1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A value for money, reliable car


The aerial snapped off too easily after hitting a tree branch which was sticking out into the road.

Sometimes unable to unlock drivers door in frosty/very cold weather. Need to climb in through the passenger door which I imagine must have a mechanical lock.

General Comments:

Overall a good solid reliable car, although it does struggle a lot to accelerate on uphill stretches of motorways.

I had a very happy 63k miles in the car, and would have owned it much longer had a deer jumping out in front of me not caused me to roll the car upside down and write it off. However the fact that I walked away from this with scratches shows how happy I am with the safety of the car. Unfortunately as the car had lost much of its value, I didn't get as much for it as I hoped from the insurance company.

I was disappointed to find the rear seats didn't fold down flat, but at an angle which caused any small items to roll back into the boot.

I was also surprised to find the boot was narrower than the one in my smaller F reg Fiesta, meaning it wouldn't fit a guitar case very easily. This caused me to break the covers hiding the suspension, so they haven't stayed on properly since.

I ordered the optional CD changer with the car, and this wasn't very well positioned in the boot, restricting the available space.

The plastic bits of the interior scratched very easily.

The tires seemed to wear out quite quickly, but as my wife will testify this may be due to my driving style!

Passengers in the rear have commented that there is a good amount of legroom in the back.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

7th Feb 2003, 06:05

I forgot to mention, the rear left suspension was a bit creaky, but the radio usually masked this.

The paint was a bit thin in places.

The car was very quiet to drive.

4th Jul 2003, 14:42

I have had my w reg. lanos since may 2003 and I like it. but I do think it feels under powered. it certainly does not like the fifth gear. I wonder at times if it needs a tune up? quite good on petrol.

1999 Daewoo Lanos from North America


Great buy!


The radio stopped working after I drained the battery once. The dealer couldn't get it to work either. This is the only problem I have had with this car!

General Comments:

The good: I bought this car for something like $6,000 new and frankly didn't expect it to run so well and so smoothly for so long. It has great gas mileage, looks sharp and is just fun to drive around.

The bad: The customer service is not so great from the dealer (they lost their Daewoo representative), and the radio just sucked to begin with.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2003

21st Oct 2003, 23:29

If you try looking in your owner's manual you will see something about an antitheft code that you have to enter on the radio to restore operation. Can't believe that the dealer couldn't figure this out.

1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.5i from Egypt


The best value for money you can get with excellent after sale service


The fuel pump needed replacement after 13000 kilometers, but it was done under warranty and it coasted me nothing.

General Comments:

The car consumes too much fuel for a car with electronic fuel injection.

The engine is good, but would have been better if it had more valves (12 or 16)

The suspension is comfortable, but it seems soft on fast driving or maybe the standard tires are too small (175/70R13)

The engine is too loud.

The power steering is a bit heavy on low speeds.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.5 from Singapore


Budget car that exceeds your expectations


Had to change timing belt, probably because of its high mileage.

Had to change tires due to uneven thread on rear wheels.

General Comments:

Affordable ride which has no problems being started.

Acceleration is perky, and car remains stable at speeds above 120 km/h.

Body-roll is minimal.

Cabin space is rather small, and can become rather tight when fully seated by 5 grown adults.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002