2001 Dacia SuperNova 1.3 from Romania




Radiator changed 3 times, brakes, drums, various components.

General Comments:

This was the first year of the SuperNovas. The car's chassis completely was rusted out from the inside out, which means that the car was not treated for rust at the factory. The Renault engine and gear box were the only reliable things on the entire car.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2011

2001 Dacia SuperNova Clima 1.4 from Romania


Great budget car, if you're not too exquisite


The alarm is ridiculous. I've disconnected it after the 2nd year. Would start on its own while driving it.

The A/C is way too noisy, and does take too much power from the engine.

The body of the car has an awful quality. Rust will break out in less than 3 years. Not too much, but in time will cause a problem if not taken care of.

General Comments:

Other than the ones above, this car I've owned for 9 years now, and other than the usual expenses, I've had absolutely no problems. Very cost effective, given its original price: 5000 USD.

The engine is great, I had 160/km with a little wheel shaking, though I would not go faster; it's fast in the city, and has low consumption levels.

Decent car for a budget family.

Unfortunately, cars like these will not be made by anyone in the future.

5000 USD for a brand new car with A/C and stereo included, 4 speakers, customised light alloy wheels, key-less locking, what more can you ask for?

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010

12th Apr 2010, 01:26

Great car. I enjoyed very much the way this car drives. Cornering was very good and acceleration was very very good for a 1.4 liter car.

2001 Dacia SuperNova 1.4 from Romania


I have a Dacia Logan, now. I will definitely miss this car


I had to change 3 times the rear suspensions

Also, bad thermo-coolers: had to change them 3 times.

Problems with ha-yon: the rubber and the locker weren't so good, so when the road was bumpy it was making ugly noises;

Water in the trunk. After 4 years, nobody could find out where this water was coming from.

General Comments:

+ It is a fun-to-drive car, for a single or couple young guys which choose a light and speedy car to a lazy big car.

+ Its Clio engine can take this car at 170 km/h on a highway and 140 km/h on a normal road. Thought, from 140 to 170 the speed increases slowly.

+ Drives good in urban traffic, can squeeze every small place you can find in waiting lines at the traffic lights, have a good start;

+ Good power reserve in 3rd and 4th gears - can help a lot to make a fast pass over a big truck, or other slow car;

+ Neutral behavior in tight turns - I loved this in my mountains trips;

+ Pretty small trunk;

+ Various noises in the back;

+ The isolation of the upper part of the cabin went down. Had to stick it again by hand;

+ The persons who were sitting on the backseats are very uncomfortable;

+ Luckily, the manufacturer have a wide service network in Romania, so if anything brakes down, there is a solution. Happily, didn't need it!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

2002 Dacia SuperNova Rapsodie 1.4 from Romania


Pretty good car


The car worked very well until now. The gear box is perfect, but maneuvering the car is slow on low speeds (it doesn't have servo-direction so it is pretty hard to work with it when you have to park).

The only problems which I have with it: the engine radiator is leaking; the same problem I have with the heat radiator. I put some powder in it and it worked a while.

Seats are making noises, and the hatchback is doing the same (many have complaints about this noise).

General Comments:

This car is pretty quick and it is a bargain for 3500 euro.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

2002 Dacia SuperNova Clima 1.4 from Romania


A strong and reliable car


When it rains the water enters the car and my feet get wet.

The interior and the hatchback makes some noises when driving on bumping roads.

The seats are not comfortable.

The locks on the front doors make a disturbing noise when using the centralized locking system (the alarm).

The air conditioning takes its power and boosts the consumption.

General Comments:

The engine has good performances, also the gear box.

It's strong, fast and easy to drive, a a little rigid though.

It's not that "hungry", except when using the air conditioning.

Stays well on the road and on water - has good stability.

It's very good for an average family - many baggages can be entered.

It's relatively cheap - around 6000 EUR with air conditioning.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2004

8th Oct 2004, 12:46

It's a good car. It is very cheap, in 90000 km I got out of my pocket only 400 euro for the little problems. So compare it to the 1410...