it.