1999 Daewoo Lanos from North America


The check engine light has been going on recently. Not sure why. I thought it was due to air filter I purchased recently. I'm afraid to take it in to the dealer because it will probably take them a long time to figure out exactly what's wrong with it. I thought too that perhaps it was the change in gas that I used to use. I used Arco gas, but switched recently to Chevron. But honestly, I have no idea why the light keeps turning on. Perhaps it is due to fuel injection needing cleaning. Can anyone offer me any advice on this?

If anyone has any suggestions/ideas to turn off the check engine light or what my problem may be, you can email me at alejandro.hernandez@usace.army.mil

General Comments:

Is there a way that one can turn off the check engine light. I unplug the negative terminal over night and this turns off the check engine light for a good part of a day. But then it turns on again. While traveling at fast velocities, it turns off. When stuck in traffic, it turns right back on. This is really annoying.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

2nd May 2003, 16:44

I know this is 6 months past the review, but I had the same problem with my 91 Lanos... turned out to be a bad crankshaft sensor...

The sensor is only about 25 dollars and labor to change it ran about 200.00 dollars.

The computer codes will tell you the problem if you have them checked.

Good luck.

1999 Daewoo Lanos S 1.5 8v from Hungary


The best car ever for those who are not averse to new makes!


This car has been exceptionally reliable.

Only minor faults have occurred, the most important of which was water leaking from the air conditioning unit in the cabin.

Unfortunately the plastic draining pipe was blocked due to dust after two years, so condensation water could not leave the system properly. I have also noticed that a screw at the bottom of the unit was also lose, therefore water could find its way towards the cabin.

To fix the screw and unblock the pipe was a child's play, not even a mechanic was needed, yet there was much more fuss about how to dry the carpet of the cabin...

Another fault, this time an infuriating electrical one occurred when I was driving at top speed and turned off the engine. Receiving no electric current the speed-meter failed to return anti-clockwise, but had fallen down clockwise towards top speed, to the bottom of the clock and remained there.

At the garage I was told that a new speedometer unit was needed (approximately £200). I have tried to mend it myself by moving the speed-meter back to its original position with my finger and it worked! Since than I have been very careful whenever I intend to turn off the engine during driving. Under 65mph it is safe... But never try it at 70 or above!

Yet apart from the above problems only a light bulb was changed in the dashboard.

General Comments:

The plastics in the cabin are prone to scratches which are quite unsightly when they occur.

The seats are big and comfortable and together with the suspension they make driving easy and enjoyable.

The cabin is spacious and has a nice design. The shades of gray make it friendly too.

The paints are durable and do not fade.

The engine is very powerful and quiet, the transmission is reliable.

The bodywork is stylish, one of the masterpieces of oval-style.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

3rd Aug 2002, 08:25

Why on earth would anyone want to turn off the engine while the car is moving???

Just curious


5th Sep 2002, 09:47

I am curious too as to why anyone would turn their engine off at 70 miles per hour.

That is not only odd, but dangerous.


5th Sep 2002, 10:17

It is extremely dangerous to turn off the engine when driving, especially at 70mph! For starters there is a great risk that you could engage the steering lock, secondly you would lose hydraulic assistance to the brakes and steering, also your ABS and possibly airbag units if fitted will not function. Perhaps you think it will save you fuel? Well apart from probably damaging the catalytic convertor, you also risk oil starvation, coolant overheating.. the list goes on!

29th Apr 2008, 02:05

About that turning the engine off, I would have to agree with past comments, smooooth... but I have this car, with 107,000+ miles, still running, just needed to replace the brakes from general wear and tear, lots of wear...

Yeah, it is a great car, can't tell you how mad I get when people dis it, even on the last review I read, the guy didn't know how to maintain a car was the main issue,... yet, I am 16, had this car for over 2 years, yes.. 2 years... for the reasons that first pop into your head.

The car is powerful, really powerful with upgraded brakes = 3... I push the car to its limit every day I can... no issues after 4 months of that, even driving it into a ditch at 35MPH, didn't kill it, we pulled it out and drove it home at its limit to see if anything was wrong. Drove it the next day to school.

Enjoy that car, it will last for a long time with care, I know I will... I will run this car until I die... maybe not that long, but you get the picture...