6th Feb 2004, 10:46

I believe the Daewoo Racer is quite a respectable car. I've used one myself. I've also used a civic and owned a corolla. The owner mentioned his admiration of the car against the corolla or civic, or even an accord for that matter, and I believe his opinion is based on what he experienced. Given that the performance of the racer is such, with a price that will NEVER be rivaled by a corolla or civic, then there maybe is where the overwhelming factor lies. The corolla and civic SHOULD be better since they are so far more expensive than the Daewoo Racer will ever be. How disappointing if these two MORE expensive "world class" cars were only at par to the Racer don't you think? Looking from an unbiased point of view. Honestly, with the Racer's price range, I am impressed myself at how good it is. Maybe because of the "Opel" heritage it shares (similar to if not the same as the Opel Kadett). Surprise, surprise! Why oh why isn't there a new model Racer???

30th Mar 2007, 01:09

Hello to all I also have a Daewoo Racer very very good car comfortable, economical and cheap as compared to other cars which have trunk. any ways can somebody give me Daewoo Racer service manual in soft copy my Email address is wizi5@yahoo.com.

Your help will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Best Regards

Zeeshan Hussain Khilji.

7th Apr 2007, 07:39

Hello all proud daewoo owners! I hope you all have a good life with an excellent daewoo in it :), I have a hard copy of daewoo manual any one needing it may get it via mail. look after the car and it won't let you down. my e mail is dragoon108@hotmail.com.

4th May 2007, 08:26

From where I can get the spare parts of Daewoo Racer...

As I live in a village... an its parts are not available here... and there is no machanic who know to fix the problem in car... as he says that it is different from others... if you know the solution... mail me


20th Aug 2007, 11:55

I've owned a Daewoo Racer 1993 and I have nothing good to say about it. I guess for the price its good if you're comparing with altos and mehrans... considering its 1500cc... it's missing a 5th gear and all the gear ratios are really short causing you to shift all the time. the engine has hardly any torque and you really have to rev it up to go anywhere... bearing that in mind, the engine's characteristics are not that, but but the weight of the car is really heavy --- hence it requiring a lot of gas/petrol in comparison. I now have a Civic vti and now that I have owned it for a year, I know there is a huge difference between a crappy Daewoo... they have no power steering and horrible brakes as well as horrible handling. I guess you become a Daewoo fan because at that price range, the other cars that are comparable are quite horrible... that's basically what most Daewoo owners go through I am assuming because they don't have a better option. believe me, I've built cars from the ground up and bearing all that in mind, I would never suggest this car just because its too heavy, too thirsty, not very fast (at least compared to 1.6L Civics) because they go a max of 120 kph and you run out of gears.. good luck to all you Daewoo owners, because you'll need it as well as a good mechanic.

27th Jul 2008, 15:51

I have a Daewoo Racer GTi. It is very very good car and I am very satisfied.

9th Dec 2009, 03:56


I have used a Daewoo Racer since 2008 in Nairobi, and so far the experience was good compared to what I had previously. It has good grip on the road, and when negotiating bends at speed.

My issue is where I can get a maintenance manual, if any of you forum members can help me then reach me on mado@psikenya.org and I'll appreciate it.


1st Dec 2010, 08:37

I have had a Daewoo Racer car for 2 years. I like it very much, but this car's engine is noisier than other cars. Can I replace other car engines in my Daewoo Racer?

9th May 2013, 03:12

Hi, I will not agree with what you have stated. I just want to say that issues that you have mentioned could be in your Daewoo Racer specifically. I've owned a Daewoo Racer since 2003, and I am quite happy with its performance.

Best Regards, Yusuf Mansoor