9th Apr 2012, 01:43

Hi, had the same problem, but got it resolved. It was due to the left over area between the fuel pump/motor (which is under the rear seat) and the body above it. Just apply some strong adhesive like Anabond etc around the circle, which ensures petrol does not come out when the car takes a turn or when refilled to the top.

Have a Matiz 2000 in silver, & it is so comfortable and reliable. On a recent trip of 500 kms (Chd-Delhi), I got a mileage of 20 KMPL with full A/C! Woah, I love this car :)

9th May 2012, 07:41

Original reviewer here.

For now the car has ran almost 2000 kms with a new timing belt & 2 new valves, which got damaged after the timing belt snapped. After 700 km, I started to increase the speed from 60 to 80 km/h. The car ran smoother than before, as everything inside the engine had been cleaned during the process of installing the new valves.

Took a recent trip of around 700 kms in a day, and the car ran very smoothly on the highway. There is a drastic change in car's pick-up. The average speed of the car on the highway was 80 km/h without air con. Well I was trying to be economical on the highway, as I wanted to test the mileage figures of my car after installing the valves. Well I got around 25 km/l, which is excellent.

The car simply rules on the highway. It's comfy & the engine performs exactly the way it's been designed. The sound of the engine is next to zero, & can only be heard once the car's speed reaches above 130 km/h; that's because the RPM reaches above 3000.

I am very satisfied with the car's performance after installing 2 valves, but except for one thing; that is sometimes the car loses a little of its power, & within 2 seconds, gains it back. The mechanic suggested the terminal lines are weak & need replacement.

Now the car makes a metal noise from the front end. To my knowledge, it seems like the tie rods are getting busted & need replacing, along with the right hand brake caliper.

The wiper motor was short & has been replaced already, & the brake seems to be performing little weak, & seems like it needs either replacement, or needs to be checked.

Besides that, everything is working absolutely perfect. Now the car's service date is due.

20th Sep 2012, 04:10

Hello friend, can you suggest ways to improve the mileage? Previously I was having a problem, and found that it was due to the air flow sensor valve... And I also request you to provide details of good service person, as in your case. You can mail me at ur2k3friend (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in.

I still have faith in my vehicle, which has done almost 82K miles. But will cleaning the engine head be the right decision? Can you tell me the effects of an improper valve?

9th Mar 2016, 12:59

I am also using this old horse. I purchased it from the showroom when the car was given wide publicity. Since then I've owned it. I am not inclined to change it as I saw many cars but not like this.

In the recent past, I am facing problems of overheating. If I run for 15km it takes 2 hours to cool.

Coolant is coming out of the coolant tank frequently and also from the coolant pipes below.

Not able to find a suitable gas for the A/C.

Low mileage.

Friends, can you suggest solutions to check the above? You can mail your solutions to: radhikaramesh04@gmail.com. Thanks.