Nexia GLX 1.5

There are worse wrecks out there

175 words, UK and Ireland

Nexia GLX 1.5 DOHC

You can't get more for your money

169 words, Slovenia

Nexia GLX 1.5

28 words, Netherlands

Nexia GLE 1.5 petrol

Slow, thirsty, weak, but air conditioned car

256 words, Croatia, 6 comments

Nexia GLE 1.5 injector

A very nice car with the standards of the yesterday before

186 words, Hungary

Nexia GL 1.5 SOHC 5Door

Fit some options, and you'll have a sports car with insufficient engine-power

100 words, Norway

Nexia GLXi 1.5

Great value for money runabout

201 words, UK and Ireland

Nexia GLXI 1.5 16v

Money Pit

341 words, UK and Ireland

Nexia GLXi 1.5

Reliable, fuel efficient motoring

58 words, UK and Ireland

Nexia Gli 1.5 petrol

90 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment