2002 Daewoo Nubira CDX 2.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, but cheaply made.


When I bought it, the steering made a strange rubbing sound when turning, but only when the weather was hot. The mechanic replaced the power steering fluid and this seemed to fix the problem.

The car’s metal does ding very easily and in just the two years that I have owned it, there are many visible dings on it compared to our other car. The paint also scratches very easily.

The handbrake cable keeps slipping due to the strange design of its retention clip. After having it readjusted several times, I looked at it myself and have used other parts to permanently fix this.

The central locking system has a problem with it in that it is slow to operate and usually will only operate when you are very close to the car. Changing the battery on the remote control did not fix the problem.

Tyres seem to wear out quicker than my previous cars for some strange reason.

One rear electric window switch keeps locking in the up or down position.

General Comments:

The leather seats are comfortable and are still looking good even after plenty of mistreatment by our young son.

The car handles well and has been reliable. We have driven it between states (2000 km and back on a couple of occasions, fully loaded up with equipment and 3 people) and it has not given us any problems.

Has descent performance for a 2L engine.

Fuel consumption on long distance driving is good, although not as good in city driving.

Other than the above negatives, the car has served its purpose well and we hope it will continue to do so in the future.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2006

2002 Daewoo Nubira SE 2.0 from North America


Great Deal

General Comments:

I bought this car in 2003 for $6000 since the company went bankrupt I got a good deal. My calculation was if it lasts trouble free for 2 years I would have my break even and after that it will be the bonus.

Touch wood, it’s been nearly 3 years since I have been using this car without any problem.I have put 34000 miles on it and It’s going well. For the price I paid for a brand new car it’s real value for money. It’s roomy, elegant and a comfortable ride.

On the flip side the pick up is slightly low, but if you don’t mind this then the car is a great deal for the price and workmanship.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2006

8th May 2006, 14:22

I feel the same way about my Daewoo-built Chevy Aveo. I paid $6995 for it new and it's be fantastic for the year I've had it. If it lasts for its warranty time (3 years) that would be great and the costs would be minimal, although I truly intend on keeping it indefinitely.

8th May 2006, 15:06

Sounds like you're one of the few who wasn't screwed by Daewoo's departure from the North American market. Good for you.

2002 Daewoo Nubira from North America


This car sucks because of numerous repairs and no parts


The control arms on both of the front tires have gone bad and it was hell to have them replaced and the closest dealer that had parts at outrageous prices was in Tampa. There have been so many problems with this car and in speaking with my dealer that sold it to me the bank will not pick up my loan because of all the problems.

General Comments:

The alignment never stays intact. The batteries die very quickly.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

9th Jan 2006, 21:52

That's what you get for buying a car nobody has ever heard of here in the USA.

25th Apr 2006, 06:20

I would have to ask what you hit.

8th Dec 2007, 00:07

The thing is if you do or did your research - you'll find that Daewoo was and always has been a part of General Motors as far as sales and service in the USA goes - they just never mentioned that fact when the cars were sold in the USA under the Daewoo nameplate. GM still sells Daewoo cars as is the Chevy Aveo. It's just now those who bought a Daewoo Laganza or other model labeled a "Daewoo," you were officially screwed by none other than General Motors who controls Daewoo - they just try to keep that fact, "hush-hush."