31st Jul 2006, 13:54

Well, I'm driving the company's 1.5dCi from about 3 months and somewhere in 11.000km.

The car is easy to drive, the engine is quite OK, maybe the 80Hp would have done better. This one, for those who don't know is only 65Hp.

The fuel consumption is great. You wouldn't expect otherwise from the Renault 1.5dCi.

There's plenty of room in the car, also the trunk is one of the biggest in this class: +500litres (520 I think). Not recommended for those who carry long things. Go for a hatchback!

Just passed my 10.000 technical inspection: no problem at all, and the cost was really low: 188RON, which stands for around 50EUR.

Only one problem so far, it won't change, and it's up to you if you can or can't handle it: the car is packed with really cheap plastics inside. For some of us it's a problem, for some it will work. As I already said, it's up to you: go for a test drive and see for yourself.

Cheers, Chris.

10th Sep 2006, 19:12


4.7 l/km in the city traffic. Great and clever!

Sure, I can by a better car for around 15000 e, but this is realy great for that amount of money. Accelerates good, too.

30th Sep 2006, 04:37


I am driving my company car 1.4l Preference and I can say that is great for her porpoise. I have driven so far 54000KM with a fuel consumption of 7.8l in town and 6.5l on long drives (average speed 80km/h - 30% - 2400RPM and top speed 125km/h 70% - 3300RPM). I do not recommend using speed over 125km/h, at around 145km/h the car is jumpy and very hard to control.

It is very important to respect periodical technical inspection and to use good oil and fuel.

For what is worth, this car is a success in terms of cost, fuel consumption, comfort and reliability (the car cost 6900 Eur)

With respect,


23rd Nov 2006, 00:35

Good Morning.

I bought a Logan Dacia Car 1600CC, so far I already did 2200 KM in 5 weeks. The car is great in general. But I have 2 issues:

First: When I apply a sudden break, a strong sound came up (like cracking).

Second: When the car is on, but in stop mode and when the steering wheel is in the extreme positions the car starts shaking.

Please give me your feedbacks in case you encounter the same problems.

10th Jan 2007, 19:33

Unfortunately I do not agree on the comments before. I bought a Logan in Venezuela. Here is Renault Logan instead of Dacia. I bought the Full Equipped Version (I think dinamique in Europe) and my comments are very very negative about that car. The engine (a 1.6 mpi) is really noisy after 3500 rpm. and you can hear it no matter that you have the windows closed. Cabin is not free of noise. I have 5 months with the car and strange noises appear in the cabin. Some from the driver's seat. Some from the window of the pilot without any explanation.

Additionally, there are problems with the direction when the car is stopped or at low rpm (steering wheel is "shaking"). I have notified Renault Venezuela about this problem and they had no answer or solution to it. I am trying to sale the car and (of course) alert other buyers not to buy this low class car. THIS IS NOT A RENAULT. I had a Renault 19 for 6 years without any problem. Renault Logan is a poor quality car. It looks like a second hand car.

6th Mar 2007, 08:34

I'm the original reviewer and my car has now almost 100,000 KM.

Nothing went wrong, no malfunction of mechanical parts and the engine is fine, however, the plastic lock from the glove box ceded in time from road shocks, and its light now remains always on.

I have also frontally crashed it at about 30 km/h on a metallic garage door (excessive speed on icy road), the damage was unexpectedly small, proving me that the car is somehow resistant to impacts. That said, I know the ice took a big role on reducing the shock, because the car rebounded. No repairs were necessary except for one fog headlight that cracked (120E).

I would like to advice people who bought the car from Romania to be careful on dealer revisions. This is the worst part about this car. The dealer will try to "change" your brakes and other stuff from the car even if its not required, just to make some extra money. The brakes should be changed at over 30,000km, not each 15,000km. They also don't let you be at the operation and/or watch what is happening with your car during revision.

Short version: Never trust dealers when they say something is wrong... Go there and ask they check it up with you.

I'm not sure that I ever want to buy another car like this again, after driving it for a while it gets boring and you start wanting something else.

The prices have also risen unexpectedly high, yet the quality remains the same. A new car like mine costs now over 1000E more than the time I purchased it, however there's nothing different in it, save for a small and useless facelift.

3rd May 2007, 07:28

I bought Logan diesel in January 2007 and traveled so far 3000km. The car drives and behaves well and I am happy with the performance. The only downturn is fuel consumption which seems to be around 6 litres no matter what. I would like to find out how people manage to drop it to 5 lit, or even less.

I wish you all safe driving.

George Popovich.

18th Nov 2007, 14:36

I would expect this car to be of an average worldwide quality. They are being sold in so many countries, and under the Nissan badge, that it would be a disaster for Nissan -a brand recognized for its good quality and reliability- to sell it without reaching a certain quality, if not up to par, neither too far away from other products of that name.

I live in Mexico where this car has to compete against a large competition, we have a very large market, and the quality of cars sold here is quite high; the lowest are the Brazilian manufactured ones from VW.

The Logan has the same platform and engine as the Nissan Platina, sold already since many years ago here, and frequently used as Taxi.

I hope this gives an small perspective on such an unknown vehicle.

13th Mar 2011, 10:34

Hi, I'm from IRAN.

My Logan (like all Iranian vehicles) has a noisy cabin, but it's not too high!

BUT its engine is great and I like it. Engine performance and quality are reasonable.

Totally with this price, the Logan is a good choice in Iran!

27th Jan 2013, 11:24

I had one Logan 1.5 dCi. No problem till 104000 km, when injectors broke. It would cost me 3000 Euro to replace all the injection system from fuel tank to injectors. Sold it and bought another one. I drove 60000km till now and no problem. I will buy another one when this one reaches 100000.