5th Oct 2005, 15:54

See how you feel about your lanos once it becomes middle aged 60k or so. they fall apart.

7th Dec 2005, 12:10

I just have one thing to say, "What you put into your car is what you get out of it"

1st Apr 2006, 18:06

This is in response to the first comment. I own several cars, one of them being a 1985 Honda CRX. My car has the original transmission, a five speed manual, with 230,000 original miles. I drive my car hard, I shift at red line, I power shift, and I down shift constantly. I have made over 100 drag strip passes in my car. My timing belt has close to 90,000 miles on it when service required at 60,000. I have traveled across the United States with my crx. Houston, Texas to Iowa in one day non stop driving 80+MPH. In response to the comment I know you will say, I purchased this car five years ago with 130,000 miles on it. My car is now 21 years old, four more and it will be a Classic. Why do you try to excuse this Daewoo because its been driven hard. Every car should be built to last, If I drove my car light and easy I know it could last 400,000 miles rather than 300. But driving hard and have a transmission go out at under 50,000 miles, that is just pathetic. For 8,000 he could have bought a pre owned Honda. Daewoo has built some of the worst car's I've seen, they can only compare to the KIA and Saturn.

1st Apr 2006, 21:34

Apparently any pos that can make it to 25 years of age is now considered a "classic".

10th Sep 2006, 22:11

Like wow, somebody has awful luck with autos. Blew up previous autos engine. Repairs all over the board on this Daewoo. Is the oil changed every 2,000 miles, cooling system flushed, brakes inspected, transmission serviced, all fluid levels checked. Guess what I'm trying to say is yep, the car could be at fault, but I suspect the driver plays a major part in problems. Heres another thing I have noticed, if a car looks like a dog on the outside you can bet maintenance is also lacking on the inside.

1st Oct 2006, 06:55

I bought my lanos new 2000 seat belt prob recalled, wiring harness recall, fixed free. I replaced rear wheel bearing 30,000 but otherwise pretty good so far just found out I have the oil leak into #1 spark plug. this engine 1.6 has two piece gasket outer and inner the inner one on mine needs replacing thats what is causing my oil prob in the plugs if you have the 1.6 . I've upgraded my own sound so don't know about theirs. but so far pretty good for me I can't complain yet...

5th Jan 2007, 10:45

I own a 2000 Daewoo Lanos and have had it since 2001 when I bought the car...USED...from a dealer. I have not been kind to the car and I did leave it in my driveway for 1.5 years never even starting it. I drove a Plymouth Neon with 165000 miles rather than the Daewoo. I had to replace the timing belt and have the valves replaced when it jumped timing at 49500 miles. The transmission drinks fluid, cause it doesn't leak it. Same heater problems as everyone else. I feel as though I should be getting better gas mileage as there is a noticeable lack of power in this little car. The other issue I had is with the exhaust system. I replaced the converter then a week later I had to replace it again, there is a preconverter on the front of the motor that failed and consequently plugged the converter. But in the cars defense, I have gone back to driving it. The AC no longer works, but the car still does. I wouldn't recommend a daewoo lanos to anyone. My car has 80,000 miles on it and it looks great, due to my garage for 4.5 of the 6 years owning the car. But it feels like a 15 year old used car. If you have to get one, get one that is totally stripped, no extras, because those are the things that go first and quickly. Heater, AC, rear speakers, seat adjust knobs, rear defrost, etc. all had to be fixed before 45000 miles.

11th Jan 2007, 12:45

I have a 99 daewoo lanos 1.5L, bought it used for just over a year now. No problems, runs smooth. Only thing needs to be changed are the spark plug wires as there's a noticeable lack of power when climbing a hill. Otherwise works fine, accelerates pretty quickly too.

29th Jan 2007, 17:21

I have a 2000 lanos with just under 60K. I heard about the timing belt issue, so attempted to replace it. No way! You basically have to drop the engine to get at it. So I'm crossing my fingers. Other than the original owner who cracked the windshield by smacking the mirror - the car is perfect. Be careful in the snow though, with such a short wheelbase once a spin starts it is very hard to drive out of.

27th Mar 2007, 17:46

March 27, 2007

I have a Daewoo Lanos that is a 2000 with only 20,000 original miles and it is not operational. I kept up the maintenance and needed nothing else except State Inspection. At Christmas while out shopping, it overheated. When we looked under the hood, there was no clamp holding the thermostat hose to the motor. Where did it go? Something also has happened in the motor. I had to have the vehicle towed. It is still sitting in my yard because I can't find a Dealership or other Service Facility that can work on it. I am still paying for this vehicle. I purchased it in good faith that I would have it for awhile. It has caused me to have to purchase other vehicle and place more financial burden on my family. Not even the Dealership would take it on a trade-in. Where do we turn for someone to be held accountable for not providing the service that you get promised when you purchase a vehicle? I have only gotten, "Well, there may be a dealership in another area that can help you, but nobody has any information to share. My car was handled normally, not driven hard or reckless. It has been maintained. Low miles. Was it just a poor quality vehicle to begin with? There needs to be restitution for all of us that have been hurt by this whole situation. You can't gets parts without a huge expense or service if you can find the parts. The cost in towing for me I can just about guarantee is more than I will be able to financially handle. So where do I go from here?

28th Mar 2007, 10:20

Re the Mar. 27 comment: the thermostat on the Lanos was sealed inside the plastic housing. A common problem was the housing splitting open at the seam, allowing all the coolant to leak out. Some people have tried to repair the housing after this happens, but you would be better off just replacing it. Supposedly the replacement ones (which you can find on ebay) are improved and less likely to rupture. The Lanos I used to have was an early '99 when they were still using the metal housing, but at some point after that they switched to the plastic one which has caused all the problems.

Hopefully you did not blow a head gasket when it overheated, good luck.