1996 Daewoo Espero CD from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent value for money, but spares a problem


Tyres continually going out of round.

Intermittent banging noise in car was diagnosed as a bent shaft. Took it in for repairs and was told there was a crack in the shaft and it broke in two. Unable to source a reconditioned drive shaft in Australia so I am having to buy a new one at twelve hundred dollars.

This fault had affected the differential centre which had to be replaced. Car off road for nine weeks as manufacturer was unable to source one even from Korea where they were manufactured.

General Comments:

I love the shape of the car and the way it handles, but spare parts for this car are obviously a problem.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

1996 Daewoo Espero CD Deluxe 2.0 from Germany


Do not buy anything that carries Daewoo as its brand name


The alternator had to be replaced completely shortly after the warranty had expired. Daewoo declined to pick up at least part of the tab.

The condenser of the air conditioner leaked and had to be replaced.

The windshield wiper motor burnt and had to be replaced.

The central locking system and the power windows have been repaired several times; the electric cables broke at places you would never expect to be possible.

The muffler had to be replaced after only two years.

The electric heater for the driver's seat had to be replaced under the guarantee.

In my former Espero (damaged by an accident after only 20000 kms), the fuel gauge had to be replaced under the guarantee.

General Comments:

The Espero is a sluggish, unreliable and depressing car. The European version of it was built in Poland by FSO, using blue-prints of Opel's (=GMC) first version of the Vectra. I was attracted by its good value and because I thought that I was about to buy a model that had proved to be reliable in every-day-use.

I was completely mistaken.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2001

24th Jan 2002, 06:31

My father owns 1 Daewoo Espero, 1 Mercedes Benz w140 S Class and a Toyota Landcruiser GXV. As you can imagine, Korean versus Japanese and German quality, it's hard to believe he likes it as much.

His Espero, which has travelled 48,546 kilometres, it runs well on standard unleaded petrol, the power windows are quite swift and the lighting power is quite powerful.

His Mercedes Benz which cost about $150,000 is treated the same way and my father thinks there is hardly a difference (except from the creature comforts and power).

77 kw is quite suitable, but not for a person who wants a powerful car. Obviously you are a critic that has a one dimensional mind.

12th Nov 2002, 14:03

I do neither know what makes you think that I am only interested in performance nor do I know how you and your father treat your various cars. I have owned quite a number of European-made cars (Volkswagen, Peugeot, Mercedes) as well as Asian-made cars (two early Hondas, one KIA and the Daewoo) and I have about 1.5 million kilometers on my personal odometer - without any accident caused by me. I accept your opposing view, but from my experience can only repeat that the Daewoo by far was the most unreliable and depressing car I ever had. So much for that.

21st Feb 2019, 20:27

If it eats a few hundred euros it's so unreliable...

So buy german cars... Mercedes which will be eaten by rust... or your Audis on which you'll spend thousands to get it repaired.

21st Feb 2019, 20:30

That guy complains so much about that car. As I read his defects, I concluded you can fix all those flaws with a few hundred euros.

Maybe he should buy Audi or BMW, then spend thousands to repair them :)

23rd Feb 2019, 16:57

At least on a Deawoo it's very inexpensive to repair. Timing belt replacement is around $20 bucks.