9th Mar 2003, 11:46

My brother bought a second hand 1995/6 1.5GLXi Nexia with FMDSH and 36000miles on the clock. Within 2000miles and 3 months the heater refused to work, the electric window switch self destructed and the cam belt broke (cam belt pulley seized) causing a grand's worth of engine damage. Currently the ABS has a fault and is not functioning. The cam belt problem is well known in the trade, but Daewoo were unwilling to help with repairs or cost. His previous car was a Proton that ran reliably for over 100000 miles showing that a cheap car can be made fit for use/reliability. No wonder a low mileage 6 year old Daewoo can be yours from only 250 quid!!!

27th May 2003, 09:12

My company ran three Nubira 2.0 models and all suffered cam belt failure well before the scheduled replacements were due. All three needed replacement engines and in each case, Daewoo tried to get out of paying for it. Of course, they didn't have a leg to stand on because all three cars had been serviced "on the dot" by Daewoo themselves (it was free after all). When solicitors were mentioned, the work was carried out FOC.

The sad thing is, Daewoo engines are based on late 80's Vauxhall designs which were bombproof and totally reliable in their original forms. Seems someone started penny pinching here and there and went a bit too far. These cars are a total joke and should be avoided like the plague unless you really can find one for £250, run it into the ground and then throw it away. There's no point in maintaining a car like this at all - just drive it until it goes bang and dump it at the nearest scrapyard.

28th Jun 2004, 07:45

I've discovered that the Espero ABS is prone to wiring faults because it's stretched too tight and the wire inside the plastic insulation breaks or cracks. You may need to replace the wire from the sensors right up to the ABS ECU.

11th Jul 2004, 03:18

Following on from my earlier comment regarding the comparison between my car, a Mazda, and a Daewoo Nexia as a loan car, I have noticed someone passed comment on 18th September. My car is not that old, it is a 1997/P 323F 1.5LXi with 154,000 miles on the clock. Even if my car was made in 1985, I can guarantee I would last a lot longer than a Daewoo. There is a complete lack of build quality in Daewoo's and reliability is poor, particularly in terms of cambelts snapping. Why build a car in 1996 that is based on a 1984-1991 Vauxhall Astra? If Mazda's are not in the higher end of the Japanese scale, as this person put it, why have the following models won car's of the years in the last 24 months? Premacy as MPV 2003 and 2004 JD power, 323F sports hatch as small family 2004 JD Power, MX-5 as best convertible 2004 JD Power, Mazda 6 Auto Express car of the year. Mazda's may not make some of the most feel-good factor cars and their brand image, even though it is improving, is still rather middling to high (above Nissan however), the fact that 3 models won cars of the years this year 2004 in the JD Power survey connotes their quality in terms of mechanic excellence and general appeal. Where do Daewoo's sit in the survey? Well lets be kind and say that they are very close to the bottom, but is this not expected?

12th Jul 2004, 08:16

I have owned a Daewoo Nexia initially, and more recently I have switched over to a Daewoo Nubira. A 1996 Nexia with PAS, ABS, air con, central locking, velour interior and Isuzu engine bears little resemblance to its predecessor; the late 80's/early 90's Vauxhall Astra.

A Daewoo Nubira's build quality is fine, everything works well and the doors close with an acceptable thunk. On a hot sunny day I would be pleased to overtake an old Mazda 323 owner in their hot and stuffy car, whilst I sail past in climate controlled Nubira.

Daewoo's are styled by Italdesign studio and are now allied to Vauxhall, though realistically these companies have been known to work in collaboration for years.

JD Power surveys are interesting and have placed Daewoo highly at various times, I would refer you to USA results in 1999/2000, where Daewoo was placed in the top 5. It is fair to say that different car companies fare differently during the passing of time.

I am only thankful as a Daewoo owner that we are not advertised with a joke of a slogan "zoom, zoom". I would rather stick with "that'll be the Daewoo.." Daewoo cars have a more reserved and restrained advertising tone.

Perhaps you should get rid of your P reg Mazda and open your eyes to modern motoring...

2nd Oct 2004, 11:04

Daewoos were mostly rehashed Opels (Vauxhalls) from the eighties so what do you expect. One telling thing about Daewoo, is the fact that the marque is about to die, since it has such a bad reputation, and all daewoo cars will now be called Chevrolets.

The best thing to do with a car is to get one with good heritage (reliability or design)

17th Jun 2005, 07:12

To the commenter of 12th July 04, you must be eating your words now. Who's doing better, Mazda (stupid adverts or not) or Daewoo. Oh wait a minute, I forgot. Daewoo collapsed and are now gone. Good riddance too.

I had a 2000 Nubira 2.0 CDX and it was a pile of junk. Apart from being nothing special to drive, it was clearly built by monkeys! Bits of the interior fell off, the cambelt broke and destroyed the engine (at 23,000 miles!!), the immobiliser died twice, the stereo packed up, the demister never worked properly from day one, the outer CV joints broke up, the front lower balljoints started knocking and the engine started stalling every time I turned the air-con on. All this before 35,000 miles when I swallowed the loss and outed the heap.

Maybe the new "Chevrolet" Nubira (snigger) will be better. However, it's a bit worrying that in 1.8 CDX trim, it costs a whopping £12,000! I can buy a spanking new Mondeo 1.8 LX on-line for £750 less or from a dealer with a bit of haggling for a couple of hundred quid more. Who are Chevwoo trying to kid?

12th Oct 2005, 16:50

I have owned a Daewoo Nubira W reg for 6 months. The interior is good quality and the exterior is metallic silver, with modern styling contributed by Lexus. I'm a professional person (Optometrist), and the car fulfills all my requirements for commuting between practices.

Regarding the above Mazda dispute: my cousin has 2 Mazda's - a Premacy and a 323, both have failed their MoTs and have cost in excess of £1,000 in repairs. Incidentally, my Daewoo went straight through its MoT.

Who cares if Daewoo has now merged into Chevrolet, can't some of these commenters grow up? Clearly some people have no idea how the car industry changes and evolves over time. Are people aware that Datsun merged into Nissan? Just look at the current dreadful situation with our British MG Rover.

I would have no hesitation in considering a new Chevrolet car when my current car is due for change. I will be considering Chevrolet alongside Toyota and Honda. And no, I won't be considering Hyundai/Kia - I do draw the line somewhere you know.