1st Jun 2009, 03:21

I have a 2003 Matiz II.

I agree with some of the things mentioned, but I have upgraded my Matiz.


I have 16 OZ Racing Alloy wheels on the car.

I have replaced the exhaust from headers to tailpipe.

I have added stronger brakes.

I have added Xeon lights.

I have added Toyo tires.

I have replaced the air intake and filter with a K&N air intake system.

It use to be an automatic transmission, but I changed it to manual.

It runs around 120 to 140 on the German Autobahns, which is nothing, but it's a good travel speed, (albeit the car is maxed out at that speed), and it's running at around 4000 RPM or higher constantly.

I like the car. I know it will never be a sports car per se, but it runs great in the city, and with all the tuning, a lot of people really give it a second look.

1st Jun 2009, 08:11

That's good buddy. Can you tell us how much mileage are you getting with your Matiz II & how's the performance of the car? Tell the list of spares that got damage during your ownership.

6th Jul 2009, 09:13

Thanks for the advice man... I recently purchased MATIZ CAR 98 MODEL, I really love the car.

The driving and AC is great. I get a mileage of 15 KM PL at present.

The only problem I am facing is my rear door handles are broken and I can open the door from inside only. Can you suggest me from where can I get the plastic door handle?

You can contact me at p_upen (at) rediff (dot) com.

7th Jul 2009, 15:08

Well dude, go to any spares market. You will find easily, or else visit eBay.com, they will help you out. By the way, how's your car running, share the experience as well.

22nd Aug 2009, 02:29


I own a Matiz 2001 model, and I'd like to fix a gas kit to my car.

Please suggest me if it is good or bad?

If good, what are all the concerns I need to take into account?

Thanks, Vijay.

23rd Aug 2009, 03:39

Well you will completely ruin your car as well as your car`s performance. Gas kits usually don't work well compared to petrol or gasoline. In my opinion just don't go for it.

4th Sep 2009, 13:34

All those people who keep on saying that the Matiz timing belt snaps easily before its due date, my Daewoo Matiz (10 years old) has only run 57000 kms & with the original timing belt on it. If you guys don't trust me, here's the video of my car, which I shot after coming back from vacation driving for 400 kms. Check it out.


5th Sep 2009, 12:37

I too have a Matiz and at 45000 I get these changed.

8th Sep 2009, 10:58

Well check out the review in this forum (the first one). I have mentioned all the stuff which one should follow to keep them intact.

29th Sep 2009, 09:27

This car is the best car I have ever owned, but the only thing I hate about this car is that I has got plastic manifold, which gets burned easily after 4 or 5 years, otherwise this car is a pure masterpiece. Wish this car had got an aluminium or titanium manifold, which would have made this car 100 out of 100 in all aspects.

28th Oct 2009, 13:29

Well whoever says that the Daewoo Matiz is not as cheap on mileage as it should be, or its engine is not reliable, well you need to change your thoughts.

My 10 year old Daewoo Matiz today gave me the best mileage in the last 10 years of the ownership. 21.10 kmpl in city, can you guys believe that (in city). Despite being a 10 year old car, despite it's very close to getting a service (normal oil changes) 21.20 which I was shocked when I calculated.

Filled car tank with 10.36 litres.

Car driven 218 kms until low fuel warning lamp glowed.

Engine best in its class till date. (no match)

What else can a person expect from this strong little machine?

22nd Nov 2009, 12:33

Original reviewer here. 2000 Daewoo Matiz high performance.

Had a service of my Daewoo Matiz just a couple of hours ago.

Replace engine oil with filter.

Transmission oil changed.

New spark plugs as they were about to get busted any time.

Done anti-rust coating under the chassis.

This is a ten year old Daewoo Matiz & the people who did the coating under the chassis said that my car never had any kind of anti-rust since I bought it (first owner), & the body was perfectly fine having lived in coastal area for more than 5 years & hot summer & worst winter temp, still the car didn't got any kind of rust. Wow. People on this site have said that Daewoo vehicles catch rust very easily, so here is the comment for all those people who find Daewoo vehicles body's worst in class, but still don't think any manufacturer sells a car with anti-rust being done before.

The rear brakes are still original despite being a ten year old car. Had only changed front brakes once just 2 months back. Rotors are good, rear shockers are perfect, but said the front struts needs to be replaced completely, but will check it from suspension specialist.

Touch wood, still till today the car runs very smoothly & give me excellent around 17 - 19 kmpl in city, 20 - 23 kmpl on highways. I drive around speed 40 kmph in the city, and if the road is clear then not more than 60 kmph. Been doing this for the past 2 years, & believe me, this has really helped my car's engine to get set & give the best performance.

Gears have started to shift very smoothly, many people says that Matiz gears shifts are really trouble while driving. I fully agree with them. I have found a solution for it.

If 2nd to 1st is the problem, leave your car each time in either 1st gear or 2nd randomly.

If 3rd to 2nd is the problem, then always leave your car in second while you park your vehicle.

It will take at least a month if you're using your car on alternate days. If daily than it will get smooth very soon. I had problem from 3rd to 2nd & 2nd to 1st. 3rd to 2nd has been solved 90%. 2nd to first still gives me a bit trouble, but not as much as before, but still can be noticed.

The best first car I could have ever have. Gonna keep this car forever.

11th Dec 2009, 06:25

Original reviewer here.

For those who are having problems with the cooling system here, I have found a solution.

Try the following.

Drain your old coolant completely, & then pour in 1 1/2 liter bottle of Castrol Coolant All Weather Protection, & the rest with chilled water, & top up till max indicated on the coolant bottle under the hood.

The reason behind this is that first of all it's the best coolant available to date. It keeps the temperature up to -40C, it last up to minimum 12 thousand kms max to 15 thousand kms.

I personally own Daewoo Matiz (2000 model, first owner), had a leakage in inlet manifold, but fixed with the same manifold. Since I have flushed my coolant & added Castrol Protector Series; you won't believe the car's temperature gauge doesn't even get close to normal conditions. This coolant lubricates the water pump very efficiently, has superior heat absorption capability, and protects the head gasket.

Made a trip of about 1790 kms; the temperature never got close to normal conditions. I have uploaded the screenshots below.

Speedometer gauges


The car was running for about more than 40 minutes with the air con on with four passengers inside when this pic was taken.

Temperature gauge


Castrol product pic


Castrol product full pic


I'm not here to promote this product, it's just that people have lots of problem with cooling issues in the Daewoo Matiz, as even I have faced it before, so it might helpful for you guys. Do let me know if the above method really helped the problem to cease, & it would really help the inlet manifold system too.