3rd Jul 2002, 06:22

Dear friend the car commented on here is the Dacia SuperNova, this car is NOT based on the Renault 12 but shares the floor plan with the PEUGEOT 309 and has the engines of the Renault Clio (1400cc) imported from France... This stands for an 15 year old design with crappy Rumanian build quality, which in the end might be an inferior product to the 35 year old Renault 12 design...

4th Aug 2002, 18:00

Dear friends is true that this car is not the best, but the engine and the steering are from Renault Clio and I think that is not so bad. The design sucks, but I guarantee you that you can drive this car with 160km/h and the only problem is the noise.

P.S. Don't speak just to say something!with 5000$ what do you want to buy a B.M.W.?

13th Aug 2002, 04:11

He! He! He!... I just bought one SuperNova in June this year (2002). I can say now (after 15000 Km) that this car it's OK for 5500 EURO.

It can run with 160Km/h, the sound produced by speed it's appearing only after 120Km/h. It's not raining inside, the cooling radiator it's intact after 15000Km and the positive part list can continue. The negative parts: the interior it's not so great, it must be better finished, the doors must be closed with some force... but overall.. it's a good car for it's price...

7th Nov 2002, 16:58


Tell me my friend where on earth would you find a cheaper car for that technology?If you take care of the car it will take care of you and your money!...so don't worry, be happy!

15th Feb 2003, 15:30

Hey... this car is pretty terrible. But in April 2003 DACIA is releasing a successor to Dacia SupeRNova, I don't know what it is called. Then in the fall DACIA is releasing a totally new vehicle, the famous 5000 EURO Car. It's named, for now, Dacia X90. This is Renault's initiative and ambitions to follow the success of Volkswagen with the Czech company, Skoda. I have seen pictures of it on the web, doesn't look too bad.

10th Jan 2007, 03:54

Hi! I read the comments and think that the last one is really unfair. Remember is a cheap car, designed to provide cheap and reliable transport and I think this is what is does best. I think 100-120 km/h is good enough for Romanian roads, we are not racing in Nascar. The rain infiltration in Supernova can be fixed quite easily, ask anybody who owns one.

If you aren't happy with your brakes, you can upgrade."The engine is from the Renault Clio this doesn't mean that it is good" well, I think it isn't good, it's wonderful, unless you are comparing it with a new B.M.W. engine, lol. People who chose the engine and the Renault Laguna gearbox are experienced engineers give them a little more credit. About the design I can say that attractive and complex design make car parts harder to build (and more expensive). If you care how you look in your new car, I suggest you buy a Ferrari. Overall this practical car is a success and it can make its owner happy. Only problem is you will meet a lot of people used to driving luxury cars who will say something like "both the Super Nova and the "new" Solenza... they both stink".

15th Oct 2020, 20:38

I think this comment is mean... I have owned 4 Dacia NOVA and Super NOVA and yes, there are some of the problems which are also present for other brands. But the car is agile, handles nice, the steering is OK (it is a super mini class car) and the drag coefficient is very good compared with other brands from the same years. There were indeed problems with the assembly, but the service network which offered the warranty maintenance was keen to solve them.