1999 Daewoo Lanos Sport 1.6L from North America


I love this car and I'd buy again


I bought this car knowing the throw out bearing in the manual transmission was bad. After changing the clutch and throw out bearing, I also had to change the EGR valve, camshaft sensor, rear tail light sensor, both oxygen sensors, and I gave it a tune up.

The previous owner obviously did not keep up with repairs when things would go bad. So I also changed the timing belt, water pump, and pulleys in said area as part of general maintenance. Wouldn't want to risk said belt breaking when driving the car, since if it does, the head for the engine would need to be rebuilt.

Since then I have had minimal issues with the car. In the past 8 years I've changed the front brakes once, alternator (got a used one), front drive axles, a few brakes lines (rust near Chicago), ball joints (twice), tie rod ends, fuel filler neck (also from rust), changed both brake calipers due to one of them sticking, power steering pump, transmission mount (rust again), and changed out a window motor.

Sounds like a lot, but I've had the car for 8 years and it still runs great. Not to mention I only put around $100 a year into repairs with this thing, since I do all the work myself. Being that the car is a 99, the things mentioned that have gone bad are really not out of the ordinary, and it sure beats having a car payment.

If you ever get one of these cars, just make sure the timing belt has been changed. I can't stress that enough. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely awesome! A fun little stick shift that is great on gas and doesn't cost much to maintain. I'd say it's very reliable.

The paint still looks good, and it's fairly rust free considering the brakes lines were pretty rusty underneath when I got the car.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2015

23rd Feb 2016, 15:12

There was no Sport model of the Lanos until 2001. Your '99, with power windows, would be either an SE or SX model. You can find more information at daewootechforum.com, although, for obvious reasons, the site is not as active as it used to be.

Seeing a Daewoo still on the road in the US will soon be as rare as seeing a Daihatsu (Charade or Rocky); a Japanese import that was sold (briefly) a decade before the Daewoo.

1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.5 from Netherlands


If you are happy with a driving car


This Daewoo disappointed me a little, compared to the Nexia. The interior is really cheap, and everything breaks. Especially steel cables break in my heater, passenger seat, central locking.

The 90hp engine feels less strong than the 90hp engine in the Nexia. A lot of plastics in the car.

Still, the mechanical parts are fine enough, and cheap to replace.

General Comments:

Interior plastic, cheap, inferior quality.

Fine car to go from A to B.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2011

1999 Daewoo Lanos S 1.6 from Korea


It was a great car for the price and I wish they still made them


At 60K miles you MUST replace the belts on the engine. I was strongly warned by Daewoo when the were in business and by Chevrolet (my dealer for a while) that at or after 60K miles, the belts can wear out. They cost less than $20, but if they break while driving, they can cost you your engine. They are easily available, even now (2008)

The wiring plug in the headlights would wiggle loose sometimes. We added a fastener to hold it in place. Less than a dollar and no problems since.

Leaves collect under the hood and can block the air conditioning vent. If you don't clean the leaves out every so often, the air conditioning can back up and vent steam into the car. Steam looks like smoke, so it is disconcerting!

Car is somewhat airtight. (is that a good thing?) So I have to have the windows open or the fan on all the time or it gets stuffy.

Brakes are intermittently spongy. They work perfectly well, but even with new pads, I just have to press a little harder than normal once in a while. A bit disconcerting.

The paint on the rear bumper has faded and discolored. The rest of the car paint is fine. It is only the bumper. (Which has never been hit)

The trunk lid channels rainwater into the trunk on the sides. If you open the trunk during or right after rain, you do get some water inside the trunk.

After 8 years, 60K miles, the driver side seat is starting to sag a little. But I am a heavy person.

General Comments:

I love my car. Sure it isn't a luxury model, but it has been a good solid reliable car, even though I drive it hard and don't keep up the maintenance so well.

I get 22 miles to the gallon in the city. (25 freeway) even after 8 years, and even when not tuned up.

I have never had anything actually fail or go wrong on my car. Just little routine maintenance stuff. And a part or two I broke when I drove over something I shouldn't have.

The trunk is huge. And being able to fold down the back seats makes it bigger still. It is like having a hatchback but with the security of a trunk.

The insides may be cheap, but they are sturdy. Nothing has ever broken, ripped or fallen off. And I have KIDS.

I have never had a problem finding parts immediately. It hasn't needed parts often, though. When it was time to replace the drive belts, the local auto parts store had both IN STOCK, and the mechanic at the local gas station had no trouble doing the work.

I love my car and if the company hadn't gone out of business, I would have no reservations recommending it.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2008