24th Jan 2002, 07:23

First, my Super Nova doesn't leak inside, and I know a lot of people who don't have this problem (I refer strictly to the Super Nova. The regular Nova is not so carefully built).

Secondly, I have a very good habit of not releasing value opinions about something I don't know. And I would advise the others to do the same: the "gasoline stopper" it is not obstructed, it is meant to be that way. The SuperNova has a modern engine and peripheral equipment, so the tank is breathing through a special filter (called carbon canister), placed in the engine compartment, not through the fuel cap. This filter is retaining the petrol vapours, for reducing the overall pollutant emissions from the car. Stop listening to the stupid mechanics who have only worked with cars designed 30 years ago!

Third, I have found here a model that doesn't exist: SuperNova GTi. There are only four types of SN: Europa, Comfort, Rapsodie and Clima. There is a Nova GTi, which is different from the SuperNova because it has a Dacia 1.6L engine, and Dacia gearbox, instead of the Renault engine-gearbox found on SuperNova.

Fourth: I don't understand why people say the brakes are bad (again, I refer to the SuperNova): the wheels are actually freezing when you touch the pedal. One could complain that the feeling is too soft, so there is not so much feed-back from the pedal, but there is plenty of feed-back from the car that responds promptly and starts breaking. It just takes a bit of time to get used to it.

10th May 2002, 12:48

Well, I think the car is good for 5500$. Until now, I didn't have any problem, and I have it for three months. It's true that the interior finish is not like at a more expensive car, but this is the only complain I have, because the Renault engine and gearbox works excellent, and the car has good acceleration and is pretty stable at high speeds.

18th May 2002, 02:27

Cool car, too bad that the engine is sold separately. It's so fast that you can really fly with it. I'm serious, you can put it in a Jumbo Jet and take it wherever you want. It should be chosen as "The car of the year".

7th Jan 2003, 16:51

The Super Nova is a good car. I have had it for six months now and I have done about 6.000 km with it. Nothing has gone wrong, it is very fast and reliable if compared to any other car of this class. No matter how I "tormented" my "Romanian Arrow" the fuel consumption never exceeded the manufacturer's specifications, and, moreover, you can drive it quite decent (do not exceed 3200 rpm-it gives you about 90 km/h in the 4th speed and about 12o km/h in the 5th) and consumption shall not be more than 4.6-4.8 liters of gasoline per a 100 km.

And, do not forget one thing. The Price to SN Clima is about 7500 $ here, in Croatia and this is one of the cheapest cars (let alone LADA) and absolutely the cheapest considering the level of equipment. Just to compare, if you were to buy its 1.4 MPI Renault engine for, let's say, your broken-down Renault Clio or Megane, 7500 $ is the price to the sole Renault engine!

8th May 2003, 23:21

Super Nova does not consume 4.8 liters/100 km in any circumstances.

Be reasonable. Only diesel cars can get such performance.

3rd Apr 2004, 09:27

Yes it can, my '93 Opel Astra (1.4l) takes 5.2/100Km Liters of gasoline at 120Km/h in 5th speed and it's a 93 and is not a MPI engine.

And the Dacia 1310 Models on carburettor, cane take under 5l/100Km at 93Km/h in 5th speed.