12th Aug 2006, 11:03

Having my Daewoo Lanos for three year, I have only had to replace the mufflers, tires and brakes all of which are normal wear-and-tear replacements. The car has been great for purchasing it for under 3000 dollars. The car is reliable and that has been the best thing about this car.

29th Apr 2008, 01:49

Okay, that made me mad, I am going to rant.

I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos, it runs great, paid 3000 for it, at 80000 miles. I have about 107,000 now, still runs great. I push it to its governor every day, the only time it ever broke down was when my sister was driving it for a year.

Cars do need maintenance, you can't just leave them out to rust (maybe a cause of the paint chipping?). After I started driving it, I started to have issues with it squealing, from the point I got it up until about 2 months ago, about a year or so, then I started to push the car, checking the water, oil, things like that, it slowly stopped squealing.

You might find this funny, but I drove it into a ditch about a week ago. Me and my parents pulled it out, my dad drove it to "Make sure nothing was wrong" and he drove it to its limit home, including braking, steering, and engine...

So, yes, the cabin needs a little work, but what car doesn't things break inside, in any car, your going to accidentally snap something.

About the A/C, what did you buy, a flipping home cooling system to toss into the car? 2000 bucks, about what I PAID for my CAR. Nice, you either are exaggerating or got really ripped off by someone who didn't know what a Daewoo was, or what a car was for that matter.

Me and my dad have changed out the brakes for that reason, but those brakes are probably just so they sell the car then forget about it.. We put newer ones in it, upgraded the shocks and I fixed the blinking "Check engine" light on my own, by actually using the car, and warming it up before I drove it.