9th Sep 2004, 18:41

Please do not fault that person for buying the car. I don't know if you noticed it, but depending on the side of the country that you reside on, but Daewoo may have made it known that they have gone out of business, but it was not largely commented on. You see he/she was out to buy a car, what looked to be a reliable car. He/She was fooled like others. I don't care if they bought the car today. They still have the right to buy from any dealer or person and expect a decent outcome from the car and it's ability.

25th Feb 2005, 11:51

I wrote this daewoo article and The dealer told me the car was still covered under warrt. I asked him several times. Then I came back to confront him about the problems and it was like Go to our other office to get it fixed I'm like what the hell. anyways Don't buy from Mcdonald's in Saginaw Michigan. My first almost new car. I Sold the Daewoo for what I owed on it to get rid of it. I now have an Eclipse that I'm very pleased with. (the backseat is for insurance purposes on the eclipse)

19th Apr 2009, 19:22

I have owned a Daewoo Nubira CDX 2002... till this day the only problems I've had were the brakes, but that's my driving of course.

I find the Daewoo a perfectly good car. Just as good as civics, it just depends on the condition you buy it in... dealers will say anything to sell a Daewoo, don't believe them, have a mechanic inspect the car, and if you were to buy a Daewoo now, you won't even have to spend more than $1500.

By the way, GM BOUGHT DAEWOO so your parts are in the hands of a Chevy dealer. Have a talk with them, they will tell you.