7th Jun 2005, 05:15

I think that you have had some problems in dealing with cars generally, not only the Lanos.

5th Feb 2006, 18:54

I Agree The Lanos is an absolute Dog, my engine leaked fuel into the sump and had to be replaced with a refurbished engine.

The speakers and the stereo itself both have problems, the volume button is faulty and the sound quality is appalling.

The windscreen wiper motor blew after a couple of months, and had to be replaced.

And there is a problem with the hosing under the dashboard which means water floods into the passenger side of the car.

30th Mar 2010, 05:33

The Lanos is the worst vehicle I have ever owned.

First off, I bought it and it was in good condition.

Then it developed a high idle problem, which no one could seem to fix.

Then it was A/C; put in a new compressor, but the face plate for the inside stopped working, leaving me with only A/C. No defrost or heat, and it ran constantly, so even in the dead of winter, my A/C was on.

Shortly after that, I had to replace the valve cover gasket, then during a routine oil change, I asked to have the tires rotated, and the man refused because there was a "wave" pattern of wearing on my tires that he A) could not explain, but it was not normal, and the way my car drove was causing it so it B) wasn't safe to rotate the tires.

Then the axle boot went, and am still waiting to get it repaired. Not to mention all the little things, like my passenger side visor won't stay up, passenger side window won't roll down, and the dashboard is ridiculously cracked from heat damage and vibrates extremely loud when I drive.

Overall, this car has been nothing but a WASTE of money. According to kbb.com, the trade in value is $650.

It is not a dependable car, and it is not worth it to put any amount of money into it.