19th Feb 2006, 22:02

Cars have evolved, for any '99 car, 80mph should be nothing. Even a Ford Escort, or Geo Prizm can do 80 without any problems, especially if you're just running at a constant speed of 80mph. If it's at a constant speed, it shouldn't put much stress on the engine, it's not like going constantly 100mph, that's a different story. It should put hardly any wear on the engine going constantly 80.

17th Apr 2006, 14:34

That's nonsense... even my '00 Focus feels a bit jittery/skittish at 80 mph+. It'll keep going, mind you... but I'm not sure it'd be safe.

6th May 2006, 23:04

About the 80 comment, I've had a Civic (Supposed to be a rocket) and a Geo Prizm (Newest generation) The Civic did 91 before seeming unsafe, BUT, at 80 MPH, it revved at nearly 5,000 rpm. It sounded terrible. My Geo, same thing. It would go 108, but past 75, it was damn noisy. I've driven a Hyundai Accent (similar to the Lanos) and that thing was scary at 80. I thought the car was going to blow away in the wind. Truth is, you don't need to go over 65, unless you're wife is going into labor. Slow down, myself included, and don't kill yourself.

7th May 2006, 11:51

Sorry, but that is a ridiculous comment. Speed has nothing to do with accidents, driving properly does and that includes understanding your own car's limitations. Otherwise, Germany would have significantly higher per capita accidents than America and they do not. But you can't even get on the autobahn as a teenager without having a minimum of two years driving experience. Here in America we give minimal driver training and then hand the keys to any car to any teenager. Insane.

21st Jul 2006, 15:18

Wow, speaking of ridiculous comments, yes, speed has EVERYTHING to do with accidents. Please don't promulgate this tripe that you can drive as fast as you like, because speeding will either get you killed, or worse yet will cause some innocent passerby to be killed by the accident that you cause.

29th Apr 2008, 02:27

I have commented on a lot of Daewoo Lanos reviews today, mainly because I OWN one.

Today, I drove it in third (automatic) at 95MPH, then it shifted to 4th, then hit it's governor. It is just that particular car, just because it WAS in an car crash at one point, doesn't make that car type a bad car, the car is a great car, just know it's limits and keep it maintained.

About 100 is its governor. I have ~107,000 miles (~172,199km) on it and it runs great. I push it daily, got new brakes on it, they work wonders, at 100MPH, slamming them on, whew that is great.

GET YOUR CAR FIXED! Then come back, and then say how great it runs, after you REPAIRED it from the car crash. After all, what car can survive a car crash? Mine can survive being drove into the ditch at 35MPH ,=)

28th May 2008, 13:41

I got my 99' Daewoo in October of 2007, and I feel it was a big mistake.

When it rained outside, the driver's side of my car always got wet, and when I drove in the rain, drops of water would shoot up from under the car and get the bottom of my pants/legs wet.

When I got it looked, at there was so much rust under and part of the driver side seat. I was told the entire car had bad sealing.

Also it rattled at 65 mph, plus my timing belt went out in March of 2008.

If I would have done better research, I wouldn't have got a Daewoo; this will be my first and last time.

23rd Feb 2015, 13:20

A remark to the OP, changing the timing belt, oil and filters on ANY second hand car that has more than 80k km on it is a MUST, unless you have granite evidence this has been done shortly prior your purchase.

My brother had a Lanos as a company car and I had the "honour" of driving it a couple of times. Gutless engine, soft suspension, mushy steering and leaking interior. Still ran more or less fine and gave him no trouble mechanically.