11th Jul 2006, 22:45

Hi there, in regards to Paul William's comment earlier. I myself have also just purchased a Daewoo Lanos from a rental car firm in Onehunga. I dealt with a man named Stuart, and he assured me that the car would give me no trouble!

I've had it for a few weeks now, and am very impressed with the fuel consumption, it seems to be very economical!

It's very peppy for a little 1500cc engine and starts every time. I was very excited to have purchased a later model car for the price that I got it for. Mine is manual and I just love it! It has plenty of room inside and a very roomy boot! Just love it...

28th Sep 2006, 00:28

My Daewoo Lanos rocks. I wanted a smaller car for economy reasons. I found a 98 Daewoo with 43000 on the clock. I used to hate driving to work, now I wish my journey was longer. A very comfortable ride, great gear shift and roomy interior.

17th Sep 2010, 23:55

This car is great! I have a 1.5 liter model; it's up to 290000km and still going strong. I just got the next timing belt done, so the car should now be good till around the 350000km range. Definitely a keeper. Even after this many km's, the power and economy is still good, and it's not burning oil either.

The only bad thing, the cabin is rather noisy when you are driving freeway at 110km/hr. That just means I turn the music up louder on the freeways. I change the oil every 5000km, and have had no mechanical problems with it so far.

17th May 2011, 08:50

Am a Ghanaian using the 1998 Daewoo Lanox Automatic.

But of late it is giving me a lot of problems. I have difficulty getting the correct parts to fix it. Because of that I have parked my car. I love the car and I wish it could be back on the road. My problem is about the engine control board, am not getting the right one to fix it. Because of that my car is shaking and making it difficult to drive.