28th Dec 2005, 17:06

I bought a new Daewoo Nexia GLXI from the Camden Town NWI, showrrom on 1-8-96; I've always been very pleased with it and if available today wouldn't hesitate to buy another one, Until very recently I had major no trouble with. The radio panel was replaced twice under warranty - been OK for last 8 years. Its done 65000 miles, and was regularly serviced by Daewoo in North Road N7 who did a good job, I wasn't as pleased with results when servicing moved to Edmonton, I mark key nuts and bolts with tippex which gets cracked off when undone. Several 'checked' items were obviously not touched. They are always done without argument when bought to the attention of the service desk. The car has always passed MOT until this year when a new exhaust CAT was needed. Original brake pads and shoes were replaced two years ago. This year the clutch and alternator needed replacement too, recently the spring switch for the boot light broke, it was easily replaced. The original tyres did 50000 miles, it has its original battery, headlight bulbs, shock absorbers. All in all a very good purchase that I'm well satisfied with.

What prompted me to post is a call for help, yesterday in sub zero weather the heater stopped working, coolant fluid is at the correct level, hoses to the radiator get hot which indicates the water pump is functioning; but hoses to the heater remain cool. Any ideas for a fix would be much appreciated. Please email ricardopuertas@hotmail.com.

30th Dec 2005, 11:28

Regarding the comment made on 12th October 2005, such comments are completely unhelpful and pointless. If a car fails its M.O.T, like both of your Mazda's apparently did, how is it the cars fault? It's likely that the cars were in bad condition in the first place. A Lada made in 1985 could pass its M.O.T, whereas a 3 year Lexus could fail for a balled tyre. Such comments are utterly unhelpful. Theres no doubting it, Mazda's make some of the best cars out there. Daewoos are a completely different story, I guess this is why they went bankrupt!

12th Jan 2006, 03:49

Yes, I made most of my opinion on Daewoo's after I was loaned one, I'm sorry, is this wrong of me? I was loaned it for 3 weeks and put over 1000 miles on the clock. We have also had a friend with a Daewoo Nexia 1.5GLXi Twin cam, which cambelt snapped at just over 500 miles after the service schedule for it to be changed. Interestingly, I notice you didn't respond to what my question about what your Mazda'a allegedly failed their M.O.T's on! How on earth can you talk about the size of a car company as a basis on their success/wealth? Lexus, for instance make roughly the same amount of models as Daewoo did. No, I am not a Mazda salesmen, nor would I want to be a car salesmen, but if I did, I would certainly not work for such a budget, basic, low image car company as Daewoo or Kia. You obviously don't like Mazda's for some reason, which is fine, but you seem to be talking about opinion rather than fact. Whereas I am talking about fact rather than opinion- If Daewoo were so great in the eyes of, errr, yourself, please tell me why they went bankrupt! We shouldn't be comparing the two cars. Can I ask what the relevance of an optometrist is that you keep bringing up, we are trying to discuss Daewoo cars and this is irrelevent!

5th Apr 2007, 13:25

Please help me.

I own a lanos (1997) ABS light always on new abs pump fitted.

The prob is the loom how can this be replaced and avoid the rip off garages-any hints please?

27th Jan 2009, 05:26

Well this is is getting really bad. Daewoo is much much better than Mazda & Vauxhall. Well Daewoo has always proved better quality products than other companies.

I m a proud owner of a Daewoo Matiz. It's 9 years old and the only problem I faced was the water channel in the manifold, which got completely damaged; this was due to it was made of plastic, that's it. I got it repaired with the grace of god; its working perfect.

My father recently bought a Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.3; it's a good car, but in terms of performance the Daewoo is very much ahead.

Headlamps, clutch, brake oil, wipers, brake pads & all the original spares are working perfect, except for the water pump & timing bearing that were all due to the damaged water channel in the manifold.

So stop critizing Daewoo; this is the best company ever I have experienced in my life. I have experience Fiat, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, & much more, but Daewoo is the best. I'm a proud owner of Daewoo.

23rd May 2009, 13:40

Vauxhall & Mazda, what are you talking about?

Daewoo cars are known to be the best cars ever made. Well I have sympathy for the guys who got the worst service from the dealers, but I want to make a comment as I have made it earlier. There are people here owning Daewoo for the last 14 to 15 years, & till now no engine complaint despite not getting service from the Daewoo service centers as Daewoo has shut it operations in my country. People usualy go to local service stations to service their cars.

One of my friend's Daewoo Cielo has run more than 4 lakhs kms & no major complaints despite the car suffering one of the major accidents in here, & still car offers more than 9 to 10 kms mileage after 14 years & ran above 4 lakhs kms.

And talking about the Nexia, it's more powerful, steady than the Cielo. I personally own a Daewoo vehicle, but till date no trouble as you guys are facing. The problem can be you don't know how to drive new generation vehicles. Change your habits & then see what Daewoo do for you.

16th Jul 2010, 19:39

I have a Daewoo Nexia made in an EU factory... 97 model, it has only been in trouble 2 times... clutch cable snapped and a bad oil leak.. in 10 years.. 100 000km on the clock. Parts are dirt cheap on ebay. It is a strong car that will protect you in a accident because of its GM design.. look after a Nexia, car services and parts, and it will run well...

16th Jan 2012, 01:36

I have a W reg Daewoo. Awesome car, I like it. The only thing I have is a heater problem. It blows cold air, well warmish. Not sure why? Would that be a thermostat issue?