28th Jan 2010, 10:48

I am planning to buy a 1999 model Matiz car (12500 Km run) gray colour @ 40000 Rs. It is an owner driven single handed car, and I would like to know the best service station in Bangalore, and also some tips to replace the important parts to ensure a smooth drive and good mileage. By the way, I would appreciate knowing if the car can be converted to power steering? If so, what could be the most cost effective option?

28th Jan 2010, 18:51

Fully look over the car you're looking to buy, check the timing belt before buying it, cause most of the time the belt gets broken easily. In that case buy a new timing belt & use that.

Regarding power steering; 99% you can't fit power steering in a Matiz as you won't find the original parts of it. A Matiz with power steering runs very smooth; it doesn't needs power steering cause the steering is really smooth in Matiz.

Don't know anything about the service centers in Bangalore.

6th Aug 2010, 13:40

Was in abroad for six months,& obviously my car wasn't running as it should be. Left my car at 62498 kms, & after six months just 400 kms driven, by my dad.

Well the car is in India; after just a week I made a trip of 1000 kms; didn't service the car at all as it was done at 62000. Just cleaned the spark plugs & air filter, that's it. And here she goes on the run for 1000 kms in just 3 days.

570 kms from 24.28 liters (23 kmpl); very reliable engine.

Well I'm the original reviewer of the 2000 Matiz high performance. The problems I've having with my Matiz again.

> Needs a new exhaust pipe every 3 years.

> Needs a new wheel bearing. Second time since 2000.

That's it; normal servicing & check ups, which I do by myself. Touch wood it's been almost close to 11 years, & my car runs perfectly. It just goes on & on. Gonna keep this forever.

12th Aug 2010, 12:22

Original reviewer.

Just installed:

New exhaust pipe complete.

New both front wheel bearings.

The mechanic told me that the bearing was totally worn out, even the balls in the bearings were missing. Also he said that the bearing was out for more than 3 years, but it caused little sound, but the recent 1000 km trip, in which I couldn't bear the sound, and even felt the car was not as smooth as it used to be before.

I just got my car today, and this evening drove it for around 20 kms. I couldn't believe that the bearings could make so much difference in the driving experience of a decade old car. The car runs so smoothly like a butter on a frying pan. But that's not where it ends. I drove at 90 KPH, and there was no engine sound. All I could hear was the other cars on the road running, and little wind noise. I was totally surprised, the drive was the above best. Being 10 year old car there is no engine sound, not at all.

This car is truly a masterpiece. I am going to keep this car forever no matter what happens.

2nd Nov 2010, 13:46

Original reviewer here...

Front new wheel bearing worn out again in just 600 kms... said it was duplicate bearings... replaced it without any charge... done wheel alignment, balancing... the car is 11 years old... but the way it is running... it can't help myself loving her more & more...

The car is as smooth as... chicks hot legs... mmmmm too smooth... I love my DAEWOO MATIZ... the car has no engine sound at all... many people says that the Matiz engine is not refined... they are mistaken... it is refined... getting excellent mileage figures like 21 to 22 on highway... with AC... soon gonna install K&N AIR FILTER in it... it will increase mileage too.. As K&N are known for that...

7th Jan 2011, 16:45


I've not had my Daewoo Matiz that long, only a few months. It's had two previous owners, and I have a strong smelling petrol smell when I fill my tank. I have recently noticed that my car is starting to leave a puddle of petrol. It only happens when my fuel tank is full. Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?

4th May 2011, 03:01

Matiz pickup!

Hi friends I am using a Matiz that I owned 4 months ago. I am facing a problem of low pick while driving, it stammers for power. I read from forums that it is due to the distributor...

I am also facing low mileage.

Can anyone suggest solution to overcome this?

You can message me at ur2k3friend (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in.

24th Oct 2011, 19:26

I like how this guy's idea of car maintenance is splashing mugs of water on... everything. At regular intervals.


You shouldn't be splashing water all over your engine bay, & you shouldn't cool your tyres down faster than they would naturally dissipate the heat.

17th Nov 2011, 17:18

Thanks! That was such a useful review. Thanks for taking the time.

13th Dec 2011, 03:37

Try sourcing old parts from any old markets in Delhi or Mumbai. You may get old parts from any unused or wrecked Daewoo vehicle.

23rd Dec 2011, 01:15

Original reviewer here...

My 2000 Daewoo Matiz timing belt snapped @ 74996 kms, resulting in damage of two valves, as the Matiz has an interference engine. It took a mechanic complete 2 days to do the whole job; getting the head out, clean the carbon build up inside the head & head cover. Installing the set of whole new six valves.

The best thing is that it didn't damage my piston, otherwise it would have been a really expensive fix, or I would say it won't run as smoothly as it used to. Installed with new head gasket, distributor gasket & crankshaft seal as the oil was leaking slowing, so the mechanic advised me to replace it.

One of the hoses became hard as the coolant started to leak after taking it off... Replaced with a new one.

Now the mechanic has suggested to me not to drive the car hard for the next 300 to 500 kms.. Maintaining a speed not more than 60 kmph, because the valves will get into a position to perform well, as they are newly installed, & I don't wanna take any risk with car mileage figures, as it used to give me 23 kmph on the highway & 18 in the city.. So taking precautions by driving the car not more than 60 kmph.

I would suggest replacing the timing belt of the car @ 70000 kms, as it definitely hurts the original valves getting damaged.. As me being a lazy guy, didn't change the timing belt, which I always used to check after every 5000 kms since 60000 kms. As due to that I lost the original settings of my engine & its gasket, along with valves.. So guys, better inspect the belt before it breaks.. will keep on updating from time to time on the performance of the engine!!!

19th Jan 2012, 10:17

Hi, this is Gopichand. I am planning to buy a used Matiz car. I am very attracted to the small car, it looks very pretty. Please advise me if buying a used Matiz is OK or not? What about the spare parts and service centers?