Racer GTi 1.5 petrol

It's not surprising why you don't see these cars anymore on Philippine roads

284 words, Philippines

Racer EFi 1.5

Excellent pet

200 words, Pakistan

Racer GSI / TBi 1.5

A much much better option in its category

231 words, Pakistan

Racer 1.5

Excellent car to own!

38 words, Pakistan, 2 comments

Racer 1.5i

Much better than Suzuki

102 words, Pakistan

Racer 1.5 cc

A high performance bargain don't sell it

89 words, Pakistan

Racer GSi 1.5 petrol

A very reliable workhorse at a bargain

266 words, Singapore

Racer EXi 1.5


19 words, Pakistan

Racer STi 1.5 petrol

An excellent car for the money

93 words, Oman

Racer EXI 1.5

An excellent car. Better than Honda

36 words, Pakistan, 10 comments

Racer GSi 1.5


85 words, Singapore

Racer GSi 1.5 petrol

83 words, Singapore