13th Aug 2005, 15:02

I feel that comments on this site are mostly written by the manufacturers themselves.

16th Jan 2006, 16:09

Bought my in an auction with 2000 miles on the clock for less that £2000. It had 2200 on the clock, the car came with break down cover and 3 years/60,000 miles servicing. The car is outstanding for the price and the size of the engine. I am 6'3 and I tip the scales at 18 stone and I find plenty of space with enough comfort. My car is a 2003 SE 1000cc engine and it does have intermittent wipers.

It returns 42mpg and I thrash it, I use it as a van with the rear seats folded down. It handles very well, however I am told that parts are expensive, but as I am fully warranted I can't comment. The bad point is mine has manual windows, and my leg catches the winder, otherwise its pretty good... and it holds it's owns with most hatchbacks.

26th Jul 2006, 14:36

I bought my first Matiz (800cc) in Sept 02. I found the vehicle a fantastic run around in town especially being 5 door easy access with the children. However any journey's 'out of town' were made in our family Vauxhall due to the lack of power in the Matiz it was a struggle.

6 months ago I traded that Matiz in for a 1,000cc version & Chevrolet. I am so very very pleased. The slight engine increase makes 'out of town' driving also a joy. The interior is much improved. The Vauxhall is very near redundant! This car is just so nippy, economical, easy to park, roomy and great value for money - I love it!!

1st Oct 2006, 23:25

Thanks for the info's, and yes I am about to buy the very same car this time around. I drove the Matiz before, it's my sisters, and it is so great. for the price tag of course. I am just wondering why that such tiny diamond is not so popular in Indonesia. Might be from dealership problem, but this car is very easy and friendly. Why bother?