15th Jun 2005, 00:20

To the guy who is asking about the brakes of SuperNova: I had the same problem with my SuperNova, and I was to a service which measures the braking force to every wheel, and I solve the problem, and the brake is really strong, because is an easy car, and it`s had a good brake distance. DO NOT race on wet roads, because the back of the car it`s slipping easy. To solve the problem, try to use some 175/65/13 tires. And for the guy who tuned the SN, where did he find the chip for the engine? I want to tune my car too. Thanks.

11th Jan 2006, 00:09

Well I see here all kind of opinions. One thing Dacia did not get right with the SuperNova is the pseudo-mcphearson suspension and chassis-bridge. The Dacia designed suspensions of the Nova (the predecessor) were fantastic. I actually own a Nova, and I drove a number of SuperNovas till now. The difference is amazing. On the Nova, the suspension is much stiffer which of course has it's disadvantage while driving in the city. However the problem can be fixed. The gas bumpers can be replaced with oil ones, and the stability will increase. The bumpers on SuperNova tend to get very stiff in a short time and the car just jumps off the road.

19th Jul 2006, 10:14

I have driven in all Europe (25000km) a Supernova from 2002, and I haven't have any problems at all. I like the fast responsive engine-gear couple, the consumption on highway (5,2-5,7l/100km), the suspension 'cause it's better for a sporty driving.

If you want a very comfortable car, don't buy it. Don't buy it for your kid or for your wife either, it's not the safest, I think. It's a cheap car for fun.

It has now 65000 km and no major problems occurred.