8th May 2009, 08:39

I have owned this car for about 1.5 years at 42k mileages. Good car, but needed some work done. My family and I have replaced the 02 sensor and the hoses. It didn't cost much. The pieces were just $150 total instead of $700 for replacing those outside.

3 months after I bought the car, one of my friends got it in a wreck, total $2000 to fix the body and inside (quoted it from a body shop). Well, she paid me $2000 and I had my family helped me to fix it for about $900. Even I made $1000 from it, my insurance went up, so it balanced out.

Last year, the engine light was on and it was about the cat converter. Checked the price on the Internet and most people said it would cost more than $1500 to fix it, and I had to buy the part from a dealer. I would like to get a new car, but it didn't have that much money at that time, so I decided to fix the car. Went to the dealer and it was great that my car is under 8 years/80k mileage, which they would cover the work. Saved me >$1500. (But some dealers may not cover it)

I used to drive the car for a 3 hour road trip 1-3 times a week. The mileage is great, only cost me $20 for a round trip, total 7 hours or so on highway. When the gas price was $4 a gallon in summer, my family used my car a lot, even though it cost $40 to fill up the tank. It was better than driving a V8 truck, which is only 20 mpg.

People have to know this is not a V6, or V8. Do not expect it is a fast little car. Do not hash on the car, gas, brake, gas, brake, well if you see the red light, you should just let the car run, don't put gas and don't wait till the last 100ft to stop the car. Save some gas and also help the car last longer.

P.s. Guys and girls can get in accidents no matter what. But I don't like people texting or calling people while they are driving, unless they can keep up to the speed limit.

Also!! Always have your signal light on!!! Hate people turning or changing lane without the signal light.

8th Dec 2010, 12:38

I own a 1999 Daewoo Lanos!

It's fantastic, I bought it 2 years ago and after 1 year I had no problems with it at all, the check engine light came on in that 1st year only 1st 4 months. I changed the oils a few times, spark plugs and treated it good, then the light went away. I am pretty much a mechanic and know how to fix and work on cars, even though this car is not made anymore I bought it. Anyways, 2 years ago after 1 year, I let the engine overheat and blow? Why run out of water? And let the engine that only had 102k miles on it die? Because I had another whole engine and tranny ready to drop in. I was already in 17inch rims, hatch body 2 door and drove it hard.

So year 2, I put the 2nd engine in the Daewoo, took only 1 whole day all by myself with chain hoist. I go to start the car and it started on 1st try. No engine lights, no problems, I put 15k miles on it in about 11 months and never had a problem with the 2nd engine.

But now I feel like the transmission needs new fluid, so I will drain it and add in new ATF oil. simple.

So knowing Koreans don't make the best cars, Daewoo is not even made anymore, I happened to buy 2 in 1 years time and now drive a Super Daewoo. :P

If I could go back in time and find body/parts with no damage then I will get one in mint condition, mine has only minor side swipe damage (before I bought it). Otherwise I would post pics. I don't recommend using 17inch rims, 16 would be the largest best fit.

20th Jun 2012, 14:40

You, sir, earned a gold star LOL. Couldn't have said it better myself. I've been hit by both girls putting on their make up AND chatting on their phone.