2003 Daewoo Matiz SE .8 petrol from Thailand


Very disappointed


Engine vibrates strongly, take the car to service dealer, they said something is wrong with the spark plug, only six months from date of purchase.

Engine oil drain plug gasket leaking after to times change oil, need to add teflon tape!!!

Oil of suspension leaking, after 1 year in use. Not yet fixed.

Suspension working very bad, car jumped up and lost control on the bad road.

Car body very thin, easy to deform.

Steering wheel very heavy compare to the size of small car.

General Comments:

Only good looking for women.

Very bad overall quality, like a cartoon car.

Happy with replacement: Toyota Vios

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

18th May 2008, 12:25

Daewoos are really like that poor quality with poor support from the manufacturer.

9th Aug 2009, 09:59

All those who think that Daewoo cars are poorly made, well you need to change your views regarding Daewoo cars. Well I have a couple of friends who own Daewoo cars; all my friends are really happy with their Daewoos.

I personally own a Daewoo Matiz (first owner). It's been 9 years and my Daewoo hasn't betrayed me ever. It always starts in one blow. Well daewoo was the best company I've ever come across.

20th Jan 2011, 21:50

The heavy steering is actually not a problem, it's the manufacturer's settings for better stability and feel at high speed, but the consequence is when you park it because the steer is heavy. You can set the steer mass though, make it lighter if you want to. So it doesn't have anything to do with the size.

2003 Daewoo Matiz SE 796cc petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Well equipped and capable at a great price!



General Comments:

Having nothing better to do one wet and miserable Hamilton afternoon, we test-drove a Matiz and were amazed by the way it performed "four-up", in awful conditions. The price (NZ$12995) was only what we were planning to spend on a used car for my wife and we placed an order on the spot.

Since delivery, the car has performed faultlessly and I actually prefer driving it, rather than my company 2.0 litre, when I get the chance!

Astonishingly roomy and comfortable for a tiny car: the impression of space is increased by the fact that the front seat occupants sit so far from the windscreen and by the elevated driving position. The boot is small, but will take a lot more than you think. External styling is also excellent and it even looks pleased to see you, as approach it from the front!

Compared with many small cars, the Matiz is very quiet and the good quality CD/radio has no trouble making itself heard over the engine, which (incidentally) has a pleasant, "sporty" note, under acceleration.

Although optimized for urban use (where it can hold its own with anything), this car is no slouch on the open road and we have completed 500km day trips, over variable North Island roads, with no fatigue and on the smell of an oily rag.

Front and rear lights are big, bold and very effective.

If pushed to make a criticism, I would say that it could use an intermittent wipe: not a lot, is it?

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Review Date: 21st May, 2004

23rd Feb 2005, 10:30

Thank you for your appraisal of this little car, one of which I am about to buy.

I have read all kinds of reports from good too bad which I guess is the same with all makes & models, but yours told me the things I wanted to know i.e. what's it like with a load up, over distance etc. I am buying one because we have a motor home and want something small to tow on behind, sadly it means getting rid of my lovely stately Merc estate... boo hoo.

Thank you again.